Buyers Pick | Machine Jean Shorts

The first day of summer this year is June 21st, and we want to make sure your wardrobe is set and ready to go! A core part of any gal’s summer closet is her selection of jean shorts. This season it’s out with the “plain jane” styles and in with detailing that will give your shorts (and outfits!) a brand new look.

In our opinion, no brand does this better than Machine Jeans. Their unique destructed look and finish makes them a brand of choice for young trendsetters and those with a hip sense of style. Check out our 3 favorite Machine Jean shorts of the season: high-waisted, crochet rim, and acid wash.

Machine Jean ShortsMAchine Jean Shorts for Women

Machine Jean Shorts for WomenHigh-Waisted Denim Shorts

Don’t miss out on high-waisted denim shorts this year. They pair great with crop tops and their high-waisted rise will leave you feeling comfortable all day. Not to mention how you’ll get to show off your sun-kissed legs! Check out our Machine Jeans denim shorts in white for a classy yet cute look.

High Waisted Jean Shorts

Crochet Rim Denim Shorts

These Machine Jean shorts with white crochet trim are the hot item this summer. The crochet trim leaves you with a sweet, scalloped finish. Pair them with a Patrons of Peace Aztec bohemian tank top to complete your boho-inspired look.

Crochet Shorts

Acid Wash Shorts

Acid wash shorts are the perfect casual shorts for this summer season. These Machine Jeans acid wash shorts have a zipper on each side to show off the fly-away look. We love pairing these shorts with a tank top or swimsuit top to hit the beach!

Acid Wash Shorts
Pictured with Ginger G American Flag Tank Top and White Statement Necklace


Buyers Pick | Machine Jean Shorts

5 Reasons to Invest in Jumpsuits and Rompers

Rompers and Jumpsuits

  1. They can be worn during the daytime and nighttime. With just a few quick adjustments to your accessories or hair-do, you can transform a romper or jumpsuit from daytime-wear to evening-wear.
  2. They create a polished look with just one piece. Jumpsuits and rompers are the one-stop shop when it comes to creating a chic look.Jumpsuits and Rompers
  3. They can easily pair with fun accessories. The options are truly endless when it comes to accessorizing  jumpsuits or rompers. You can add clutches, statement necklaces, bold bangles, or hats with your romper or jumpsuit.
  4. They come in fun colors and patterns. A lot of the jumpsuits and rompers are designed with trendy floral patterns, Aztec-inspired patterns, boho patterns, or they come in fun colors for the spring and summer.Jumpsuits and ROmpers
  5. They are easy to pack to take on vacation. Unlike those bulky jeans or denim shorts, jumpsuits and rompers create a complete outfit and take up little space. So this means that you will have extra space in your suitcase for those adorable wedges or fun accessories!IMG_4626 IMG_4625 IMG_4623IMG_4628 (1)IMG_4633IMG_4645IMG_4650IMG_4651
5 Reasons to Invest in Jumpsuits and Rompers

Fashion Rules You Have to Break

Rule #1: Don’t Wear White after Labor Day

It has always been said that you should not wear white after Labor Day. Well, that is not the case anymore. In fact, wearing white into the fall and winter can be refreshing and trendy. The trick is to select appropriate fabrics for the season. Heavier and more durable fabrics are going to look better than sheer, lightweight fabrics going into the winter.

Flying Monkey Jeans Boyfriend style

Rule #2: Don’t Mix Prints or Bold Colors

There is a statement to be made with mixing prints. One of the hottest trends right now is mixing floral prints with stripes. Other patterns that look great mixed together include polka dots with stripes, polka dots with floral, polka dots with ikat, plaid with stripes, and chevron with floral. A great way to ease into wearing bold patterns together is to start off by throwing leopard print into your outfits. Leopard print can be treated like a neutral color and looks great with a variety of colors.

Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints

Rule #3: Don’t Mix Silver and Gold Jewelry

Mixing gold and silver jewelry is no longer a fashion faux pas. The trick to mixing metals is to make it look like you meant to do it. If it looks like you haphazardly threw on your bracelets, necklaces, or rings, it may not be as appealing. In order for gold and silver bracelets to look good together, it would be best to wear bracelets of different sizes and shapes. Adding a watch creates a very glamorous look. Necklaces look best if they are layered in different lengths, and if you are wearing multiple rings in gold and silver, we recommend pairing different widths.

