What Fall Piece You Need Based On Your Sign

Fall Essential Item You Need Based On Your Sign

Hey girl, what’s your sign? No forreal, because we are about to tell you just the piece you need this Autumn based on your horoscope! Let the stars tell you just what fall wardrobe essential is going to be your new go-to!

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)


                You are a pretty competitive person and you need to have the winning look! Your must have fall piece is a sporty pullover style. A pullover like this one from Thread and Supply will be perfect for running errands or laps on the track!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)


                You are strong and creative. The best way to show off those wonderful traits would be to wear a Lace Up Knit Sweater. These sweaters by Elan are unique and bold, just like you.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)


                Expressive and sweet, Gemini’s will look best in something that is versatile for their wardrobes. Try a Frayed Vneck Sweater. They are soft and can be worn with the Vneck in the back to show off your favorite bralettes for a look that is extra sweet.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


                You are a sentimental and intuitive. You need something that will be classic and also feminine, like a THML embroidered skirt. An embroidered skirt pairs perfectly with a lightweight mock-neck shirt and a cute heeled bootie.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)


                You are outgoing and confident! Your must have fall piece will be a snake print shoe. They are a bold choice but with your confidence you can pull these shoes off with every look!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)


                You are loyal and analytical. You tend to overthink things, but what you can be rest-assured about is that you need a bell-sleeved sweater like this one from Elan. You can rely on this sweater to keep you warm and cute all fall long.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)


                You are gracious and tactful, you need something as classy as you. This THML Boat Neck Bishop Sleeve Top is the perfect fit for your style with it’s feminine touches with bright colors!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)


Scorpios are passionate and brave you love to wear new edgy styles. A denim jacket with a twist is totally going to be a fall staple for you this season. Try a pearl embellished jacket or Sherpa lined denim jacket that will totally have you standing out.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)


                You are an extroverted soul with a sense of humor. Your must have fall trend need is a Friday Saturday T-shirt with your favorite TV show and layered with a comfy cardigan. This tee will help you strike up conversations with complete strangers.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)


Capricorns are independent and determined. You need something that is as reliable as you and will be a practical piece all season. A cozy knit cardigan sweater like this one from Wishlist will be an absolutely staple for those long days of being a girl boss. Plus, the yellow color will keep you happy on days that feel a little off!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)


                You are innovative and fun. The best fall piece for you would be a pair of suede leggings. They will keep you comfy but also will look great for when you rock that interview for your dream job! Plus with these leggings you can be adventurous with mixing different fabric textures!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)


Both affectionate and artistic, Pisces need to wear something that matches their soft insides. The best piece for your creative side will be The Room Plush Pocket cardigan. You can use those large oversized pockets to store your paintbrushes or your Starbucks gift cards.

Get all these looks by shopping with us Gliks.com and for even more styling inspiration head over to our Instagram!

Fall Essential Item You Need Based On Your Sign (1)

What Fall Piece You Need Based On Your Sign

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

Fox is a globally renowned brand that offers amazing quality and performance merchandise. A family owned business since its humble beginnings, Fox Racing has quickly risen to the top of the industry.

Moto-X Fox was launched by founder Geoff Fox as a small distribution business for European motocross bikes in Northern California in 1974. Two years later, the company expanded and began to manufacture high-performance suspension and engine components for racers.

In 1977, Team Moto-X Fox was created. They met with success early on, with their riders taking the top five in their first year. Beyond that, Team Moto-X Fox impressed American motocross fans in a way that was not initially intended. Wearing bright red, yellow, and orange race suits that were hand-made by Fox, they became an instant hit; enthusiasts and fans feverishly contacted Moto-X Fox for availability.

Fox Racing has become the world’s leading motocross apparel brand, going on to sponsor, support, and work with some of the best motocross riders in the world. Since its inception, Fox Racing has been committed to developing the finest sports gear, apparel, accessories, footwear, and sunglasses with the racer in mind. Dominating the motocross scene, MX riders now look to Fox for innovative designs.

Fox Racing has become an international leader in the action sports and sportswear industry, going far beyond its initial focus of motocross, but branching out to BMX, MTB, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

With professional athletes endorsing the Fox Racing head logo, Fox Racing has become a household name and will continue to be a staple for the racing and action sports industry. By embracing its family owned values and grassroots tradition, Fox Racing transcends the industry and will continue to create products with the highest quality, performance, and design.

Shop Fox Racing for Men in stores & at www.gliks.com.

{Speed Racer} Men’s Fox.

Throwdown “Man Cave” Mini Fridge Winner!

CONGRATS go out to Miguel Carpani! He is the winner of our “Man Cave” mini fridge giveaway! The Contest was made possible by Throwdown!

Throwdown is one of the fastest growing brands in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Throwdown products include apparel, fight gear, cages, rings, mats, & shoes! Throwdown apparel is available at select Glik’s locations!


The contest was held within our Litchfield, IL location and was a huge hit with not only customers but with store associates as well! The Litchfield team was so excited to select the winner, who was determined at random within a drawing. Enjoy your awesome prize Miguel! Thanks for shopping at Glik’s!


Thanks again to Throwdown & the Glik’s team at Store #37 in Litchfield, IL!

Throwdown “Man Cave” Mini Fridge Winner!

Event Recap: The Red Bull Floating Skatepark visits STL!

The Red Bull Mississippi Grind visited Downtown St. Louis (via a GIANT 195-foot Barge) this past weekend! We couldn’t wait to watch five amazing pro skaters in action! The demo featured Luis Tolentino, Joey Brezinksi, Ronnie Creager and Kenny Anderson, along with a few small-town skaters.

