Be the Buyer 3- Day 5

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Pair this long-sleeved knit with a racer back tank and your fav capris.
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Be the Buyer 3- Day 5


I am officially within 25 minutes of surviving my first week here at Glik’s!  I can now say that I thoroughly enjoy working here, even though the desk job part is still on the boring side. 

This week I experienced that certain sense of pride you get when you figure something out that could benefit your company, even if it is in a small way, such as improving Facebook status updates, adding applications, or even just realizing that adding tags on Twitter increases your views.  I have accomplished many things this week, including the phone, web descriptions, emails, Facebook and Twitter, a new blog, and much more.  But I still have a lot to learn! 

I am learning that, sometimes, you shouldn’t wait for other people to tell you what to do, and that you should take initiative.  I have researched social media sites, emailed and called people about our event, as well as came up with ideas for the corporate history book I am creating, all without being asked.  I know it sounds silly, but I am proud of my self for taking charge.

I still cannot believe it is almost the weekend.  This week flew by so fast, and I’m wondering now how fast the summer is going to go, especially once I begin to delve deeper into my projects.  But, I know that I am definitely up for the challenge.

Last night, I wasn’t so sure.  I got lost coming home and had to call my mom, almost in tears because I had no idea where I was.  There was just something about being this “big business girl” and still having to call my mommy for help that just made me break down.  I need to realize that everyone needs help sometimes, and everyone gets stressed and feels like they just cannot handle the world at that moment.  That is definitely how I felt last night, but now I am back on track and ready to succeed!  Because I know I can, and I know that it will be tough at times along the way, but I will get through it, and come out as a better person on the other side.

Well, it’s almost time for me to pack up and clock out for the WEEKEND!  Should be fun, then I’ll be right back here at my desk on Monday to conquer the world!

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