BTS Photo Shoot



Rule #4: Sneakers are only for the Gym

It’s time to bust out your sneakers! They are not just for the gym anymore. A cute pair of sneakers can look fashionable with anything from sleek skirts and dresses to shorts and jeans. There is just something about sneakers that adds a modern twist to your outfits.

Van's Sneakers

Van's Sneakers

Rule #5: Never Mix Black and Brown

Mixing black and brown is definitely not a fashion faux pas. In fact, it can be very chic and trendy if styled the right way. One of our favorite ways to mix black and brown is to wear black leggings or jeans with a great pair of brown boots.

Mixing Black and Brown

Rule #6: Backpacks are only for Class

No need to dismiss a cute backpack. A fabulous new trend is to carry a backpack instead of a purse! Not only is a backpack super-functional, it also makes a very trendy fashion statement. A solid color backpack looks great if you are wearing an outfit with bold prints and colors. However, if you want to jazz up a simple outfit, a backpack with bright colors or cool patterns will do the trick.

Volcom Backpack

Fashion Rules You Have to Break

Glik’s Be The Buyer Contest

We are so excited to introduce you all to the winners of our recent Be The Buyer contest! This fun contest follows the Glik’s buying team to the L.A. fashion district while they shop all the latest styles of women’s apparel and source new trends.

As a Midwestern fashion brand, when we introduce a new trend we think about it on many different levels; most importantly how our fans and friends view it. Most trends are inspired from our surroundings or imaginations, and can be translated best by mood boards – music, landscapes, places, animals, food, décor, and even people can be present. Think of your favorite fashion brands and some of the ads that they print online or in magazines. They all have a theme and that’s one key segment of the whole trending equation (it’s our favorite part!).

The buying team has so much fun searching for new fashion trends to bring home with them that they decided that it’s time that all of YOU were included in deciding what is HOT or NOT.

Here are the winners of our last Be The Buyer contest.

994951_10153393186990243_1957187132_nSouthwestern Celebration Tunic


Everly Damask Print Shift Dress




Tempting in Tribal Aztec Sweater


Black Elephant Embroidered Bodycon Dress



Coalition Faux Leather Jacket for Women

Help us decide the next round of Be The Buyer fashions by joining in the fun and sharing your opinions on our next contest! Until then be sure to follow @GlikClick on Instagram for sneak peeks, new arrivals, and a behind the scenes look into our fun community!

Glik’s Be The Buyer Contest

Must-Have for Fall: Faux Leather Vest

Moto jackets may have established their street cred long ago – and we’re not just relating to the Harley- Davidson community’s continued use – but fashion’s finest has grown to fully embrace this classic, asymmetrical zipper jacket and it’s many forms as a major Fall 2013 trend. Seen everywhere from the runways to the streets, faux leather jackets are being re-imagined by way of color, prints and fabrics, but we cannot forget the most recent makeover that the moto jacket has embraced – the loss of its sleeves. Some might consider this a tragic accident, but by no means can this be considered a disability.

Vest. Yes, that is the proper word to now associate our iconic (former) jacket with.  Summer has come to its end recently and if there is one essential that we (and the fashion community) suggest investing your hard earned, well-budgeted dollars into, it’s a faux leather moto vest.

The always fashionable, Jack by BB Dakota brand has introduced the Teagan faux leather vest to their fall 2013 collection, and we love mixing and matching this moto-inspired vest with other elements of our wardrobes. Here are three of our favorite looks for fall.

Ethnic Edge:

IMG_3861 final

IMG_3863 final

Tribal – inspired prints have made their transition into the fall 2013 season in a big way. Bold, bright, and colorful hues pattern play with one another on everything from dresses, pants, tops and jackets, down to scarves and jewelry. We styled the Jack by BB Dakota Teagan vegan leather moto vest with an aztec print dress (available in select Glik’s stores), gold pendant necklace, and the Afton–14 riding boot from Gomax shoes.

IMG_3872 final

Armed in Faux Leather:

IMG_3879 final

IMG_3877 copy

There’s just something about army green that has style-stalkers from all walks of life rushing to add this military associated hue to their closets. This pair of army green harem pants takes both style and comfort to the next level. The Steely -02 Velvet Stiletto Booties from Qupid adds just the right amount of feminine-edge to your look.