The Floating Skatepark will make four stops on its 28 day adventure departing in Twin Cities and continuing on to Davenport, St. Louis, and finally New Orleans. Each stop will be jam-packed with extreme skate demos from world-class Red Bull and Converse athletes.

Some of the athletes in action on the barge!


Renowned skate park builders Spohn Ranch & Mark Leski developed the innovative course, which includes a hubba ledge, and a double stair set.

Well known for its skateboarding culture, New Orleans was chosen as the final stop in the Floating Skatepark tour. A three day celebration beginning October 7th and concluding October 9th will be held in downtown New Orleans.

The closing ceremony will be dedicated to Red Bull’s donation of the massive skate structure to the City of New Orleans! So exciting!

To see more photos from the event, check out our Facebook Album here:  http://on.fb.me/qPvDmX!

Event Recap: The Red Bull Floating Skatepark visits STL!

Glik’s/Fox BMX Demo

Last Saturday, July 2nd, was a hot but perfect day for skating.  Over 100 people showed up at Glik’s in Farmington, MO and later at the Farmington Skate Park to meet the members of the Fox BMX team and to have the chance to not only watch a demonstration by the pros, but to ride with them as well. Those present also had the chance to win a CULT bike.

Fox BMX pros Drew Bezanson, Scotty Cranmer and Pat Casey started the day at the Farmington Glik’s for an in-store signing and to hang out with fans.  Later, they headed over to the 138 Skate Park for some quality shredding.  Tons of riders and fans showed up to meet and watch the pros.  Young riders were pumped to get the chance to ride with the boys.

Plenty of Glik’s and Fox gear was given away.  There were bigger prizes, such as the Fox July 4th Survival pack and a few Fox towels and skate gear up for grabs as well.  But the biggest prize, a CULT CC02 bike, went to lucky 12-year-old Dustin Sites.  He was psyched and began riding it the second he got his hands on it.  Congrats Dustin!

Glik’s/Fox BMX Demo

Antonio Rodriguez – Glik Skate Team Member

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Antonio Rodriguez is the first member of our Glik Skate Team.  We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about his experiences, his favorite tricks and skaters and his style.

Antonio won our tickets for Street League 2011 in Kansas City.  How was your experience?  Where did you sit?  Who did you hang out with?  What were your favorite tricks and skaters?

A: Amazing!  I don’t even know what else to say.  We sat behind all the pros.  There were a lot of people there.  We had VIP tickets and there was a lounge for us to hang out in.  Torey Pudwill and Sean Malto were there.  We sat right behind P. Rod. (Paul Rodriguez).  Niyjah Huston won both that day in Kansas City and at the Street League in Seattle.  He’s pretty awesome because he’s such a young guy.  My favorite trick in the contest was the one Niyjah won with, a nollie inward heelflip off the bump over the hubba.  After the whole event, they had a best trick run and all the pros went at it.  My favorite trick there was Tommy Sandoval’s front side flip late shove it.

June 21st was Go Skate Day, what did you do for it?  Where did you go?

A:  I filmed with Elliot Glik.  He was trying to kill me. (laughs) He kept saying, “It has to be cool, dude.”  He had me ollie over a gap fire hydrant.  We were about to leave and I finally landed it.  It was in St. Robert.

What’s your favorite skate trick?  How long did it take you to learn it?

A: Tre-flip aka 360-flip.  It took me 4 days.

Who is your skate idol?

A:  I look up to all of them.  It’s hard to pick.  They’re all my favorite.  I hate them at the same time because they make the sport harder.

What blogs do you read?

A: Me and my friends in St. Louis actually have a blog at we-are-the-city.blogspot.com.  I don’t get on the Internet much.  My friend will be like, “Dude, there’s a picture up of you,” and I’ll just say, “Cool, I’ll see it the next time I get on in about three years.”

What is your favorite brand of skate shoes?

A: I really like Fallen.  It’s kind of why I have the tattoo. (Antonio has a sweet tat of “Fallen” on his arm)  I like Vans shoes.  Those are really the only skate shoes I like.

Antonio's Fallens

What brand is your go-to brand for skateboards?

A: Plan-B is good.  Elements are good, they’re really light.

And hardware?

A: Probably Shorties because they are the only ones who make the really really small bolts I use.

Why do you love Glik’s?

A: I like the fact they put on contests in smaller areas, like the Olliepalooza.  I guess that makes sense because you guys are in smaller areas.  The products, obviously, I wouldn’t shop there if I didn’t like your products.

Antonio Rodriguez – Glik Skate Team Member

What’s Your Style? – Guy’s Skate

Welcome to the first “What’s Your Style?” post.  Each “Style” post will feature a different style, some for guys and some for girls.  We will give you suggestions on different outfits and products to fit that style.  Have a style idea you want to see that we haven’t posted about?  Tell us!  You can find all of these products either in our stores or online at www.gliks.com.

Guy’s Skate:

Outfit 1: If you like a pop of color, the NEFF Corpo tee in turquoise is perfect for you.  Add a simple pair of jeans and some skate shoes (or Converse like the picture) and you’re ready to hit the skate park.  Don’t forget the rad Emerge Thriftwood Skateboard from Element.








Shirt: NEFF – Corpo Tee












Jeans: Silver – Grayson Straight Medium Wash












Deck: Element – Emerge Thriftwood Skateboard



Outfit 2: Fox is a huge skate brand, and this Fox tee looks great paired with the simple Essex Solid shorts.  We love this crazy M&M skateboard.  Use the “Hello, my name is..” backpack from Sprayground to store and carry your gear.









Shirt: Fox – Slanted Tee  












Shorts: Fox- Essex Solid Shorts












Deck: DGK McBride – Sugar High











Backpack: Sprayground – Hello

What’s Your Style? – Guy’s Skate