How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem

how to hem your jeans using the original hem

Have you ever found that one pair of jeans that you want more than chocolate cake, only to discover in the dressing room that the legs are too long? With denim companies like Grace in LA, Miss Me, Cello, and Rock Revival sticking to a standard 34-inch inseam on denim styles, us shorties sometimes have a rough time when shopping for jeans.

Fear not my vertically challenged friends! Here’s a quick 8-step tutorial on How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem. It’s SUPER easy and fast.

Hemming Your Jeans DIY Tutorial

Step 1: Measure and determine your inseam length (This is the seam on the inside of your leg and is the second number listed on the size you buy). If you already know what length you currently buy, use that measurement. My inseam measurement was 31.5-inches.


Step 2: Fold the fabric in on itself at the inside seam until it measures the length you want. Think of it as if you are making a pleat on the inside of the jean. You will line up the fold on the outside directly next to the thick stitching at the hem. NOTE: The original hem will be included into your inseam

Step 3: Use sewing pins to pin your new hem in place. Don’t be shy! You want it to stay in place. Start at the inside seam, and pin it in place as you go around the bottom.hemming-your-jeans-with-and-keep-the-bottom

This is what the inside will look like

Step 4: Repeat on the other leg.hemming-jeans

Step 5: Line the legs of your pinned jeans up and make sure they are even. It they aren’t–adjust them and

Step 6: Pick out a thread that will blend in with your denim jeans. Start sewing a basic basting stitch at the inside seams, removing pins as you go. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

sewing-and hemming-bootcut-jeans
Start here
Remove the pins before sewing over them

Step 7: You will have a flap inside of the jean. If you want, you can remove it by cutting the extra fabric along the seam, leaving a ½-inch seam allowance. If you want a less permanent fix, you can press the seam with an iron and hand stitch each side in place. This way, you can always remove the hem and return the jean to its original length. Or you can just leave it alone! (That’s what I did)

You can’t even tell!

easy-tutorial-to-hemming-your-jeansStep 8: Enjoy your new DIY hemmed jeans! Check out our before and after!


How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem

4 Must Have Jeans for Fall

Flying Monkey Jeans

With fall fast approaching,  have you found that perfect go-to pair of jeans to wear with boots? Flying Monkey Jeans are the perfect jeans to wear with your favorite boots. Most of our Flying Monkey Jeans have a skinny leg that fits right into a boot. Glik’s selection of Flying Monkey Jeans includes colored, destructed, high-waisted and plain denim to fit everyone’s style.

Find your Flying Monkey fit, style and color here.

Flying Monkey Jeans

Flying Monkey Jeans

Flying Monkey Jeans

Rock Revival Jeans

Rock Revival Jeans can be your go-to jeans for a night out on the town. Rock Revival is best known for the signature quality, fit, and unique washes of their denim jeans. With their decorated back pockets and high quality denim, you will feel great and look great! We offer Rock Revival Jeans in bootcut styles and skinny styles. All you need to do is find your favorite back pocket design that will best compliment your outfit.

Rock Revival Jeans

Rock Revival Jeans

Rock Revival Jeans

Miss Me Jeans

Miss Me Jeans are the ultimate bling jeans. We carry Miss Me Jeans in both bootcut and skinny styles. They have specialized pocket designs that are tailored to individual personalities. Miss Me Jeans feature rhinestones and thick stitch detailing. With rocker styles being so hot and on trend this fall, every closet needs a pair of Miss Mes. These jeans also look great with embellished tops or faux leather moto jackets that are on this fall’s hot list and will add an edge to your style.

Miss Me Size Chart

Miss Me Jeans

Miss Me Jeans

Silver Jeans

If you want a jean that fits your shape and size in all the right ways, Silver Jeans are the way to go. With the different styles and sizes that are offered, you are sure to find the perfect jean for you! The Suki fit is a jean designed for women with curvy hips or thighs. It offers an accentuated contour waistband with plenty of room through the hip. The Aiko fit is  slightly curvy  with an accentuated contour waistband but with moderate room through the hip. The other style that we offer is the Tuesday fit, which is a straight fit. The Tuesday consists of a slim-fit and straight cut through the hip. Each of these styles feature the Silver Jeans classic back pocket design that is detailed enough to be fun, yet clean enough to dress up or down or even wear to work.

Silver Jeans Size Chart

Silver Jeans
Silver Jeans
Silver Jeans

Find the perfect pair of jeans at

4 Must Have Jeans for Fall

Show Me Your Style with Chad Walton

Meet, Chad!


He is our official Training Manager/Guru of the special (sales) sauce for Glik’s.  Not only can he cook a mean recipe for high sales, Chad can also add a dash of personality spice and excellent customer service for any fashionable soul who comes into to our stores.  This guy’s personality is totally infectious, and of course, he couldn’t possibly be as cool without killer style instincts (which I personally know he has).

This week he just so happened to be in my neck of the woods (home office) with a group of close manager (wolf pack) friends for the Glik’s Regional Meetings. Regional Meetings is a day chalk full of Holiday fashion treats and hours of creative conversation about our fabulous company.

This year I decided to feature a few of those who represent Glik’s across our vast 9 Midwestern state range, live for the fashions we find, and strive to bring to you only the greatest of experiences.

Me: So Chad, what would you describe your personal style as?

Chad: I would say my personal style is very different from most men. I love going outside of the box and wearing colored pants, vest, and any “Roar” button up that comes my way! Pretty much you could say I am a ROCKSTAR!


Me: Nice. So, what would you say is the most dominant item in your closet?

Chad: The most dominant items in my closet would have to be my collection of men’s Rock Revival jeans and “Roar” wovens. Like I said “I am a Rockstar!” ROARRRR

Me: Oh, whoa, wow, I was almost scared by your style for a minute.

Chad: My style is pretty scary… good.


Me: Tell me, what can you absolutely not live without this fall/holiday season and why?

Chad: I could not live without my amazing selling staff! They are going to make this Holiday Season one to remember! GO TEAM!!  : )

Me: Well, that’s very sweet.

Chad: Thanks my staff really is GREAT.


Me: Last question, there are so many fun trends for this holiday 2012 season. What would you say your favorite trends are right now?

Chad:  I would have to say for men I love wovens of all types: plaid, military, denim, and embroidered embellishments. I’m particularly fond of the new brand 3rd & Army because of their soft fabrics and premium fits. For women I love the whole oversized sweater and Aztec print trend. As far as shoes go, I can’t go long without my TOMS.

Show Me Your Style with Chad Walton