121 Years of Glik’s

121 years

Glik’s started in 1897 and this October we are going to be celebrating 121 years of business! We want to join everyone in on the celebration by having one of our biggest sales yet! We have tons of exciting things planned for this two-week long event!

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Give Back Tuesday

Give Back Tuesday! On Tuesday, October 2nd we will have our Charity Day. This event will donate 10% of proceeds from the day to: Polaris Project- Human Trafficking Prevention, St. Jude Research Hospital, and The Humane Society of the United States.

Now for the deals you have been waiting to see all year! Here are just a couple of the many awesome deals we are going to be having!

For even more deals, be sure to shop at your local Glik’s and to check us out at Glik’s.com!

~ H a p p y   S h o p p i n g ! ~

121 Years of Glik’s

Yard Sale!!

Now through August 1st, Glik’s is hosting a Yard Sale in participating locations.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why would you want to go somewhere in the heat of summer to sift through someone’s unwanted, sometimes overused, stuff.

But this is one Yard Sale you don’t want to miss.

For one, this Yard Sale is air-conditioned, in-store, and away from the heat, humidity and occasional storm so typical of Summer.

And another, all of our merchandise is new.  No “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” lines that you normally hear associated with yard sales.

What does this mean to you?  This means that you need to get into your local Glik’s, because we have a ton of great sales going on with our Summer merchandise.  Including an additional 25% off all Clearance items.  Good deals?  I think so!

Note:  This sale is IN STORE only.  The Yard Sale event is being held in select stores only.  Check out the event on our Facebook page for a full list of all participating locations.

Pictures of what you can expect in our awesome stores:

Junior's Section
Young Men's Section
Yard Sale!!