How to Wear a Boho Bandeau


How to Wear a Boho Bandeau from Natural Life

For you girls who love to experiment with your hair, you will love Natural Life’s Boho Bandeau Hair Accessory! This boho headband can be worn in various ways; you can wrap it around your head, neck, or wrist, style it as a bandeau, or wear it in your hair as a ponytail. If you need inspiration, there are multiple pictures displayed on the packaging that show you how you can wear the Boho Bandeau. Show off your creative side and create your own way to wear this Bohemian-inspired hair accessory!

We have been crushing on this accessory lately since they are so versatile.  They are definitely a quick go-to for pulling your outfit together for a night out or giving that extra touch you may need to complete your athleisure look. We are constantly getting new patterns of these headbands (such as floral, tie-dye, striped, and solid) and we can’t get enough!

Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to style this headband and accessory from Natural Life

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How to Wear a Boho Bandeau

Natural Life Boho Bandeau

Natural Life Boho Bandeau (3)

Natural Life was created out of a woman’s passion to be creative and to create beautiful things to help others enjoy life, so I think it is more than fitting that the Natural Life Boho Bandeau allows that same creativity and happiness to the wearer.

Whether you’re having a good hair day or need something besides a hat to help save you from a bad hair day. (Cause let’s be real; we have all had those days where the dry shampoo just won’t cut it). The Boho Bandeau by Natural Life is really a stylish addition to your wardrobe with over 10 ways to wear it. We are going to highlight just a few of the many ways you can wear this adorable bandeau style headband!

The Classic2

 This is the go-to headband look and classics are classics for a reason!

The Neck-Scarf3

The boho-bandeau also doubles as an adorable necklace or scarf accessory for all your outfits!

The Hair-Tie4

The boho-bandeau can always be used as a hair tie to put your hair up. You can throw it up in a high stylish bun, a loose pony, or a side braid. Whatever hairstyle you wear that day, you can add a little more personality to your hairstyle.

The Head Wrap5

A true bohemian inspired style. Again this is a way to get the hair away from your face but also a good way to show off more of your favorite boho-bandeau print!

The Bandeau6

Great to throw on over a swimsuit, or under a low cut top or tank!

The Arm Candy7

Maybe you haven’t decided to put your hair up just yet. Perfect if you want to put that little bit of color with your outfit without the jangle of metal bracelets or mix it with a set of your favorite jangly arm pieces!

The Boho Bandeau by Natural Life is the perfect accessory for going on a trail run, enjoying a day at the pool, or grabbing a cup of coffee on an early morning. With over 10 ways to wear these headbands and a plethora of designs and styles you can make these cute headbands fit into every look! Be sure to check out all the Natural Life products on and in our stores!

Natural Life Boho Bandeau

7 Cute Ways to Wear a Headband

1. The Plain Jane

One of the first cute ways to wear a headband is a simple one. You wear your hair down straight or curled all the time right? It is important not to overthink things and just slip the headband over your head. You can push the back of the headband up to create a slight bump for extra style, or just leave as is. Style your bangs however feels most comfortable and stroll out of your front door. Simple. And super cute. We used the Natural Life Boho Bandeau for our basic everyday look.

cute-ways-to-wear-a-headband-natural-life 2. The Jock

One of the most practical and cute ways to wear a headband is during your daily workout. Intense workouts can be sweaty and you will appreciate a headband that is easy to wear and keeps the hair away from your face. We recommend styling the Pink Pewter Stella Microfiber Yoga Headband. This amazing headband’s fabric stays in place during your most strenuous sweat sessions. And you look good wearing it. Score!


3. The Super Chic

A unique and easy way to style a headband is by wrapping it around your hair bun. Whether you wrap your bun with a rhinestone-embellished headband, or use a subtle and decorative metallic headband, this look will elevate a simple bun from ordinary to chic! We used the Pink Pewter Allison Headband for our high-fashion look. As a variation, use one of our Pink Pewter Hair Clips instead!


4. The Flower Child

Peace, Love, Floral. Perhaps one of the easiest and cute ways to style a headband is across the forehead. This retro and adorable look is surprisingly easy to pull off whether you have long and luscious locks or a short bob. You can style your hair up or down because this look will be perfect either way with one of our Floral Headbands.


5. The Refined Lady

We are about to knock your socks off with our next hairstyle. Of all the cute ways to wear a headband, this one will leave you the most excited. Many of us think that to achieve an elegant and sophisticated updo, we have to schedule an appointment with our hair stylist. What if we told you that you could accomplish this by yourself in less than 5 minutes? That’s what we thought! Pink Pewter has made this possible with their many styles of embellished stretch headbands. It is as easy as slipping the headband over your head and tucking your hair in the double elastic stretch band. Check out how to achieve this easy style below! Need step-by-step instructions? Click here. For a variation, braid your hair into sections before tucking it into the elastic headband. Or you can switch it up and only roll the top half of your hair for a half up half down look. We used the Pink Pewter Amari Headband.



6. The Girl Next Door

Feeling girly? Braiding your hair to the side and styling a headband can be one of the softest and most feminine ways to wear a headband. Can’t braid your own hair? No worries! A side ponytail will suffice to achieve this cute girl-next-door look. We used a delicate lace design to add more of a dainty feel. Another great style of headband for this look is the Natural Life Crochet Headband. 


7. The Stylish Tomboy

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and just don’t feel like messing with your hair at all? Guilty! Perfect for those carefree days, the turban headband is ideal for the ladies out there that love to throw their hair into a messy bun, brush on minimal make-up, and go about their day. You will still look put-together by styling one of our Pink Pewter Turban Headbands with your cute and messy ponytail. This look is especially cute with an oversized sweatshirt and leggings. Promise!

pink-pewter-turban-headband-cute-ways-to-wear-a-headbandCheck out our blog that features a video of some different ways to wear a headband or our step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) of How to Wear Elastic Headbands.


7 Cute Ways to Wear a Headband