121 Years of Glik’s

121 years

Glik’s started in 1897 and this October we are going to be celebrating 121 years of business! We want to join everyone in on the celebration by having one of our biggest sales yet! We have tons of exciting things planned for this two-week long event!

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Give Back Tuesday

Give Back Tuesday! On Tuesday, October 2nd we will have our Charity Day. This event will donate 10% of proceeds from the day to: Polaris Project- Human Trafficking Prevention, St. Jude Research Hospital, and The Humane Society of the United States.

Now for the deals you have been waiting to see all year! Here are just a couple of the many awesome deals we are going to be having!

For even more deals, be sure to shop at your local Glik’s and to check us out at Glik’s.com!

~ H a p p y   S h o p p i n g ! ~

121 Years of Glik’s

The Main Strip Frayed Vneck Sweater

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 2.17.53 PMScreen shot 2018-01-09 at 4.06.08 PMOkay, so winter may not be my favorite season, but there is always one thing that I love about cold days, and that’s the sweater options! There is something almost magical about getting a new sweater and the Main Strip Frayed Vneck Sweater is a sweater that I have been absolutely smitten with since the first time laid eyes on it. This frayed cropped sweater comes in mustard, grey, mauve, and ivory, which are all beautiful muted tones that go well with whatever shoes, pants, or jeans you can think to wear them with. Definitely one of my favorite things about this sweater is how many things I can wear it with and feel like am an actual vogue-fashionista-model. This sweater makes it easy to look cute and it is the kind of comfy feel-good sweater that you naturally gravitate to!

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 2.19.01 PM

Another major plus about this sweater is that it can be transitioned into all the seasonal outfits you can think of. Right now I like to wear it with my black ripped Silver denim and throw on my Levi’s denim jacket for a little more edge (and maybe a CC Beanie for a little more warmth)! For a relaxed lazy weekend look, I love this sweater with my high waisted light washed denim and some fuzzy socks when I hang out at my friends’ homes. But as soon as the weather warms up, I cannot wait to style this sweater with a bralette, a faux suede taupe skirt, and ankle booties, for a look to wear at the office or a casual night out!

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 2.18.35 PM

The Main Strip Frayed Vneck Sweater is the kind of quintessential piece for your wardrobe! No matter what the temperature may be outside this sweater will be there for any look. Now sweater weather can officially last forever (maybe without the cold weather part though).  To shop these looks be sure to head to Gliks.com!

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 2.19.51 PM

The Main Strip Frayed Vneck Sweater

Outfit of the Day Roundup

Hi there! Here’s a roundup of my favorite Instagram Outfit of the Days from this past week. You know, because Mondays are hard and shopping makes it a little more bearable.

chambray dresses

dress | scarf | shoes

elan clothing

shirt | jeans | shoes

simply southern t-shirts

shirt | capris | shoes


outfit of the day

tee | shirt | jeans | flats

And one for the fellas…

plaid shirts for men

shirt | jeans | shoes

If you haven’t already, check us out on Instagram (@gliksofficial) to see more of our Outfit of the Day posts, new arrivals, hot trends, and more.

Outfit of the Day Roundup

Introducing Silver Jeans for Kids


Silver Jeans Co. has launched their first ever Silver Jeans for Kids line of denim jeans and tops and you can find several styles at Glik’s. Silver Jeans for girls and boys are available on the website in boys sizes 8-20 and girls sizes 7-16. Smaller children’s sizes starting at 2T can be found in select Glik’s locations.

Silver Jeans for Boys 8-20

silver jeans for boys

silver jeans for boys 8-20

zane silver jeans for boys

With a classic bootcut style construction, these boy’s Silver Jeans are a great fit to take your son back to school. Paired with a comfortable cotton tee, your little man will look quite dashing in the Zane Silver Bootcut Jeans for boys.

silver jeans for boys

silver jeans for boys

Silver Jeans for Girls 7-16

silver jeans vest for girls

silver jeans denim vest for girls

silver jeans for girls

Perfect for your little fashionista, Silver Jeans Jeggings and Skinny Jeans for girls will pair nicely with fall boots and sneakers. With a denim vest and jacket, you can teach her to layer like a pro! What better piece to use than a Silver Jeans plaid shirt? This look is one of the hottest for fall and she will be able to style the plaid shirt several different ways. Both Sasha and Amy Silver Jeans for girls will style perfectly with tees and fashion tops alike.

silver jeans for girls

silver jeans denim jacket for girls


Introducing Silver Jeans for Kids

Pre-Fall Fashion Essentials You Can’t Live Without

We know that there is still a decent amount of summer left, but it never hurts to start thinking ahead towards semi-cooler days. I don’t know about you, but now is the time that I start thinking about fall. I am a serious fan of the clothing… added cozy layers, socks, boots, light jackets, maybe a light scarf… there is no reason why you should deny the slight warming effect of these items. I definitely can’t deny the pull that a rad new pair of ankle boots has on me.

That’s why this year is going to be different.  I’m getting a head start. It helps that gliks.com is quickly filling up with amazing, new pre-fall fashion essentials for you to choose from. I’ve decided to narrow my search down to 5 items that I can totally incorporate into my existing summer wardrobe for those cooler summer days and nights. I know that these 5 key items will transition perfectly into fall.


