A Taste of Lace: The Dos and Don’ts of the Season

Once reserved for wedding gowns, lingerie, and that favorite dress you wore to prom. Lace embraces all things ultra feminine and is making itself known this season. We are seeing lace embellishments, overlays, and edgings.  Along with lace apparel, crochet has been making a name for itself lately.  Whether it is crochet dresses, crochet tops, or pops of crochet trimmings, you will be seeing a lot of it.

This timeless “pretty-girl” go-to fabric has made its mark through the years. But, if you are just gaga over lace, save yourself from going on a date in granny’s shawl, or asking to borrow her doily collection for your dress.  Fear not girls!!! We’re here to lend some helpful hints to get you into more boyish cuts, throw in a splash of color, and add some unexpected accents.

Do: Accessorize

It’s not just lace dresses that are all the rage at the moment. Everyday items such as blouses and skirts have also had a dash of lace added to them. You will also notice that handbags as well as women’s lace shoes will be a must have! Lace is even being used in jewelry.

Don’t: Go for Lace Overload

Just because you’re feeling super girlie, you don’t want to choose to wear lace from head to toe. Avoid wearing lace on lace. For example, if you were going to wear lace tights this would look better with a simple dress. You want to look stylish not silly.

Do: Opt for Pops of Lace

A lacy touch gives a simple dress or camisole an instant chic injection.  Let your lace fabric play peek-a-boo from under a playful top. Because it’s a sheer textile, a popular way to wear lace is as an overlay. Pair it with a small strappy slip or camisole! Let the lace fall just beyond your slip or show off its delicate design on your bare shoulders.

Don’t: Choose Just Neutral Tones

While black, cream, and white are classic lace colors, don’t limit yourself. Fashion is not dead ladies, so we shouldn’t look like we’re in mourning!!

Do: Experiment with Color

Spark up your lace by adding a bright color. Try a neon pink camisole to wear underneath your black lace top, or switch it up and wear your bright pink lace over a neutral tone.

Don’t: Go Granny

We’ve seen the old wedding photos, watched her crochet the doilies, and at some point helped beat the dust out of her curtains. Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you need to go raid her closet.

Do: Look for Lace Clothing in Casual Shapes and Contemporary Cuts.

Elevate a simple t-shirt by opting for one in a lace pattern. Jeans and a tee never looked this good. Feel like you’re a bit of a free spirit; add a crochet accent in the form of a vest.

Done right, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. Done wrong, it’s a bedspread or a skin condition. As always, Glik’s offers you the latest in lace styles. Add these items to your wardrobe and you will be all grace in lace this season.





A Taste of Lace: The Dos and Don’ts of the Season