Styling Tips on How to Look Taller


We are getting straight to the point today.  For all you short girls out there, this blog post is dedicated to you! Being short can sometimes be a hassle when shopping.  You may feel like you can’t rock today’s trends since the clothes don’t fit you right.  Well, although we can’t magically spare your legs a few extra inches, we CAN give you some styling tips on how to make you appear to be taller!

1. V-Neck and Surplice Tops

One of the simplest ways to achieve a taller look is to wear a shirt that features a v-neckline or surplice style bodice.  There are so many options to choose from for any occasion! From basic tees, blouses, tanks, and sweaters, you can incorporate this tip almost every day.  Deep v-neck cut tops and dresses draw attention to your face and elongate the look of your torso!


2. High-Waist and Ankle Length Pants

High waist pants are super on-trend right now, so you can find them almost anywhere in multiple styles.   Since the high-rise waistband sits above your hips, it tricks the common eye into thinking your legs are longer and leaner. You can use this tip with pants, skirts, or shorts! We also suggest you pair it with a cropped or tailored top to enhance the look even more and bring out the elevated waistline.  If you are going with the pants look and not shorts, invest in a pair of pants that actually fit you right! Wearing cropped or ankle length pants, and baring some ankle, will also give the illusion of longer legs.


3. Pointed Toe Shoes

Whether you are brave enough to rock pumps all day or would rather stick to flats, wearing shoes with a low-cut vamp or pointed toe is the way to go.  These styles will instantly elongate your legs.  Bonus tip: wearing nude colored pumps will provide even more “length” to your look! If heels aren’t your thing, try investing in a pair of pointed toe flats or mules! They are comfy, stylish, and will lengthen your leg line. Winner!


4. Vertical Stripes

This next tip is one of our all-time favorites, vertical stripes! Vertical stripes are practically considered a basic and they work great for all types of clothing! This pattern creates long lines along the body and is a classic look that makes your entire body look longer, no matter the color scheme. Try incorporating this pattern into your year-round wardrobe with tops, pants, dresses, or even swim suits!


5. Monochrome Outfit

Similar to the demise of the vertical stripe, monochrome outfits (wearing all the same color) give off the deception of a longer body type.  Using the same color to enhance the illusion of height creates long lines just as vertical stripes do.  Although wearing all black is the simplest of options, try breaking out other natural or fun hues! Check out a simple jumper or a two piece set! The trick to this tip is to make sure your outfit stays simple and tailored.


6. Top-knot bun or High Ponytail

When it comes to getting ready and styling your hair in the morning, don’t fret! Although shorter length hairstyles will make you look taller by showing off your shoulders and neckline, don’t freak out if you are not willing to chop your hair off! If you decide to keep your hair long, keep it voluminous! Long, textured, beachy waves add length and heighten your appearance.  Or, throw your hair up into a high pony tail or top knot bun with Teleties! These hairstyles literally add a few more inches to your look.


Okay now that you have these styling tips under your belt, you won’t fall short (lol) of fashion! Now go try out these tips and shop online at!

Styling Tips on How to Look Taller

Black Gladiator Sandals | Glik’s Style Blog

One of the hottest trends this summer is black gladiator sandals. No matter what your style may be, black gladiator sandals can find a home in your wardrobe. They can be extremely versatile, catering to many different styles.

Bohemian / Hippie

Bohemian styleBlossom Footwear

The girl who prefers the carefree demeanor of the Bohemian style will love these black gladiator sandals by Blossom Footwear. The Bohemian style is characterized by the beachy, quirky, and eclectic styles of loose tunics, fedoras, headbands, cut-off shorts, and strappy sandals. These Blossom Footwear black gladiator sandals are the perfect strappy sandals to wear to pull off the Boho look.

Rocker Babe


Black Gladiator Sandals Black Gladiator Sandals

These Soda Studded Mid-Calf Gladiator Sandals really salute the style of the rocker babe. The rocker babe can usually find herself wearing dark shirts, funky designs, and bold accents. The black mid-calf gladiator sandals are definitely for the bold and daring. We have paired these Soda sandals with a pair of Machine acid-wash high-waisted cut-off shorts with an. The Teenbell graphic tee pairs great with the acid wash denim. Accessories like beaded headbands and aviator sunglasses can really help bring out that inner rockstar.

Classic Chic

Classic Style

Black Gladiator SandalsBlack Gladiator Sandal

The girl who likes to keep things classy can still add gladiator sandals to her closet. These Soda sandals with rhinestones add some flare to the neutral palette of the classic style. Pictured above is a pair of khaki high-waisted shorts paired with a khaki and black chevron tank top. The outfit is accented with a sparkling necklace that compliments the bling sandals. The black gladiator sandals add style that does not take away from the clean and polished look.

Girly Glam

Girly glam

Black Gladiator Sandals

Black Gladiator Sandals

Black gladiator sandals can create edgy and Boho styles. However, they are also great to wear if you are striving for a feminine, glamorous look. When paired with a form fitting crop top and dressy Aztec print shorts, these perforated Soda Sandals can create a girly and glamorous appearance.

How do you style your Black Gladiator Sandals? Tag us on Instagram with your styles!

Black Gladiator Sandals | Glik’s Style Blog

Glik’s Stylist Pick: High Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are trending this season and these aren’t your momma’s high-waisted shorts. These are fast-trending, eye-popping, waist-hugging shorts in just about every fabric and print.


 There’s nothing hotter than a pair of shorts that look like they have been man-handled by Edward Scissorhands and Freddy Krueger. Destructed denim is one of the hottest looks you can have in your closet.


1.    Love You to ShredsIMG_8280

I have a number of favorite styles, but my personal favorite is the destructed denim short. Also check out the Vibrant high-waisted bleached denim shorts. I paired my shorts with a simple white tank but another trendy way to highlight your high rise shorts is to pair them with a crop top.

 2 You Look “Studding” TodayIMG_8285 (2)

IMG_8327Studs can change the look of the average denim short to something completely stunning. These ultra-girly high rise shorts have amazing fraying at the hem and a fold over pocket with gold studs on the back. These Vibrant brand bottoms look great with a classic style women’s T-shirt and don’t forget to accessorize.


 3. Live Laugh Love and Lace


Lace and crochet insets are lovable styles. Their sweet and intricate detailing makes them a sweet style to have for spring. You can pair these shorts with a simple shirt and a Fedora style hat for a bit of extra fun.



4. Sailing the High-Rise Tide


IMG_8326Sailor styles are taking the spring season by storm. Get blown away with these high-waisted printed shorts. When wearing printed bottoms you want to make them your focal point by pairing the shorts with a simple top. You can also style your nautical-inspired shorts with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and a maritime style scarf.


 5. Festive Flower-patterns



Look a little vintage with Woodstock style frocks.  These high rise shorts from Machine are perfect for your inner hipster. I paired these boho friendly shorts with a spring fringe cardigan and a yellow tank. also has many other styles like the coral high waisted shorts.



These are all of my personal favorites and how I would style them. Now, I want to see which high waisted shorts are your favorite? Take a selfie in your favorite style and tag Gliks on Instagram and Facebook. Not up for taking a selfie? Feel free to post your styling tips in the comments of this blog.







Glik’s Stylist Pick: High Waisted Shorts