Can I Get a High 5 for Fall?

I know that I may regret saying this once it gets too cold, but I can’t help my fond feelings for fall. Retail sales floors all over are starting to look like the leaves on a tree that is preparing for cooler weather. Imagine it… fall product is popping up like individual leaves turning from green to vibrant hues of oranges, reds, browns, and golden yellows.  Ahh… (I’m imagining at this very moment).

Maybe it’s the fact that I have been in a super denim state of mind lately or that I am really feeling all of the hot new fall trends, but I decided to pick a few of my favorite fashions from brands that I currently adore for a 5 for Fall pick list!

Free People Cypress Jacket:

I pretty much am obsessed with Free People clothing and this jacket takes the cake! Loving the vintage wash, destructed denim vest/ Fair Isle sweater sleeves mix…very versatile for fall!

Denim Shirt:

Every wardrobe needs a denim shirt in it for this fall! I have two in my closet currently, a light AND medium wash. Denim shirts are super versatile and can be layered with anything! I will often wear mine belted with a dress or left open with an A-line maxi skirt. I have even tried the “Canadian Tuxedo” look by pairing a medium to dark wash pair of jeans with my lighter wash denim shirt! Layer, layer, layer!

BB Dakota Krysta Aztec Woven Top:

This tie-neck top from BB Dakota is a perfect addition to any closet. This southwest inspired woven top can be worn tucked in or flowing loosely over your comfiest pair of destructed cut off denim shorts. The Krysta top can be matched effortlessly with other items to create a number of boho chic outfits fit to follow you into the fall.

Silver Jeans Co. Suki Jegging:

The Suki just might be my favorite fit from Silver Jeans Co. This mid-rise, relaxed hip & thigh fit is one of many custom cut denim styles made to flatter only your best features!

Roxy Crosby Boot:

I have found a new love for fall…boots! That’s right, boots that look like you could go hiking in the woods whilst you’re simply navigating the streets or campus sidewalks. Be daring and wear your lace up boots with tights and a pattern print dress. Finish off the outfit with a belted flannel or denim button down top and chunky knit, or ho-made crochet scarf!

I understand that it is still hot out BUT school will begin again shortly and fall will follow soon after! Be sure to get your wardrobes ready!

Can I Get a High 5 for Fall?

Everyday I’m Cuffin ‘Em {Jeggings}

Okay fashionistas! As much as we just love playing with new trends and ideas, it’s often hard to deny tried-and-true wardrobe staples. A perfect example: cuffed jeggings. It’s a perpetual trend that’s making a comeback!

We’re absolutely bananas about the classic look of cuffed denim, and that look is now being transferred to jeggings. The key to “cuffing”  your jeggings is to make it look like you did it on purpose, because essentially you did. It’s extremely versatile and timeless.

DO: Wear a dark wash. Choosing to wear darker denim is always a great idea because it creates a “slimming” effect. A dark wash is always a classic choice because it can be dressed up or down. I suggest a stylish pair of Flying Monkey jeggings. They’re perfect for a fashionista on budget.

DON’T: Despite how classy a great pair of cuffed jeggings look with heels, avoid “cuffing” for formal occasions.


DO: Add a splash of color! Cuff a pair of colored jeggings like the always-trendy blogger Alantic-Pacific chose to do.

DON’T: Cuff a pair of flared jeans! It gives the impression that you didn’t even care to get them tailored!


DO: Wear white! A cuffed pair of white jeggings looks chic in the spring/summer. Flying Monkey makes a great pair of white jeggings.

DON’T: Go for a “cuffed” look in cold weather. Brrrrrr. I know it’s been warm out (it’s spring), but the thought of being “cuffed” in the cold makes me shiver. Besides, you loose your cuff in a pair of chic boots during the fall/winter seasons.

DO: Wear a fabulous pair of shoes! You can wear the “cuffed” look with heels, flats, booties, sneaks, sandals, etc. You name it, when you “cuff” your shoes become the highlight of your outfit!


DON’T: Forget to have fun! Mix-n-match your outfits and don’t be afraid to be daring! You can let your inner style goddess shine with a chic outfit or rock the cuffed look like Mila Kunis did (shown above). The Suki Jegging from Silver Jeans Co has a great wash value that can be worn casually or in a chic evening outfit.

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Everyday I’m Cuffin ‘Em {Jeggings}

{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

After knowing what jeggings are, and making the vow to find them in every color, you might need some tips on how to style them! There are several different looks that you can create with jeggings by pairing them with different styles of tops, footwear and accessories.

To Look Cool…
If you want to sport a cool, casual look, wear jeggings with a loose, long top. Wear a beaded necklace, a pair of ballet flats and carry an over-sized hobo bag. You can wear this look on the daily no matter if you heading to class or on your next trip to the market!

To Look Hot…
If you are blessed with a good figure, wear your jeggings with sky-high platform pumps, an statement clutch and a silk dolman top tucked in. If you are on the heavier side, wear an empire style top with your jeggings as it will give out the illusion of a thin waist!

To Look Trendy…
If you want to follow Hollywood, pair up your jeggings with knee-high boots, or if you are brave, thigh-high boots. Wear a long comfy v-neck tee and finish it off with a tailored blazer. This three layered look along with the super sexy boots will definitely make many heads turn in your direction!

To Look Sporty…
For those of you who want a casual, sporty look, pairing the jeggings with sneakers and a loose, long t-shirt or a cute sweatshirt is a good idea. Of course, you can always enhance this particular look by adding sneaks or tops in crazy colors or those displaying bold and comical quotes.

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{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.