Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model Update!

We have extended the deadline for the Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model search!  The deadline was tomorrow, but because of the popularity of the contest we have extended it another TWO WEEKS!  The new deadline is Friday, August 13th.

For those of you who didn’t read my last post about the contest, let me catch you up. 

Glik’s is hosting a contest on our Facebook page searching for the best Glik’s outfit.  All you have to do is pick out your favorite outfit from Glik’s, model it and snap a quick picture.  Then upload it onto the event  page along with your name, where you’re from, and a list of the products you are wearing.

Also, we have decided to let YOU help us choose the winner.  Vote for your favorite outfit by “liking” their picture on the event page.  Let your voice be heard!

Have some fun with this!  Invite friends over for a photo shoot.  Have a clothes swap and put together outfits for each other, then vote for each other on FB.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what you are fighting for.  You’re prize will be a $25 gift card to Glik’s and your photo will be the profile picture for the Glik’s FB page for a week.  Can’t wait to see all of your awesome outfits!

Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model Update!