Get Your Stripes On


Horizontal or vertical, thick or thin, we do not discriminate stripes at any time throughout the year. So, if you’re like any of us, you consider stripes to be a pretty core part of your year-round wardrobe.  This being said, go ahead and get your stripes on!

Stripes are super flattering, trendy, and mostly considered a basic! We are seeing stripes in so many sizes and colorways in 2018, and we are all about it. We are here to tell you that if you wear your stripes strategically, you won’t be disappointed.  Vertical stripes, such as pinstripes, create a slimming and lengthening affect.  Vertically striped pants and dresses lengthen your legs and torso and make your façade more visually appealing. If you are trying to make your shoulders or hips look bigger and fuller, opt for horizontal stripes!  These patterns will help you create a more proportionate look as well. From tops, pants, dresses, and even shoes, stripes are making their appearance known in today’s fashion world. So, why not add to your collection obsession?

The best thing about stripes is that you can find something that fits for any occasion.  They are a great print for all ages, too! For a casual vibe, pair a striped tank or cropped top with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans or mini skirt.  Or, if you’ve got a date night or party planned, whip out a chic striped jumpsuit or dress and everyone won’t be able to stop talking about your look!

Keeping all of this in mind, you really can’t go wrong with striped clothing! Now, go ahead and get your stripes (and shopping) on! Shop now at 🙂


Get Your Stripes On

A Colorful Collection of Jeggings {Flying Monkey}

Bold, Brilliant, and vividly Bright colors are definitely in this season, and leading this trend are denim skinny jeans and jeggings! I had (keyword being had) been debating a pair for some time. With so many colors, styles, and fits to choose from, I just didn’t know which was the right one for me. That was before I saw the skinny jeggings from Flying Monkey!

I personally love, love, love this brand! Not only are they a great fit BUT they’re also SUPER comfy! To be honest, I’ve actually fallen asleep in them (by accident) and not realized it until I woke up! Hence, the J-E-G-G-I-N-G part: jean + legging  = jegging!

Now, back to the colors! So how do you know which color is right for you? My first pair was the red Flying Monkey jeggings. The color red was an easy choice because it was still winter, and even though it was the first color that actually hit the stores, I knew they would be very versatile. Plus, I’m planning on wearing them for the 4th of July!

Flying Monkey Tomato Red Jegging

My next pair came this spring, and I went for the canary yellow Flying Monkey jeggings. I was feeling spicy that day and it turned out to be a great color choice! I have gotten so many compliments when I wear them out for a night on the town with my girlfriends or as part of a casual outfit for everyday errands.

Flying Monkey Canary Yellow Jegging

Even though I love my Flying Monkey color jeggings, you may still be debating a pair of your own. I want to give you a few styling tips that helped me.

Bright Idea: Color Blocking!

Courtesy of blogger Sincerely, Jules

Courtesy of blogger Sincerely, Jules

Have fun with another fun trend: color blocking! It’s all about the bright ideas this summer, so give yourself the excuse to snag a boldly colored blazer or other lively pieces to rock with your color jeggings.

Bottom: Flying Monkey Bright Fuschia Jegging

Top: Volcom Moclov Crew Fleece


Pair ‘em with neutrals:

Let your colored denim steal the show by opting for neutral color pieces like white, cream, beige, brown, and black. Pastels are trending as well and are a gentle contrast of color to pair with your neutral tops.

Cameron Diaz in coral denim paired with neutrals

Jessica Alba via

Make your Prints Charming:

Add an extra “umph” to your color jeggings in the form of a pattern. Tops with polka dots, animal prints, tribal prints, horizontal stripes, tropical prints, or floral prints would be a fresh dash of spice to your outfit!

Jessica Alba wearing stripes with yellow denim.

Rihanna wearing animal print with her colored denim.

When it comes to colored denim, don’t fret too much about what to wear. Fashion is a fun form of personal expression, and there is nothing comfortable about forced style. The best style is your own style!

Flying Monkey Color Jeggings

 You can visit us online at or stop into a local Glik’s store location nearest to you to find the right color of Flying Monkey jegging to fit your personal style!

A Colorful Collection of Jeggings {Flying Monkey}

Go Sleeveless {Tank Tops}

I have always wondered whether men can get away with wearing tank tops? Once upon a time, this invoked thoughts of men with big bellies wearing thin white ribbed “wife-beaters” soiled with dirt, grease stains and smeared with food smudges where hands have been wiped. These images would come to mind and I would get this unsettling feeling of disgust. Nice visual, right?

Good news. They aren’t just considered underwear anymore. Men’s tank tops have come a long way since the “wife-beater” days. I was never a fan of that name anyway. Now men’s tanks come in all kinds of fabrics, colors and styles and they have become an essential in men’s basic summer fashion.

