Must Have Winter Boots


BRRR…When the temperatures get too cold to bear, you want to make sure you have a pair of comfortable and durable winter boots on hand. For all types of terrain or winter activities you endure, you’ll need a reliable pair of boots to get you through the cold days (and nights). Get the perfect mix of warmth and style with some of our favorite styles of winter boots. Here are some trendy must-have winter boots that women of all ages will love this season!

sperry duck

Sperry Pop Outsole Duck Boots

Adding a pop of color in your wardrobe can be as easy as buying these Sperry duck boots. These Saltwater Pop Outsole boots have a stylish design, and everything you would want in a great winter boot! There is a lace-up detail for an easy fit, perfect for last minute plans. The waterproof exterior and rubber outsoles are ideal for snowy and rainy days during the winter months. Also, the comfortable lining and footbed on these duck boots make these shoes irresistible. With several other colors available, these duck boots are a must-have this season! You can complete any outfit with these Sperry boots, whether that be jeans and a sweater or leggings and a sweatshirt.


Bearpaw Katy Short Boots

These functional and versatile Bearpaw boots take a new look on a classic winter boot. These boots have a fuzzy lining that will keep you warm all day, as well as a neutral hickory color that looks great for any of your winter excursions. Similar to many Bearpaw boots, these winter boots are treated with NeverWet technology which makes wearing these boots perfect for all types of weather the winter season brings. Adding more trendy details, there is a quilted design and decorative zipper on the exterior of this boot. For a complete look, pair these short boots with any of your winter fashion or snow gear. Everyone will be jealous of your new Katy boots, so grab a pair before the season ends!


Mia Misha Fur Boots

Your feet will never be cold with these fur lined boots by Mia! The fur lining is very soft which is great for comfortable daily wear. Some of the fur lining peeks out of the boot as well giving another element to these Misha Fur Boots. The lace up construction allows for an adjustable fit, and the neutral coloring is great for any adventurer. There are exposed seams and several colors featured on the boot that gives off an edgy style to these Mia boots. With the lugged sole, you will be ready for any outdoor activity, rain or shine, this winter season. This practical winter boot is a must-have when the temperatures start dropping, and it begins to look like a winter wonderland outside!

north face

The North Face Shellista III Tall Boots

If you have been looking for a stylish and dependable winter boot, these tall The North Face boots are the perfect fit. These winter boots are great for playing in the snow or just exploring during the winter months. With a 14 inch shaft and fleece lining, these winter boots will keep your feet warm and toasty all day long. These Shellista III boots have a waterproof exterior and an insulated design, so never worry about rain or snow seeping inside your shoes! Although these winter boots have a tall shaft, they include a lace up construction up the front that allows for an easy on and off fit. What takes these winter boots to the next level is the durable The North Face Winter Grip rubber sole that has temperature sensitive lugs for increased traction. You’ll be good to go for any cold conditions this season with these The North Face winter boots!

 sperry turf

Sperry Walker Turf Boots

With a simple design and comfortable fit, these Sperry Turf boots are a must have throughout the season. These winter boots are perfect for any wet weather with the waterproof construction. Our Sperry Walker Turf boots are available in a dark grey or ivory coloring, so you can easily pair these cute boots with your favorite denim jeans and sweaters or leggings and a pullover. The short boot silhouette on these boots looks great on any woman. For a finishing detail, these Sperry rain boots have a metallic lacing on the back of the shaft that enhances the look. Perfect for you or a friend, these trendy rain boots are calling your name this season!

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Must Have Winter Boots

Duck Boots or Work Boots: Gliks’ Guide

Sorel Duck Boots

With Winter weather upon us and fall foliage at full force, it’s time to protect those toes from mucky conditions. So, how can you do that while still keeping up with fashion? Here at Glik’s, we can make that easy.

If you haven’t noticed, duck boots and work boots are the hottest thing to keep your feet from the cold this season. Celebrities all around are rocking the Timbs with any outfit be it casual or polished. Meanwhile, prepsters throughout the colleges won’t leave the house without their duck boots. So, for those who can’t hop on both trends, how can you decide? I’m here to help. Here’s some background.


