How to Make a DIY Gold Sequin Hanger

New Year. New Closet.

As a typical New Year’s Resolution, I always promise to clean out my closet. I am a grade A clothes hoarder, no lie. I have a hard time parting with things because I can justify keeping almost anything and panic at the thought of missing an old item of clothing. Throw away floral palazzo pants that I’ve only worn once? But what if I get invited to brunch and want to wear them! Part with a sweater I haven’t worn in 2 years? But what if I change my mind! Cleaning my closet this season is a looming, but necessary evil that I must face. To cheer myself up, I’ve decided to find a way to celebrate the clothing I am letting myself keep. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found an inexpensive way to do this and have decided to make DIY Gold Sequin Hangers to hang my favorite pieces. I feel like displaying my clothing in a glam way will not only make my closet prettier, but also make my clothes feel a little more valuable. That and gold sequin covered anything makes me happy.

With that said, here is a super easy (and cheap) DIY Gold Sequin Hanger tutorial.


  • Materials
    • Wooden hanger
    • 3-6 yards of sequin ribbon
    • Tacky glue
    • Scissors
    • 1 Q-tip

I purchased all of materials at Walmart, but I’m sure you could find them at any other local craft store or big-box store.


  1. Dot several inches of tacky glue on the back side of one end of the ribbon. Wait a few seconds so the glue can become tacky before applying to the hanger.
  1. Starting at one end of the wooden hanger, firmly press the ribbon onto the wooden part and wrap going in an inward direction.

sequin hanger

*Helpful hint: Use the q-tip to wipe off any excess glue as you’re wrapping. You don’t want the glue to ooze through the ribbon and show on the outside.

  1. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the hanger while slightly overlapping the ribbon.

diy gold sequin hanger

*Helpful hint: Keep the sequin ribbon pulled taut while you wrap.

  1. If desired, cut small piece of the sequin ribbon and glue to each end of the hanger. This will cover any exposed wood.
  1. TADA! That’s literally it. Let the glue dry completely before showcasing your top or dress on your new sequin hanger!

diy glitter hanger

I hope that you and your closet find as much joy in the DIY Gold Sequin Hanger as I do!

How to Make a DIY Gold Sequin Hanger

How to Make a Gift Bag out of Wrapping Paper

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a crafty person. Personalized stockings? Don’t expect to get one from me. A wreath made entirely out of ornaments? No way, Jose. A homemade sugar scrub? Definitely not, but I will grab one for you at Sephora. Needless to say, I typically avoid the D.I.Y. category on Pinterest but when I saw a tutorial on how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper, I figured it was so easy even I could pull it off. Well, that and I could post it to if it turned out to be a total flop.

Not only is this D.I.Y. bag extremely easy to make, but it is also an easy way to save a few bucks around the holidays. Let’s face it, the prettiest bags are the most expensive and have such a high potential of being immediately thrown away that they sort of feel like a waste of $5. Wrapping paper is so much cheaper and you can get more bang for your buck if you make multiple gift bags from the same roll.

materials for diy gift bag

You’ll only need a few materials for this project including: scotch tape, scissors, ribbon, and your choice of wrapping paper.

Step 1.

You’ll need to decide how big you need your gift bag to be, depending on what you’re going to put in it. It’s better to overestimate than to have a bag that is too small. After you’ve rolled it out and decided how much to use, cut the wrapping paper to size.

*Helpful hint: when you roll the paper out, the shorter sides should be on the right and left. The longer sides should be at the top and bottom.

Step 2.

Place your wrapping paper face down (or pretty size down) on the table. Fold both sides until they meet in the middle. Pull them to slightly overlap each other and then tape the seam.

diy gift bag from wrapping paper

gift bag out of wrapping paper

Step 3.

Fold the bottom end of the wrapping paper up. If you want your bag to be a little taller, then keep the fold small. If you’d like a shorter bag then I recommend folding the bottom end to the center.

make your own gift bag

Step 4.

Separate the two sides of your newly created fold and flatten out the corners, creating a diamond. Fold in each side to the middle of the diamond and secure the seam with tape.

diy bag

make your own gift bag

gift bag out of wrapping paper

Step 5.

Stand up your bag and open it up! Cut ½” slits on the side creases and fold each side inward. Smooth the fold. Using a hole punch, punch holes for your ribbon handles.

diy holiday bag

easy diy crafts

bag out of wrapping paper

*Helpful hint: To make sure that your holes are even, punch holes on both sides of the paper. Carefully pull your ribbon through the holes.

diy christmas projects

simple diy crafts

Step 6.

Place your gift inside the bag and bam! Look at you go, you crafty rockstar you.

Need something more to put in that bag? Shop one size fits all giftables for guys and gals here!


How to Make a Gift Bag out of Wrapping Paper