Spring into Colored Denim

Flying Monkey Jeans

A wise person once said, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” And they were right! So this season, add a little color to your wardrobe with our Flying Monkey Colored Jeans. The Flying Monkey Colored Denim offers the same style, stretch, and comfort as the regular denim, but with added style.

Flying Monkey Jeans Flying Monkey Jeans

These hued jeans can be styled to fit your style and personality. You can wear the jeans to match the rest of your ensemble or to add pizzazz to a somewhat basic outfit. Either way, the splash of color from your colored denim will be the focal point of your outfit.

Flying Monkey JeansWhite Denim

A warm-weather wardrobe that includes bright colors can help drive away the winter blues and brighten your mood. You can pair these brightly colored skinny jeans with contrasting combinations to create an interesting and eye-catching look.

Flying Monkey JeansFlying Monkey Colored Denim

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Spring into Colored Denim

Rise and Shine- High Waist Denim

You’ve heard right ladies! High-waisted denim has returned and in a big way.  I can understand why a rise that comes to and sometimes past your belly button is a bit daunting. BUT high-waisted denim can create an elongated silhouette for your body, which basically means you look long, lean, and fabulous.

To be honest, the first thought that came to my mind about high-waisted denim that scene in the cult classic coming-of-age film Dazed and Confused where the girls are helping their friend zip her high-waisted jeans with a pair of pliers.  I had to giggle at that thought because I bet if any of you were to ask an older female relative, they would recall having to do that same thing once or twice when they owned their very own (now vintage) high-waisted flare jeans.

Now don’t bust out your toolboxes just yet– the introduction of spandex to our denim’s poly/cotton mix has officially put an end to the pliers’ part-time job. This means that not only can you successfully zip up your own high-waisted jeans, you can also tuck in your fashionable tops, add a skinny belt, AND munch out hard at your local chinese buffet (my biggest weakness) without worries. Oh the joys of stretch!

I am not telling you to bust out your “mom” jeans again. We, the fashionable, all know that when a trend returns there is always a new spin to a classic silhouette/fit. That’s how fashion works, and this is the reason why we (women) can NEVER clean out our wardrobes. What if a trend comes back in style? Well guess what… if it does then those high-waisted jeans that you snuck out of your mother’s closet from when she was your age might just be back in style… Like right now.

Feeling a little “high” from all of this fashionable rattling of tongue (in my case, typing of hand)? Why don’t you take a look at all of the high-waisted new arrivals from gliks.com?

Flying Monkey High Waist Jegging

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Rise and Shine- High Waist Denim