Let’s start first with the Timbs. Since 1973, The Timberland Company has manufactured durable footwear. At its roots, the boots became perfect for constructions workers, but truly all who were at the mercy of Mother nature. Timberline Work BootThen, time passed, and their popularity exploded when the boots trickled down to street wear through the influence of the hip hop culture in the 80’s and 90’s. And for those who haven’t been paying attention, the 90’s are back.

Next, let’s look at the duck boots. Since 1912, LL Bean has sold their famed “Bean Boot”. However, due to its recent popularity, other companies have started to produce similar styles, but with more and superior options. Here at Glik’s we sell these duck boots from Sorel and Sperry. Both provide unique and functional styles.

Now, let’s break ’em down.


ClassTimberline Work Boot

For this portion, the decision is hard. Since both are boots, they aren’t designed to be classy, but instead functional. So, I felt it best to simply think or their look. And with that, an all leather shoe is without a doubt classier than a shoe that is half rubber. With that, Timbs take this category.


This one I keep going back and forth on, and so it’s a tie. For a flashy look, you gotta stand out. And Timbs will help you do that; however, there are all too many styles of duck boots. This allows you to find your style and add that flash your outfit needs.


Sorel Duck Boots

Now this can be a big one for some. If you’re one who needs their shoes looking fresh, Timbs simply aren’t the way to go. If you’re going to be wearing these in the mud, rain, and snow, they’ll get dirty. However, the duck boot’s clean look, is here to stay. These boots have been around forever and there is a reason. They are simply easy as heck to keep clean. Their waterproof rubber design makes for a simple and effective clean up. With that, duck boots win.


On the other hand, if you’re one who likes that rugged and dirty look of toes, Timbs are without a doubt the way to go. When they’re dirty, they’re dope.


Sperry Duck Boots

Now in this regard, duck boots take the crown. Both are great to protect against harsh conditions, however, duck boots and their waterproof design top the timbs. In snow, they’re great. In rain, their great. And in mud, they’re great. Whereas the Timbs, still functional, just aren’t as great.

Slip Factor

When it comes to walking into your house after a wet stroll home, both boots will put you out of your element. Neither are made for wet floors, and so you need to walk carefully in these situations. Because of that, this portion is a tie as well.


As for this category, it’s a close one since adding warmth is as simple as adding another pair of Stance socks. However, the duck boot’s rubber base makes the possibility of wet toes far fetched, and so duck boots have a slight advantage here.

Sperry Duck Boots

Prep Style

For this, the winner is straightforward. Prep has a new footwear besides boat shoes, and it’s duck boots. With that, if you are all about that southern prep style, go snag yourself a pair of functional and fashionable duck boots.

Street StyleJay-Z and Family Timberline Boots

Similar to the above portion, the winner is obvious. If you’re into that hip new street style with the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Cara Delavigne; Timbs are the way to go.

 Care to read up some more on this Duck Boot trend and our Sperry selection? Read this blog we wrote just last year.

Visit here us to shop our great selection of Duck Boots by Sperry and Sorel as well as featured boots from Timberland.

Duck Boots or Work Boots: Gliks’ Guide

Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots for Women and Men

Sperry Duck Boots for Women

There is really nothing better than a sensible wardrobe piece that can function as a stylish asset to your closet. Let’s face it. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

sperry boots for women

Sperry Top Sider Duck Boots for Women

Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots are here, and I couldn’t be more inspired to tell you about them. No, really. It’s pouring down rain outside. Rest easy little ladies, Sperry Duck Boots have a seam sealed construction that creates a waterproof bottom, keeping your toes toasty and dry this season.

Sperry Duck Boots for Women

As if its waterproof capabilities aren’t enough, the Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots’ fashionable upper designs are ever so practical for the fashionistas out there. With one of the hottest trends this fall, the Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots in plaid are the perfect way to spice up your ensembles in the rain and snow.

Sperry Duck Boots for Women

Not only do these beauties come with a waterproof construction, the Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots are fully lined with thermal insulation in the Sperry boot’s shaft and footbed. With such promising functionality and style, it’s not surprising that the duck boot by Sperry is a must have shoe this season.

Sperry Top Sider Duck Boots for Women

waterproof sperry duck boots

This Sperry winter boot is available in men’s and women’s styles. With various prints and color ways, Glik’s has Sperry Duck Boots that are suitable for everyone.

Men’s Sperry Duck Boot
Sperry Top-Sider Duck Boots for Women and Men