Antonio Rodriguez – Glik Skate Team Member

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Antonio Rodriguez is the first member of our Glik Skate Team.  We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about his experiences, his favorite tricks and skaters and his style.

Antonio won our tickets for Street League 2011 in Kansas City.  How was your experience?  Where did you sit?  Who did you hang out with?  What were your favorite tricks and skaters?

A: Amazing!  I don’t even know what else to say.  We sat behind all the pros.  There were a lot of people there.  We had VIP tickets and there was a lounge for us to hang out in.  Torey Pudwill and Sean Malto were there.  We sat right behind P. Rod. (Paul Rodriguez).  Niyjah Huston won both that day in Kansas City and at the Street League in Seattle.  He’s pretty awesome because he’s such a young guy.  My favorite trick in the contest was the one Niyjah won with, a nollie inward heelflip off the bump over the hubba.  After the whole event, they had a best trick run and all the pros went at it.  My favorite trick there was Tommy Sandoval’s front side flip late shove it.

June 21st was Go Skate Day, what did you do for it?  Where did you go?

A:  I filmed with Elliot Glik.  He was trying to kill me. (laughs) He kept saying, “It has to be cool, dude.”  He had me ollie over a gap fire hydrant.  We were about to leave and I finally landed it.  It was in St. Robert.

What’s your favorite skate trick?  How long did it take you to learn it?

A: Tre-flip aka 360-flip.  It took me 4 days.

Who is your skate idol?

A:  I look up to all of them.  It’s hard to pick.  They’re all my favorite.  I hate them at the same time because they make the sport harder.

What blogs do you read?

A: Me and my friends in St. Louis actually have a blog at  I don’t get on the Internet much.  My friend will be like, “Dude, there’s a picture up of you,” and I’ll just say, “Cool, I’ll see it the next time I get on in about three years.”

What is your favorite brand of skate shoes?

A: I really like Fallen.  It’s kind of why I have the tattoo. (Antonio has a sweet tat of “Fallen” on his arm)  I like Vans shoes.  Those are really the only skate shoes I like.

Antonio's Fallens

What brand is your go-to brand for skateboards?

A: Plan-B is good.  Elements are good, they’re really light.

And hardware?

A: Probably Shorties because they are the only ones who make the really really small bolts I use.

Why do you love Glik’s?

A: I like the fact they put on contests in smaller areas, like the Olliepalooza.  I guess that makes sense because you guys are in smaller areas.  The products, obviously, I wouldn’t shop there if I didn’t like your products.

Antonio Rodriguez – Glik Skate Team Member

Whats Hot For Men’s Fashion in 2011

For all the fashion forward gentlemen out there, Glik’s has all you need for the upcoming Spring/ Summer season. Time to put your thick denim, long sleeve shirts and warm sweaters away. You need to replace those winter clothes with the new trends of the year.

For the skaters and surfers out there, we have short sleeve tees from your favorite surf and skate brands. Throw these on with shorts and your spring or summer look is done. Glik’s has a large assortment from surf brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, Hurley, O’Neil, Burton, and RVCA. Our skate brands include Volcolm, Element, DC and LRG. New to us this year are hot brands like Neff, Young & Reckless, Fyasko, and Grenade.

For the man with the classic style, or for any guy who needs a basic we have the simple white tee. This shirt is perfect for layering under plaids and other tees, or for wearing solo for a simpler, vintage look.

If you want to forget the sleeves all together for the hot weather we have the no-sleeved West Coast look. The hottest way to wear this look for Spring/ Summer ’11 is with loud, attention drawing stripes. Pair these with denim or cargos for that laid back Cali look.

As you pack your long sleeve, thick wool plaids away for the year its time to come to Glik’s and get some lighter weight and shorter sleeved plaids. These shirts will have lighter color schemes and a large choice stripe styles. We will also have some light weight long sleeved plaids for those cool spring nights. You can roll the sleeves up and rock these during the day too.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what you could pair all of these shirts with. At Glik’s we have a huge selection of shorts and denim.

For a casual, laid-back look opt for Cargo shorts. These look great with plaids, printed t-shirts, and even a plain white one. This is the first season Glik’s will carry the exclusive cargo short. The Military look has been hot all year and this trend will carry into spring with these shorts.

Also from 1897 Glik’s will have a whole line of exclusive denim in styles such as the Weston (Low Rise Boot), Elliot (Slim Straight Leg) and Jeremy (Boot Cut).  These classic styles that range from light wash to dark look best with timeless kicks like Converse or Vans.

We have a huge selection of the classic and always fashion forward Levi’s denim. The boot cut is our best fit but we also have Relaxed, Straight, and some Skinnies.

Another denim line that’s always in style is Silver Jeans. We have popular fits such as the Zac, Nash, and Grayson. The Zac and Grayson are both classic straight leg jeans and also look best with Converse of any style or color.

For the surfers out there: Glik’s has all the board shorts you need! We have styles from Hurley, Billabong, Quiksilver, O’Neil, Volcolm, RVCA, DC, and LRG.

For the more outdoorsy man we have brands like The North Face, Colombia, Dakota Grizzly, and Nautica.

If your style is more street wear we have some very important messages from the trend reporters.

First off, Solid Tees are in. Collared Polo’s are out. The crisp t-shirt is classic, simple, and clean.

Second, as I mentioned above, Cargo shorts are hot. We have some from the brand Smoke Rises for $29.99. Plaid shorts are out. Opt for a trendy cargo instead of an over done plaid short. The polo and plaid look has been way too many times, gentlemen.

As for jeans, Levi’s 501 are in and baggy, sagging denim that don’t fit right are OUT. The more put-together look is in. A white tee and Levis make for the perfect outfit that you can make your own.

Whether you skate, surf, fish, or get your style inspiration from rappers and street style icons, Glik’s has the Spring/Summer trends for you.

Whats Hot For Men’s Fashion in 2011