Fashion Friday: DIY Fashion Emergency Kit

Happy Friday ladies! The weekend is here and if some of you are going out, you might have a fashion emergency on your hands. Disaster strikes when you least expect it, so we have a DIY Fashion Emergency Kit that you can put together yourself just in case. Here are some items to put in your fashion first aid kit!

1.) Nylon Stockingsnylon-stockings-590

Getting rid of deodorant lines and minor makeup stains is a breeze. Just take a pair of nylon panty hose and rub it off gently. You can recycle your old stockings or if you want to save space, you can keep the disposable nylon socks you use when trying on shoes in a store.

2.) Small Needle Nose Pliers2647S Close Up_mediumjpg

With the influx of jewelry we are accumulating, there is bound to be statement necklace or arm party mishap. Pinch that baby back shut and save your look for the day.

3.) Dryer Sheets1373904549_dryer-sheets-web

These are wonderful when trying to get rid of static in your hair or clothes. Gently rub yourself and get rid of clingy clothes and erratic hair.

4.) Wet Naps348461

Perfect for a quick shoe cleaning or makeup spot removal.

5.) Clear Nail PolishCC02ClearNail

Stop runs in your hosiery with clear nail polish. Dap it at the source and stop the run in its tracks.

6.) Black Permanent Markerurl

Hide nicks and scuffs on your heels and shoes with a permanent marker.

7.) Double Sided Tape51jkkqeZ+yL._SY300_

Double-sided tape is a great item to carry with you. Not only will it fix your hem or keep your neckline in place, double-sided tape is a great lint remover.

8.) Super Gluesuperglues1

Super glue dries fairly fast and can be used to fix your heel, reapply beading/sequins, and repair fashion jewelry.

9.) Small Sewing KitSewing-Kit-for-Christmas-Island

Buttons fall off. Straps break. Seams split. A sewing kit is a MUST HAVE for all fashion emergency kits.

10.) Stain Remover Pentide-to-go-stain-pen_071308

Need I say more?

What would you put in your Fashion First Aid Kit?

Fashion Friday: DIY Fashion Emergency Kit