Dare to Bare {Shoulders}

It is generally thought that the “sexy” part of a woman is either her legs or chest, and they are the parts most often highlighted in fashion. Little do most realize, but there is actually another part of a woman that is highly regarded as “erotic.” It’s the shoulder, and history proves that it is a woman’s shoulder and collarbone that have lasting sensual power. So ditch the short hemlines this summer ladies, and opt for a more understated play on sexy!  Show off your skin with bare shoulders instead.

I agree a great pair of legs is sexy.  They have been glorified for years in art and fashion and made iconic in movies like the famous “leg lamp” prop that was used in A Christmas Story.

Side Note: Love this movie! It is a “glorious” leg but unfortunately not every female thinks that she has a fab set of legs. I’ll admit that I do not consider myself to have a great pair of limbs.

This summer will be different. The runways have seen many one-shoulder, off the shoulder and strapless garments this season, and I believe it is safe to say that ALL women have a fabulous set of shoulders to show off!

My “bare” shoulder celeb inspiration, Marilyn Monroe via.

Still feel that you have less than perfect arms? That’s okay. Let just your shoulders play peek-a-boo in a top or dress that features a cold shoulder design. They make the entire outfit look relaxed while still exuding a seductive mystique.

Lucy Love Quinn Zebra Dress

Lush Cold Shoulder Neon Tunic

A boat neckline may not show your cleavage to its best advantage, but that’s okay. It does demonstrate the beauty of your shoulders. Loose and flowy tops with off the shoulder necklines are another perfect way to let one or both of your shoulders “peek” out while still keeping your arms concealed.

Fox Checkers Knotted Tee

Element Monaco Pullover

The one shoulder look continues to be a big trend for Spring-Summer 2012. If you haven’t picked up on the asymmetrical look yet, now is the perfect time to embrace this trend.

Jack by BB Dakota Koko Asymmetrical Dress

With summer comes warm weather, and if you’re comfortable with your arms or it’s just too hot to cover them, then be bold with a strapless dress or top!

Lucy Love Jerry Hall Dress

Fox Escalate Tube Top

I believe that bare shoulders are considered universally flattering because it allows any woman to show a little skin without being too revealing. What do you think?  Be sure to look for any of these fab items online at gliks.com or visit a Glik’s store location nearest to you!

Dare to Bare {Shoulders}

Sheer Beauty {Chiffon}

It’s the trend that has dared to bare and has won! One of this season’s hottest trends is chiffon, and this sheer fashion remains to be a statement that will carry through this spring/summer 2012 season.

So, why is chiffon at the top of everyone’s trends list? .  We first started seeing it on runways playing peek-a-boo from outfits. Fast-forward a few seasons later and now backs are bared, shoulders are highlighted and legs long discreetly longer. This light -weight, sheer woven fabric adds a subtle hint of sexuality to any outfit and can be found highlighting and accentuating the most desirable parts of any woman’s body.

Sheer Beauty

One of my favorite brands for summer is Lucy Love.  This mother/daughter west coast brand mixes the perfect combination of feminine flirty and beach chic to produce a line of clothing made by girls for girls. I absolutely adore the loose, flowy, bohemian vibe that the Gabriel dress has.  Belt this chiffon tunic or leave it free. Match it with your most fashionable wedges and long jewelry for a night out with your girlfriends. The Gabriel dress can double as the perfect beach cover up letting your bikini peek through its sheer layers. Pair it with your favorite retro sunglasses, floppy hat and sandals for a chic day look.

Top: Lucy Love Swoon Top

Bottom: Flying Monkey White Denim Jegging

Breathable Bliss

I’m a big fan of wearing bandeaus under chiffon tops as well. It’s great, especially in the summer when the days are hot. If you were to actually put a piece of chiffon under a magnifying glass you would see that it’s woven fibers resemble a fine net or mesh which gives it that sheer, see-through property. This is great for in the summer when a breeze is most welcome. I love the nautical look of this Swoon Top from Lucy Love when it is paired with white jeggings, platform wedges and minimal accessories so that the pattern of this chiffon tie-waist top can steal the style show.

