Meet the Owner of Love Stitch Clothing: Danny Foruzesh

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Meet Danny Foruzesh, the owner of the L.A. based clothing brand, Love Stitch. With innovative designs and quality construction, Love Stitch provides consumers high-quality fashion at a great price. Their breathtaking in-house prints, unique construction techniques, and quality fabrics continually spellbound us. Glik’s had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Mr. Foruzesh about the Love Stitch brand, their journey, and what’s to come.

Love stitch navajo sweater cordigan

How did Love Stitch Clothing start?

We’ve been in business for about 30 years. Before, we had another label called “Aziz,” which was a junior brand. Just through the course of us doing business, we got tired of working through the junior retailers because they weren’t appreciating what we were bringing to the table. So we decided to restructure our business and come up with a new label. Now we concentrate more on boutiques, and it has allowed us to be more creative and do what we do best, which is bringing good quality product to customers that can really appreciate what we are making.

Love stitch IMP5536ST

Where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

We have a great design staff that understands the direction of what we want to do. We do a lot of Internet searching, shopping, traveling and that’s where most of our inspiration comes from.

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Photo Source: Love Stitch Clothing Facebook Page

What do you feel sets Love Stitch Clothing apart from other brands?

I think we bring a true perceived value of what garments are worth. We felt that when shopping the market, a lot of brands were charging a little too much than what the garments were actually worth. So we figured there was a niche where we could do the same thing–just as good, but bring it to the price level where it benefits the consumer.

love stitch oversitch saztec sweaterWhat does fashion mean to you?

It’s a way of life. I think it’s a way of self-expression. A person has the ability to really express who they are through the way their clothes and accessories are put together.

love stitch genie jumpsuit romper

Pictured above: The Love Stitch Genie Jumpsuit Romper

What is your current favorite Love Stitch Clothing piece?

We have this amazing poncho that’s very tribal, and I think it’s a very well executed piece. It has an amazing boho feel that we strive to achieve. IMP5640 is the style number.

 Love stitch poncho IMP5640

Danny’s 2nd Favorite

What can we expect from Love Stitch next year as far as new developments?

The majority of our own prints are actually in-house designed. I’m very excited about the new print line that we’ve been able to come up with for the spring. It’s well executed and I think it sets us apart from the rest because it’s not a market print. We are actually taking the time to come up with our own concepts.

love stitch print designs
Photo Source: Love Stitch Clothing Facebook Page
Meet the Owner of Love Stitch Clothing: Danny Foruzesh

Hot New Trend for Fall 2014: The Genie Jumpsuit

My top 3 Fashion Wishes for Fall 2014?

1. Versatility

2. Comfort

3. Style

Photo credit: Love Stitch Instagram

Encompassing all 3 of these is the Genie Jumpsuit! As far as trends go, this fashion piece has it all.


The Genie Jumpsuit can be worn to so many places from a beach excursion to a wedding. Pair it with your flip-flops for a laid-back day or belt the waistline with some pumps for a more formal ensemble. However you style the Genie Jumpsuit, you will be chic and on trend.


The Genie Jumpsuit is commonly constructed with a woven rayon fabric. This allows the material to drape comfortably across your body, looking great and feeling soft. Rayon absorbs and wicks moisture better than cotton, so the Genie Jumpsuit is perfect for a day in the sun. On top of that the jumpsuit has a flowy fit, so you will undoubtedly be lounging in it around the house as well.


The Genie Jumpsuit combines the traditional jumpsuit and flyaway pant and transforms them into a trendy fashion forward piece that can be worn by anyone. With a Bollywood meets Arabian Nights style, you can morph this jumpsuit into several different looks. Accessorize this fashion piece in a pinch by adding gold chain necklaces, bangles, or your favorite Pink Pewter Headband!


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Hot New Trend for Fall 2014: The Genie Jumpsuit