Shoe of the Week

Shoe of the Week

Time to pack away those sandals and flip flops.
Boot season is here!

At the beginning of fall, I always have the hardest time trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear. It’s too chilly to wear sandals but not cold enough to bring out the big tall boots! Last year, I fell in love with booties and I can not wait to buy more!

Booties are seriously the perfect shoes for the transition from summer to fall. Turn your favorite summer dress into a fall dress by adding a cardigan or denim jacket and a pair of booties. My go to outfit for this time of year is a lightweight sweater, my favorite pair of jeans and booties.

This fall we are running weekly sales on some of our booties. This week the Charles Albert Rainy Booties in Taupe and Black were the Shoe of the Week. They are regularly $29.90 but are only $19.90 this week! Shoe of the Week

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Shoe of the Week

Spring 2016 Shoe Guide

Now that spring is in full swing, your footwear game needs to be on point. One of the best parts about spring footwear is that it will effortlessly transition into summer! We’ve gathered the best shoes for the season and put them with a few no-fail outfits that will have you stylin’ all season.

how to wear wedges how to wear clog heels how to wear gladiator sandals how to wear wedge sandals how to wear tall gladiator sandals how to wear heeled sandals how to wear lace up flats

Like what you see? Shop these cute shoes and more at Glik’s!

Spring 2016 Shoe Guide

Spring Footwear Trends 2016

It’s finally February! If you ask me, that’s kinda sorta basically almost spring. With warmer temps on the horizon, most of the new shoes we’re seeing at Glik’s are good staples for transitioning seasons. Here are a few spring footwear styles you can bust out now and carry on wearing when the warmer weather comes.

City Classified Rex Suede Desert Wedges
This is literally the perfect wedge bootie for spring. Its neutral color will match almost any outfit that you wear.  These wedges will look great with a dressier look or worn with a more casual outfit. Style them with a dress for a night out or pair them with your favorite cuffed skinny jeans for a lunch date with your bestie.

Charles Albert Lace Up Ballet Flats

spring footwear

Raise your hand if you are tired of wearing boots.  I am definitely ready for a spring footwear overhaul.  This lace up ballet flat is a great transition shoe to take you from season to season.  They come in three colors: red, black and nude and are the must-have shoe of the season.  Wear these lace up flats with leggings, an oversized sweater, and jeans or your dressiest dress.  They are very affordable so if you can’t decide on a color, just buy by them all 😉
If lace up ballet flats are not for you, check out these ankle wrap flats from Soda Shoes.  This is an easy shoe to throw on and go.  They pair well with all your favorite spring dresses and skirts and they will also add a chic touch to a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and statement tee.  I love a cute shoe that’s also super versatile!

Happy (almost) spring! And remember if life gives you lemons, sell them and buy shoes!

Spring Footwear Trends 2016

Buyer Interview: Meet Danielle

meet the buyer

Our team at Glik’s is constantly growing and because of that, we have a diverse and all-around dynamite team. With that said, say hello to our newest member, footwear buyer Danielle!

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure!  My name is Danielle Berry and I’m the new Footwear Buyer here at Glik’s.  I’ve been in the footwear industry a long time and have had every type of position there is, from part time sales up through store and regional management, to marketing and visual merchandising and most recently, buying. I love the footwear industry!  Shoes are the perfect accessory as no matter what you have going on in your life, a great pair of new shoes can do wonders for your soul!

You’re fairly new to the Glik’s shoe buying team. Were you familiar with Glik’s before you started here?

Somewhat, yes.  Working in retail in the St. Louis market for the past 12 years it’s hard not to know the Glik name. There’s a long history in this area so it’s exciting to work for a company with such a rich heritage in retail.  And Glik’s knows what it’s doing when it comes to bringing the latest and greatest to its awesome customers!

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Modern. Layered. Tomboyish – I love menswear looks but with a few soft touches via color or texture.  I’m just not very girly.  Also I like to wear denim or harem pants all the time, no matter the weather.  It can be 100° outside and I still have long bottoms on!  I’m just not a fan of skirts or shorts and how they look on me-love them on literally everyone else but they are just not for me.

 What shoe trends are you looking forward to for spring 2016?

Even though the dressed up sneaker trend has been going on for a while, it’s growing ever stronger this year and to me, it’s the most fun.  I think it gives a chic “city” vibe to your look when paired with a great jean, tee and either delicate cardi or structured blazer.  It’s a look that works for just about anyone.

What’s one style rule (not limited to footwear) that you love to break?

Really I don’t think there are that many “rules” anymore, which is so refreshing.  Style is all about what works for you, whether it’s “the right look” or not.  But if I had to speak to one it would be that your shoes, handbag and belt are supposed to match.  FALSE.  I know it’s an old-timey rule but it’s one a lot of people feel they still need to follow.  All 3 don’t have to match exactly but should definitely complement each other.

