Party Pants Don’t Get Introduced to You, You Get Introduced to Party Pants

Life is too short to wear pants.  If you love life and wearing shorts then Party Pants is perfect for you!


Party Pants

You can find me relaxed on a beach somewhere taking in all the good vibes. That’s right, I’m on my permanent vacation and no one can stop me. For others who may also be living the permanent vacation life aka just loving life, Party Pants has the perfect tee and hats for you. Don’t worry ladies, Party Pants aren’t  just for the guys, be a Party Pants babe while rocking their tees and hats.


Party Pants

Standout from the crowd with these Party Pants boardshort! The beaver shorts are designed to survive the beach days. These aren’t your average pair of shorts. These shorts feature a 6” inseam and fun designs making them perfect for any summer activity. Weather it’s hanging on the beach, chilling at a bbq or dancing the day away at a festival,  these shorts will do the trick!

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Party Pants Don’t Get Introduced to You, You Get Introduced to Party Pants

U.S.A. Forever: American Flag Clothing for Men

american flag clothing

Whether you’re spending the glorious three day weekend at your rich aunt’s annual Memorial Day barbecue bash, jet skiing on the lake with your crew, or keeping it laid back at a pool party, it’s imperative that you look good.

I know not everyone wants to look like a walking American Flag, and that’s totally cool. If you don’t want your whole look to scream “MERICA!” just throw on a cool Americana snapback hat and you’ll be good to go.

americana trucker hat

If you’re a guy who’s more comfortable dressing for the holiday, step up your game with a red, white and blue tank top or American flag swim trunks. Rowdy Gentleman basically runs the game when it comes to patriotic clothing, but you can find a ton of other killer Americana apparel here.

rowdy gentleman shirts

And for those of you who are in it to win it…

american flag suitIf you wish Uncle Sam was a blood relative, you should go all out with this American Flag suit. The Stars and Stripes suit comes with everything you need to hit it out of the park this Memorial Day. Inside the box you’ll find a star print suit jacket, red slim fit trousers, and a striped tie. AKA patriotic perfection.

No matter your style, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and showing off a bit with American Flag clothing.

U.S.A. Forever: American Flag Clothing for Men

True Grit: A Rugged Hit

TrueGritWhy would you ever sacrifice comfort for style? There is no good answer to that question, but here at Glik’s, we surely can help you find that fashionable comfort. Recently, we were lucky enough to be given access to a new brand. A brand with roots in California dating back to their garage in 1991. That brand is True Grit.

Featured in this photo is the Pebble Pile Pullover in (you guessed it) Red.
Featured in this photo is the Pebble Pile Pullover in (you guessed it) Red.

True Grit brings luxury to your comfort clothing with high quality craftsmanship. Their rugged styles look to the future so you don’t have to. With that, they make keeping up with trends easy for us, but most of all, they make it easy for you.

Here at Glik’s, we siphoned through their incredible product, and decided to sell their high-end quarter-zips. These jackets are the ideal blend of comfort and style. Perfect for men, and just as comfortable for women, these pieces are perfect for fall.

Our selection of True Grit can be found here.

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Jeremy Glik

True Grit: A Rugged Hit

What’s Coming in Menswear | Magic 2014

Our August Magic 2014 trip to Las Vegas was a huge success for the men’s team at Glik’s! With precision research and trend spotting, we will have you looking amazing in 2015! We were able to scope out all of the best product men’s retail has to offer in order to bring it into our Midwest stores. Here are two major call outs in menswear:

1) Denim

No surprise here! As the seasons begin to change, the love for denim has not!

Jacob Davis Denim

In stores now, we are bringing in a new denim brand called Jacob Davis. This premium denim is going to add an exciting new twist to our denim selection for Fall 2014!


Silver Jeans Company

New jean fits such as the Silver Jeans Craig and Hunter styles for Men are purchased and set to hit stores now through holiday and spring.


Glik’s Branded 1897 Denim

Exciting new styles of 1897 Jeans are ordered and ready to go for the late fall 2014 and spring 2015 shopping.

1897 jeans


2) Novelty Prints

It’s all about novelty, novelty, novelty! You didn’t get enough of it in 2014, so we are bringing in new and fun prints to spice up all of our men’s trendy wardrobes for Spring ’15!




Shannon Forcade–Men’s Buyer


What’s Coming in Menswear | Magic 2014

Menswear Trends for Fall

We all know that fall is a time for layers. All too soon, jackets, dark wash denim, long-sleeve wovens, hoodies, and close toe kicks will replace our standard summer styles. This season, we foresee that closets will be filled with a mix of menswear styles ranging from classic to eccentric, and for those guys who are daring enough to venture outside the style ‘norm’ (my favorite), expect to see the truly unexpected from men’s fashion trends this fall.

 As far as Fall 2013 goes, expect to notice an introduction of different silhouettes and styles popping up in menswear. No longer are the days of blatant branding and in your face masculine fits– think boxy, baggy shapes and unimaginative logos that are there to make your chest look like a free advertising space (even though you paid for it). I – a female that loves to see a man with style– am so excited to see the revival of bare basics (think seksi white V-neck) and innovative graphics that take inspiration from actual real life issues and artistic references. Have you seen some of the graphic tees out there for both men and women? Pretty funny stuff…

Duck hoody

The use of quirky, vintage-inspired, but often unusual prints can be seen across the board in menswear this fall. We have already seen hints of print– like the mallards in this hoodie– in key items like button downs, t-shirts, sweaters, socks, and even embroidered on certain pants. Now that the weather has cooled down we can combine them with outdoor inspired pieces like (our favorite) the Men’s Bivy Down Vest from Patagonia.

dino full outfit

Expect to see the camo print transitioning over from summer into the cooler fall/holiday seasons. Not all of the menswear community will be getting ready for hunting season– different type of camo. Think military camo; from traditional bright greens and olive hues. Designer’s deconstructed interpretation on the print can be seen making its way from the runways to the streets, and we’re excited to see all the different ways that men will be wearing the camo print. We love the idea of combining two trends by pairing this men’s chambray dinosaur print button down woven with the 1897 Men’s Twill Pant in camo print.


dino collar

Layer this heather grey men’s button down sweater over top of the printed woven for extra warmth when a light jacket is not needed. Autumn is my favorite season both men’s and women’s fashion; the colder temperatures allow for more freedom when layering–especially for men– that summer’s heat does not. Jackets can be layered over sweaters, hoodies, or full zips, which will pair over top of long sleeve henleys, thermals, t-shirts, button down wovens, and the endless amount of options goes on.


Ready to step outside your comfort zone, guys? This new shift in men’s fashion has created numerous options and a large variety of ways for men’s scarves to be introduced into your closet. Big, bold statement scarves will eventually find their way around the neck of men everywhere in twisted-up, knotted tight, and in printed styles. Go for an easy infinity knit scarf to introduce to your closet if you’re unsure of how to work a scarf into your autumn outfit agenda. This simple men’s plaid scarf is easy to style with sweater and jacket combos. Dark indigo denim washes are essential for heightening the handsome factor to your look. A timeless pair of dark wash men’s selvedge denim jeans in a straight fit are classic and have a never-ending ‘cool’ factor.  Take a look at our selection of men’s Silver Jeans and our exclusive 1897 denim line for men to find your favorite fit and wash for fall.

Find all of these fall menswear trends, plus many more on or a Glik’s store location in your area!

Menswear Trends for Fall