Top: Chiffon Multicolor Tank

Bottom: Flying Monkey Canary Yellow Jegging

Shoes: Very Volatile Karma Wedge in Natural

Seeing the Bright

The bright side of this summer is the vivid color trends, bold tropical hues that remind us of all things summer, yellows as bright as the sun’s rays, oranges that look just as citrusy as the fruit for which they was named from, mints that look like the leaves of the spice in your mojitos, lemonades, or teas and blues that look like the color was taken from the most exotic of ocean bays.

Sorry, I’m imagining vacation right now. Sigh!

Top: Aztec Print Tank

Playful in Print

Chiffon cans be made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers and can be relatively easy to dye. This season we are seeing tons of patterns like horizontal & chevron stripes, ditsy floral prints, tribal and animal prints. A bright cami, bandeau or bikini worn under sheer tops, dresses and even fashion scarves adds an extra pop of color to any outfit.

Top: Lucy Love Swoon Top

Jack by BB Dakota Jax Souk Printed Maxi Dress

So, see the sheer beauty of chiffons this summer and try working a few pieces into your wardrobe. I promise, you will not regret showing some skin! You can find any of these fashions online at gliks.com  or visit anyone of the Glik’s store locations nearest to you!

Sheer Beauty {Chiffon}

Con “Grad” ulations {Dress}

You’ve written the papers, studied for all the tests and joined as many extra curricular activities as you possibly could. It’s graduation day, and you’ve waited years for this!

( Left: Jack by BB Dakota Monique Phi Phi Dress   Right:Jack by BB Dakota Koko Dress )

For many girls, besides prom, graduation is what they look forward to all of their senior year. Whether you’re going away to college, or joining the “real world”, graduation is one of the most important events in your life, and you will remember it forever.

That being said, you want to have all your ducks in a row. Make sure to invite the family for support, plan an amazing celebration party, get the right size cap & gown, schedule a hair appointment and most importantly, have the perfect dress.

Here are some helpful tips…

Keep it Classy.

Don’t dress too suggestively. Remember, everyone in your class will remember what you looked like on graduation day for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget that photos from graduation will be shown during class reunions for years to come!  Just think of your “Class of ____” 25th  year reunion. Yikes!

Jack by BB Dakota Alysia Dress

Jack by BB Dakota Galant Dress

Lucy Love Gabriel Dress

The “Excitement” Will Overtake You.

Graduation is HUGE. I cannot express this enough. If you’re not dancing in your pants then there is something wrong. I remember how excited I was when I graduated. I could not contain myself. I couldn’t even sit still because I was so ready to start my next big “life” adventure. Be sure to choose a dress that you can sit in, scoot in and even dance in, not something so tight that you can’t move.

It’s all about COLOR.

You will not be wearing your cap and gown the whole time. Be sure to choose a color scheme for your outfit, and make sure that the colors highlight your best qualities. Avoid choosing awkward colors; you don’t want to make finding accessories difficult. I’m a huge fan of the spring/summer collection of BB Dakota and Jack by BB Dakota dresses. They’re classically chic and versatile.

BB Dakota Oksana Dress

BB Dakota Kylene Dress

Jack by BB Dakota Huron Dress


You’ve spent money on the hair, new shoes and your dress. Don’t forget to accessorize too! Be sure to rock some great jewelry while wearing your cap & gown so that your personal style shines!

REMEMBER to have fun when looking for that “perfect” dress that makes your personal style shine! Graduations are monumental events that you will remember forever.  Looking for the perfect dress? You can stop by any of your local Glik’s store locations or check us out online at gliks.com.


Con “Grad” ulations {Dress}

Where is the Love? (Lucy Love)

Fashion starts oh-so simply with an idea.