Congrats! You just won the lottery. What’s the first thing you do?

Well, first I would get the lawyers and financial advisors lined up because I mean, if you are lucky enough to win that kind of money, you really should do it the right way!  But immediately after I would take my family on a trip to a really nice beach resort somewhere- just kick around in the sun and sand with my husband and son, make a ridiculous amounts of sand castles, and drink fun, fruity cocktails with cute umbrellas in them – just R-E-L-A-X and kick it for a while!

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled for a market? Is there anywhere you’re looking most forward to going?

Las Vegas is always fun, and not for the typical reasons you would think.  The Markets there are so big and you get to see so many vendors all at once.  It’s a lot of hard work and A LOT of walking but it’s a blast.  I’m still young in buying so have only been to New York City a couple of times for day trips so looking forward to spending a little more time and getting a chance to see the city!

What’s the worst footwear crime a person can commit?

Ugh, I hate it when people wear sandals that are either too small or too big!  I don’t care how great of a deal they may be, if your toes look like they are being strangled to death or they are sliding out the front and gripping the ground, DON’T BUY THEM!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

The product!  I’m mean come on; it’s a girls dream to work in shoes, right? But really, the product is super fun, and it is so interesting analyzing and projecting the buying habits of consumers. Your goal is to have the right product most of the time, but you will be wrong some and that is ok, as long as it’s not too often!  But when you are really right it feels great, especially knowing someone is walking out of Glik’s with a smile excited about their latest footwear purchase!

If you could star in any movie or TV show, what would it be?

A movie or TV show with Kristen Wigg, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake because they are all awesomely hilarious.  I’m pretty sure I could listen/watch anything those 3 have ever done and will ever do!  Aaaand I secretly want to be their BFF…just sayin! 😉

Buyer Interview: Meet Danielle

Sorel Boots: Fashion Meets Function

With the true beginning of boot season upon us, I couldn’t contain my personal excitement when Sorel Boots came back again to Glik’s. Not only do all of these women’s boots have durable and waterproof exteriors, they’re also extremely fashionable. It feels like a struggle every year to find boots that can stand the harsh winter weather and still look polished, so opening a box of Sorel Boots for the first time felt a bit like having my cake and eating it too.

sorel boots
photo from

Sorel has perfected their selection of winter boots this season by offering a diverse selection of styles including: duck boots, ankle boots, riding boots. They’ve even crafted a work wear inspired boot that should be every woman’s off-duty essential.

sorel boots
photo from
sorel boots
photo from

I was already sold on Sorel Boots based on their high quality construction and fashionable designs, but after digging a little deeper into the brand, I discovered that Sorel is a proud partner of Girls Inc., an organization that “inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” Striving to help empower and uplift girls, Sorel provided boots to young women through Girls Inc. preparing for their journeys off to college.

sorel boots
photo from
sorel boots
photo from
sorel boots
photo from

If you’re now just as hyped up about these shoes as I am, head to our website and check out our entire selection of Sorel Boots!



Sorel Boots: Fashion Meets Function

Happy Feet|Must-Have Summer Sandals and Flip Flops

I have to admit, I’m the kind of girl who makes shoe contact before I make eye contact. In my opinion, there’s almost no greater fashion crime than ruining a killer outfit with a lack luster pair of shoes. I don’t want any of you lovely ladies settling for less when it comes to your summer sandals and flip flops, so I’ve called on the help of Tavi, one of our shoe buyers at Glik’s, to provide some shopping inspiration and share her must-have footwear choices for the season.


These feminine, multicolored sandals are just what you need to take any outfit to the next level this season. Featuring a tie-dye inspired pattern and gold chains, these summer sandals by Bamboo are a necessity.

Embellished Sandals

If your outfit is more casual and laid-back, then these Dirty Laundry Sling Back Sandals are the perfect option for you. Whether you’re taking a trip to the zoo or having a shopping day with your besties, you’ll feel cute and comfy all day long.

Sling Sandals

Chevron Sandals

For dressy occasions that require a little more flair, these Multi Color Beaded Sandals by Not Rated are the way to go. The heavily embellished upper features an array of colors that provide versatility when pairing these summer sandals with any outfit.

Embellished Sandals

Flip Flops

Every girl needs a trusty pair of flip flops for relaxed days when you just don’t feel like getting dolled up. However, just because you’re having a lazy day doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice your style. These Mimosa Flip Flops by Roxy can add a fun pop of color to any dull outfit.

Roxy Flip Flops

I appreciate a comfortable pair of flip flops almost as much as I appreciate a killer pair of heels. These Sanuk Yoga Chakra Sandals are both vegan and vegetarian friendly and provide a blister-free fit. Seriously, invest in a pair of Sanuks this summer. Your feet will thank you.