A quality pair of ankle boots is something that you can absolutely not live without! I LOVE ankle boots, and normally wear them year round.  Ankle books can be worn with shorts and tanks, or with maxi skirts, little dresses. Transition your ankle boot over to fall by pairing them with denim jeans and tights– I like adding socks too. We just started receiving some of our pre-fall ankle boots in and so far I’m a pretty big fan of the: Banjo Ankle Bootie, Missile- 13 Military Boot, and pretty much all of the Roxy Fall 2013 collection that will be hitting gliks.com this week– so don’t forget to watch for them.



I can’t forget to talk about an absolute Back to School Essential for pretty much everyone, Backpacks.  Whenever I think of fall, I think of backpacks. Admittedly, my taste has changed now since was 8 and Lisa Frank ruled my world, darn unicorns got me every time. Now, I think along the lines of utility. I’m not in school anymore (sadface), graduating and “growing-up” has –somewhat–stepped in, but I still use a backpack for all of the traveling that I do on the weekends. I can’t go to a music festival or thrift hunt without my trusty backpack. School is just around the corner, so all the more reason to snag a great backpack, right? Pictured: Dakine Laurel 20L Backpack in Vera.

Also pictured is a pair of our Flying Monkey Premium Denim Skinny jeans. A few new pair of denim for fall is always a must-have! We have a huge selection of both women’s Silver Jeans Co long denim and LA Idol denim in various leg openings.


A lightweight jacket is another (definite) key item to have for fall– something that you can just throw on when the temperature cools down and not feel weighted down. I’m really digging our selection of vegan friendly leather jackets. The Jack by BB Dakota Bowen Jacket is a favorite of mine. Adding a scarf makes a world of difference to your look, too.


What is your favorite pre-fall fashion essential item? Visit us at gliks.com for a all of your soon-to-be fall needs.

Pre-Fall Fashion Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Date Night for Him and Her

We all have our own unique style ­– signature looks that we love to wear, and clothing that defines exactly who we are. However, when it comes to dating, making that first impression is always key.  Who knows, you could have just landed the blind date of a lifetime and that special guy or gal has everything you want all wrapped up in a nice package and tied with a pretty bow. Exciting right?

It’s okay to be a bit nervous, but don’t let that affect how you decide to dress. The main thing to remember when dating is to always be your ‘true’ self.  Promise, I’m in no way an expert when it comes to the dating game, but I always try to wear at least one favorite piece of clothing from my wardrobe whenever I first initially meet someone. Think of it as, I already feel great when I wear my (fill in the blank), so let’s make an outfit that centers around that item!

Situation 1: You’ve been set up on a blind date by your best friend, she know your style (good) so you know she would hook you up with a guy that has similar tastes in you 3 favorite things: food, music, and local nightlife.

Where are you going?

dinner concert

Your key item: an awesome women’s black vegan leather jacket that you can easily pair with a fun geometric print dress and color pop sandals!

His outfit: A men’s button down woven, a dark wash pair of Silver Jeans Co. Men’s Nash Heritage Straight Leg Denim, and the Core Lace Up Navy Sneakers from Crevo.


Situation 2: You had noticed him in a few of your classes, but have not worked up the nerve to actually ask him out. This wasn’t until the teacher had paired you two as partners on your latest project in your business class.

So, where are you meeting?


Your key item: the awesome new pair of Women’s Flying Monkey colored denim skinny jeans you just can’t live without! They fit like a glove and pair perfectly with your Naked Zebra chiffon blouses and vintage ankle boots.

His outfit: Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Dark Denim Jeans, Patagonia Men’s Go-To Woven Shirt, and the super comfortable Men’s Marley Slip-on from Crevo.


Situation 3: You both were friends back in college, but since then have transferred to different schools for your graduate degrees. The wonders of Social Media and a bit of mutual Facebook ‘creepin’ has re-connected you both and it is time to see if that old flame still exists!

So, what do you do?

keep it casual

Just a side note: I think it is perfectly okay to consider this a “group” date situation. You both already know each other and your friends are friends. Once you leave college, you don’t always get to see them. I say take advantage of the night by showing him that 25+ isn’t something to be afraid of!

Your key item: the bold colored Women’s Cut Sleeve Woven top from Lost April by Naked Zebra partnered with the cutest lace shorts, and topped off by a summer essential pair of cork wedges.

His outfit: a casual pair of Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Flat Front Twill Shorts paired with a basic 1897 tee and worn with a comfortable pair of Men’s Bahama Boat Shoes from Sperry Top-Siders.


No matter who he is or what your night might hold, always remember to wear something that represents you! You’re beautiful, and any guy in his right mind would be blind not to see that!

Be sure to stop into your local Glik’s store location and check out all of the great date night fashions that we have available for you to choose from, or visit us online at gliks.com for a chance to grab your go-to piece of apparel!

Date Night for Him and Her

Dad’s Day Essentials

Father’s day is right around the corner and what better gift for Dad than a wardrobe update? You know he hates shopping, but doesn’t he want to look cool when he goes out with his family? Why not pick up some great gifts for him at Glik’s.