In 1999, that idea was a fashion line geared toward the feminine, as well as, free-spirited twenty-something girl, and it was called Lucy Love. This family owned line found its roots in Newport Beach, California and remains there today. Lucy Love is owned and operated by the Sharp family, who has had their hands in the fashion industry since the early 1980’s. Fashion designer and mother, Holly Sharp took her years of knowledge in the fashion world and teamed up with her daughter, Amber to create a line “by girls, for girls”.

Lucy Love is for that girl who passionately lives her free- spirited lifestyle surrounding the beach, who doesn’t just dress for a day on the sand at the water’s edge.

 “The whole point is to dress the girl for her entire day,” explained by Holly Sharp. “When she buys into a brand, she wants it all. And she doesn’t live in board shorts and T-shirts. She’s much more intelligent than that.”

Lucy Love is a line that is designed to give girls confidence, it’s important to have that in ourselves ladies! What we choose to wear plays a HUGE role in the way we feel about ourselves, more often than not, what and how we wear our clothing conveys our very mood. There are many tools used in fashion. But, the most important tool it possesses is the illusion it gives!

The mother/daughter designer team that makes up Lucy Love recognizes this.  Amber Sharp has admitted that she designs the various pieces that make up a Lucy Love fashion collection to “mirror various moods” for particular days.  Her approach to designing Lucy Love clothing allows for each different fashion piece to “embody and empower” every girl’s mood, cool right?

If you’re feeling light-hearted slip into something like the ultra feminine, flirty striped Gabriel dress from Lucy Love. This SUPER chic dress is as unique as you are!

Embrace the ocean wind as it tickles your skin through the dainty, sheer material and lifts your heart! Let it play with the delicate layers of this stylish loose flowing dress from Lucy Love.  Seize the day in the Gabriel striped dress and a cute pair of strappy sandals.

Let your confidence shine as brightly as the sun and hold tight to your rare style in the Lucy Love Villa mini dress.  Feel your colorful emotions freely and wear them for the world to see in this belted dress.

Each person you meet will taste a different flavor of your colorful personality. Paired with strappy sandals and boho inspired jewelry, the Villa mini dress by Lucy Love, as well as, you are a colorful and daring work of art!

            The Gabriel dress doesn’t just come in Lucy Love’s uniquely striped design. It’s colors range like your style.  Going for a 60’s vintage look? Try the Lucy Love Gabriel dress in white.

You’re a free-spirited soul, born of the wind and wearing your heart where your head should be. Fly with confidence, little lady dove, letting the chiffon layers and billowing 3/4 sleeves of the Gabriel dress be your wings. Have peace in your mind and love in your heart for all who you come in contact with when you wear this ethereal white dress from Lucy Love. Your kind heart will be full of warmth and you will glow in this dress when you pair it with a dainty pair of sandals or espadrille detailed platform wedges and delicate jewelry.

            Let your personality blossom like a spring flower in this elegant Vineyard dress by Lucy Love. You are a vibrant and vivacious flower whose charisma smells as sweet as the dainty roses you are wearing.

Your graceful steps down the beach will turn heads and lift hearts when you pass by wearing the floral print Lucy Love dress. The Vineyard dress’s exaggerated high-low hem ruffles softly around your sun-kissed legs and your elasticized waist with adjustable self-tie creates a lovely blouson silhouette that flows as freely as your soul when the sea breeze licks by you. Pair this exquisite chiffon dress with a cute pair of sandals or spring inspired wedges and let your aura glimmer like dew drops on a flower’s petal in the sunlight.

Lucy Love doesn’t just create feminine, flirty, as well as, classically chic dresses. Their line ranges from undergarments to accessories, touching on every item a girl’s heart could possibly desire.  Here at Glik’s, fashion is our passion and we strive to provide clothing that makes your unique, one of a kind personality shine! For more Lucy Love, as well as, other chic fun fashions, please visit us at gliks.com or any of the Glik’s store locations nearest to you!

Where is the Love? (Lucy Love)