Shop more Women’s Sandals and Flip Flops

You can view out entire selection of sandals and flip flops for women here. And remember, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

Happy Feet|Must-Have Summer Sandals and Flip Flops

An Evening of Fashion and Fanfare hosted by Lift for Life Academy

On Saturday, May 12th we joined Lift for Life Academy, a St. Louis based charter school, for their fundraising event An Evening of Fashion & Fanfare, which was held to benefit the amazing students of this great school.

The theme of this event, Fashion & Fanfare, showcased handcrafted fashions made by some of the very talented girls of Lift for Life Academy. They partnered with Laura Kathleen Planck & Michael Drummond of Lifetime Television’s Project Runway to host the affair. Glik’s was fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to become involved in this event by donating the shoes that were handpicked and worn by the fashionistas themselves to ensure that each outfit had a “complete” look.

The lucky fashionistas of Lift For Life Academy received the amazing opportunity to refine their design skills and learn from the wonderful and talented, Laura Kathleen Planck. You may recognize her from season 9 of Project Runway (she finished in the top 5). Planck teaches the fashion design course for this wonderful charter school.

These LUCKY girls worked hard on their fashion lines for the event. Each designer’s artful eye for chic fashion and following current trends, combined with their hard work took center stage May 12th and finished to a standing ovation from the attendees of the event!

Everyone was amazed by all the brilliantly talented fashionistas of Lift for Life Academy and cannot wait to see their future designs. Glik’s was a proud supporter of An Evening of Fashion & Fanfare.  Photos from the event can be seen online at Glik’s Facebook page or from Alive magazine’s coverage at

Great Work Girls!!

An Evening of Fashion and Fanfare hosted by Lift for Life Academy

New Arrival: Sperry Top-Siders!

Known for their classic style and sophisticated stature, Sperry Top-Siders have been a staple in the world of fashion for many years. First introduced in 1935, Sperry Top-Siders were invented by Paul Sperry on whim after witnessing the incredible traction his beloved cocker spaniel, Prince, had against the slick surface of the Winter ice in Connecticut.

Since inventing the first boat shoe, Sperry Top-Sider continues to respect a deep “Passion for the Sea” with innovative designs for those who enjoy the good life in, on and around the ocean.

Blake Lively in Sperry's
Kanye West rockin' Sperry's
Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl wearing Sperry's
Pharrell Williams sporting Sperry's

Glik’s is so thrilled to announce the arrival of select styles of Sperry Top-Siders in select Glik’s locations! We have both Men’s & Women’s!

Women's Angelfish in Sahara
Women's Bahama in White Glitter
Women's Bahama in Gold Glitter
Women's Bluefish in Charcoal Cheetah
Women's Bluefish in Linen/Oat
Women's Acklins Boot in Charcoal Glitter
Women's Bluefish in Black
Men's Authentic Original in Black
Men's Authentic Original in Brown
Men's Authentic Original in Sahara
Men's Boat Oxford in Brown Leather
Men's Rigger Boot in Black/Herringbone
Men's Bahama Chukka in Tan Suede
Men's Billfish in Tan/Beige



Lifestyle, Trend, & Performance are Sperry Top-Siders three words to live by. Continuing to use their authentic boat shoe as the muse for all designs, Sperry Top-Sider continues to branch out into the ever-changing world of fashion.

Visit a Glik’s location near you to try on a pair today!

Edwardsville, IL

Fairfield, IL

Farmington, MO

Kirksville, MO

Columbia, MO

Fenton, MI

Aberdeen, SD

New Arrival: Sperry Top-Siders!

Style File: These Boots Were Made For Walking.

If you haven’t noticed that Western-inspired Boots are the hottest item on the streets right now, then please come out from wherever you’ve been hiding!

Let’s face the facts, they have been around forever (I was lucky enough to inherit my mom’s pair from the 70’s), so technically we can’t call this boot craze a new trend. It is more like a staple, a necessity for every closet, an article that will pretty much never go out of style, & the older they get the better! Who doesn’t love an easy to throw on & comfortable boot?

The “Denver” by Volatile is a super stylish, amazingly detailed, Western-inspired boot that is available in both tan & black for $70. Shop in stores or at to find your pair today!

Western-inspired boots are just that, western-inspired. Whether you’re a rocker, skater, diva, or athlete, this style is more than satisfying. Western boots are super cute with skinny jeans and just about any top you feel like throwing on, from a basic t-shirt to a silky floral print tank, and they also look equally amazing with dresses, shorts, & skirts of any fabric and print.

Here are some of our FAV Celebs wearing Western Boots!

Ready to create your own look with a new pair of Western-inspired Boots? Stop in Glik’s today or check out our web site!

Style File: These Boots Were Made For Walking.