Did you know that Father’s Day did not become a national holiday until 1972, which was 58 years after Mother’s Day had become an official holiday?  You learn something new every day! Now both parents have a day dedicated to honor them for all they have done and how they have provided for and loved their children.

Glik’s has some great product that Dad will love. Boardshorts, tee’s, shorts, and jeans, step into the nearest Glik’s location or shop online at gliks.com to find your dad the perfect gift for this year’s Father’s Day. He deserves it!

Here are a few of our favorite outfits for Dad’s Day!

johnnieo dadPolo: Johnnie–O Striped 4–Button / Shorts: 1897 Flat Front Twill / Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Bahama Boat Shoe

dad in hurleyTee: Hurley Mens One and Only TriblendShorts: Hurley Phantom 30Shoes: Fox Racing Flip Flop

1897 dadShirt: Retrofit Tropical Woven/ Jeans: Silver Jeans Co Zac Straight/ Shoes: Crevo Marley Canvas Slip On

Dad’s Day Essentials

Summer Essentials


We are slowly but surely transitioning over into a new season. Despite all of this crazy Midwest weather that we’ve been experiencing, our heavy, cold climate apparel is being packed away to make room for lighter layers.

At some point as you start packing and unpacking you start to think about what add-ons you need to have in your wardrobe to complete your summer outfits. Personally I usually buy accessories, like a few new bracelets and rings, a super versatile pair of summer heels, flats and sandals, a light scarf, and a good jacket that I can transition easily amongst my outfits.

Once you find your essential add-ons creating a summer look will be easy. Below are a few of my newest add-on additions.

Above, the Golden Days thong sandal (only $9.90) from Charles Albert.


A great denim jacket from Silver Jeans Co. that will work with any outfit.


A summer scarf and our Glimmer of Gold gladiator sandal from Charles Albert.


Accessories and white denim shorts are a must! I love our bright Knot Your Average neon necklace and stacks of cute beaded bracelets! Visit us on Pinterest for a ton of DIY bracelet tutorials!

Summer add-ons are a must, and who can say no to $9.90 sandals?

Summer Essentials

We Heart White Denim

White jeans. It’s the freshest trend right now. I absolutely love a good pair of white denim jeans. A staple in anyone’s closet, white denim has broken the old adage that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. In fact, I’ve seen white worn extensively throughout the seasons, which is great!


You can take this warm weather wardrobe essential from casual to chic in one effortless motion.


(photo here)


White looks amazing worn in monochromatic  (white on white) outfits, with metallic accents or color pop accents.

**EXCLUSIVE** Gwyneth Paltrow is seen leaving an office building in Santa Monica wearing a pair of colorful moccasins for the second day in a row

(photo here)

Recycle your denim shirt for spring by pairing it with you white jeans.


(photo: Sincerely, Jules)

Go for casual-cool during the summer by pairing white denim shorts with a camo tee and add a denim jacket for cooler evenings.


Check out the latest People Style Watch to see how they’ve styled white denim!

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 3.37.25 PMBe sure to check us out at gliks.com, if your wardrobe is in need of come white denim!



We Heart White Denim

We Love Shorts and Capris

This spring, the only thing on our minds is the return of the sun, warmer temperatures, and how quickly we can be tempted to loose our heavy winter layers. Spring, for me, has always represented the idea of renewal. We begin the process of packing away our winter wardrobes to make room for all of the new, fresh spring styles that are currently blooming (like flowers) in stores. I have to admit that I am personally excited to see all of the new, fresh spring trends that are coming out.

Another bonus to warmer weather is the rapid loss in length that we see in bottoms! Inseams get shorter as the days grow longer and the temperatures rise.  I’m a huge fan of shorts & capris! I will clear out an entire shelf in my armoire (it’s huge) just for all of my returning shorts and all of the new styles that I just can’t pass up.

sukiI’m definitely loving all of the new spring styles emerging from Silver Jeans Co. I’ve been stalking their Pinterest page for inspiration and came across their Style Wars East vs. West board! Absolutely love how the bloggers have styled out such fun and unique outfits around different Silver Jeans Co. pieces. My favorite outfit was from the lovely west coast blogger, Jenny Wu of  Good, Bad, and Fab. Love, love, love the way she styled these yellow Suki capris with a floral print blouse.

LA IdolThe ever popular, LA Idol denim brand also has a TON of new spring short and capri styles. They’re known for their crazy embellished back pocket detail, but they also have several basic stitch back pocket styles to choose from.

LA Idol 2

But when it comes to chic embellishments, Miss Me denim takes the top spot. I’m a big fan of their (recently introduced) color pop embroidery stitching!

miss me

I just have to say, I’M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR SPRING! I cannot wait to show some leg and soak in some (much needed) vitamin D! My go-to outfit for spring is an oversized tee partially tucked into a pair of shorts, cute boho sandals and a statement necklace. What will you be wearing?

Be sure to visit us online at gliks.com for total access to our arsenal of spring/summer gear, and check us out on Pinterest for some style inspiration!

We Love Shorts and Capris