A men’s tank can be worn in the summer with a pair of shorts, boardshorts, twill pant or jeans. As far as footwear goes, tanks can work well with flip flops, boat shoes and sneakers.

Tank tops made from cotton or cotton blends are preferred most over other types but do not count jersey out. This is most likely due to the feel of the material. Nothing is better than a super soft, casual tank that feels barely there.

Retro Striped Tank

Hurley Mooney Pocket Tank

As far as construction is concerned, tank tops are designed either like a common sleeveless shirt, where the armhole is more “fitted”, or can be styled having a low and open hole where the armpit and parts of the torso can be seen.  I am seeing more of a square, straight cut fit trending as well.  This means that men’s tanks are not going to be as fitted versus an athletic tank, which is ment for working out.

Fox Enterprize Jersey Tank

Hurley Rigged Tank

Key styles that are trending this summer are horizontal, tonal, and wide stripes .You will also see allot of Aztec prints, bright colors, graphic logos and retro designs.

NEFF Ripper Tank

White Stripe Retro Tank

Make no mistake about it.  Men’s tank tops are basic versatile essentials. Plus, wearing them is an amazing way of cooling down from summer’s heat when you’re out enjoying the weather.

Guys, you can be stylish this Cinco de Mayo weekend by pairing a tank with a pair of shorts, flip flops, your favorite pair of sunglasses and add a little extra “Joe Cool” to your look with a hat.

You’ve worn them under your wovens and tees for so long, now just wear them on their own! With brands like Hurley, Billabong, Fox and Neff coming out with some rad tank styles this summer, I can promise that you can’t go wrong! Go ahead and stop by any of your local Glik’s store locations or check us out online at for any of your summer essentials.

Go Sleeveless {Tank Tops}

BOOM! Hurley Phantom Boardshorts are Dynamite

Okay, so what if summer isn’t “official” til after Memorial Day. There should be no reason why you can’t be checking out all the awesome boardshorts trending right now. Consider it a great thing that you’re being ‘prepared’ for fun, sun and FINALLY getting to jump into that lake, pool, ocean or whatever you’ve been imaging while submerging yourself in the bathtub this winter.

You all know who Hurley is right? Hope so, because they’re pretty popular and if you haven’t noticed yet, Hurley is rocking the boardshort universe right now with their Phantom Boardshorts line.

4X Winner of the SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) boardshort of the year award!

To give you an idea of just who all thinks the Phantom boardshorts are cool…

Oh My GOSH! Is that Justin Bieber reppin a pair of Hurley Phantom 4D boardshorts? Sing its praise Biebs!

What a catch Tom Brady! No, we aren’t referring to Gisele, sorry. It’s the touchdown he made when he chose to wear the Hurley Phantom plaid Puerto Rico boardshorts.

Why is the Hurley Phantom Boardshort so cool?

Aside from the Phantom’s awesome graphics and vibrant coloring, this boardshort is constructed like a European sports car; top of the line performance, speed and slick style.

Phantom 4-Way Stretch

Almost all of the Phantom boardshorts are 60% stretch or more. The great thing about this is that it proves the Phantom is more durable in the water because it will flex and move with you, but it will not stretch out; loosing its shape. You feel protected while in the water, but you’re not inhibited by the boardshort.

Performance Water Repellency (PWR)

Hurley uses Nike Performance Water Repellency (PWR) technology for the Phantom boardshort. If you visit this is explained really well. PWR is best-explained using umbrellas, no really; tons and tons of tiny umbrellas represent the water repellency of your Phantom boardshorts. The more of those super tiny umbrellas you have the better the water repellency of your boardshorts and the softer the fabric is. Voila! Less chaffing, meaning no uncomfortable rashes for you Mr. Water enthusiast.

Optimum Weight

This cool feature ties in with the PWR really well. Imagine carrying a full bucket of water. Now, imagine if you were wearing that full bucket of water. Get the idea? Back to the umbrellas again. Those little guys are really doing their job when you get in the water by shedding that water away, so that the Phantom maintains its “optimum weight” even when your in the water providing a flexible, quicker, more agile boardshort.

The Phantom Boardshort is made of recycled material

Got to give them props for going green. Hurley Phantom boardshorts are made from recycled PET bottles; exactly 12 water bottles go into making each pair of Phantom boardshorts. Kudos to Hurley for making an impact by doing something sustainable.

Have we convinced you? Are you foaming at the mouth because you’re hungry for more Hurley Phantom boardshorts like Dimension boardshort featured above?

Maybe the horizontal stripes featured on the Hurley Phantom Horizon boardshort is more of your taste.

But, whatever your flavor is, summer is quickly approaching and the Hurley Phantom boardshort as well as Glik’s has all your style needs. Visit or any Glik’s store location nearest to you!

BOOM! Hurley Phantom Boardshorts are Dynamite