Street Style Stalker:

IMG_3889 final

Fashion isn’t reserved for just the runways; it’s the inspiration that ignites the imaginations in us all, then we take it to the streets, literally. Street style fashion is raw, unique, and unapologetic.  What and how we interpret ourselves at any given moment, day, time can be seen in our choice of outfit ensembles. The edge of the studded ankle boots and the Jack by BB Dakota Teagan Vest, mixed with this color pop hoodie and muted grey Flying Monkey skinny denim jeans is a personal favorite for fall. This casual-cool look can work with any hooded item in your closet – even that vintage hoodie that you can never seem to part with!

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 1.50.03 PM

Style is what you make it, so don’t be afraid to play with it! You can find the Jack by BB Dakota Teagan Faux Leather Vest online at or in select Glik’s store locations. So throw up your sign and represent that LA fashion!


Must-Have for Fall: Faux Leather Vest

Blooming Spring Style with TOMS Shoes

Spring is king here at Glik’s, and we’re growing a garden of delightful spring styles. Why not celebrate your anxiously patient wait for warmer weather, sweet smelling rain showers, and budding brights of brilliant colors with a new, fresh pair of TOMS shoes?Spring Arrivals TOMS

TOMS classic slip-on shoes are delightfully adorning the shelves at you local Glik’s location, just waiting for you to discover that the gift of giving One for One is just what you need to keep your spirits high until spring actually comes.

Spring TOMS at Aberdeen

Your favorite styles like the cute crochet have returned and are blossoming in brilliant blues hues as well as keeping with the classic natural & black colorways.


We’re excited introduce the edition of the Hemp Classic to TOMS Spring 2013 line. Hemp keeps this classic style casual while the Aztec graphic trim adds an extra pop, keeping this slip-on just above simple.


TOMS took a vegan approach when they created the Oahu Women’s Vegan Classic. This cute classic is made with recycled and sustainable materials, the edition of the tropical floral pattern to this slip-on creates a look that is perfect for any springtime outing. We’re thinking that this adorable floral shoe would compliment any spring dress!


Spring is definitely in the air at Glik’s! Be sure to stop by and checkout our growing style.

Blooming Spring Style with TOMS Shoes

Show Me Your Style with Chad Walton

Meet, Chad!


He is our official Training Manager/Guru of the special (sales) sauce for Glik’s.  Not only can he cook a mean recipe for high sales, Chad can also add a dash of personality spice and excellent customer service for any fashionable soul who comes into to our stores.  This guy’s personality is totally infectious, and of course, he couldn’t possibly be as cool without killer style instincts (which I personally know he has).

This week he just so happened to be in my neck of the woods (home office) with a group of close manager (wolf pack) friends for the Glik’s Regional Meetings. Regional Meetings is a day chalk full of Holiday fashion treats and hours of creative conversation about our fabulous company.

This year I decided to feature a few of those who represent Glik’s across our vast 9 Midwestern state range, live for the fashions we find, and strive to bring to you only the greatest of experiences.

Me: So Chad, what would you describe your personal style as?

Chad: I would say my personal style is very different from most men. I love going outside of the box and wearing colored pants, vest, and any “Roar” button up that comes my way! Pretty much you could say I am a ROCKSTAR!


Me: Nice. So, what would you say is the most dominant item in your closet?

Chad: The most dominant items in my closet would have to be my collection of men’s Rock Revival jeans and “Roar” wovens. Like I said “I am a Rockstar!” ROARRRR

Me: Oh, whoa, wow, I was almost scared by your style for a minute.

Chad: My style is pretty scary… good.


Me: Tell me, what can you absolutely not live without this fall/holiday season and why?

Chad: I could not live without my amazing selling staff! They are going to make this Holiday Season one to remember! GO TEAM!!  : )

Me: Well, that’s very sweet.

Chad: Thanks my staff really is GREAT.


Me: Last question, there are so many fun trends for this holiday 2012 season. What would you say your favorite trends are right now?

Chad:  I would have to say for men I love wovens of all types: plaid, military, denim, and embroidered embellishments. I’m particularly fond of the new brand 3rd & Army because of their soft fabrics and premium fits. For women I love the whole oversized sweater and Aztec print trend. As far as shoes go, I can’t go long without my TOMS.

Show Me Your Style with Chad Walton

Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break 2012 is upon us. Although most of your plans aren’t Facebook official yet, there are a few things you know you’ll have to pack along on your adventure to destination nowhere. Besides a cooler of chilled beverages, food to last you a week and enough beach towels to double as blankets you’ll need a bag of trendy new Spring Break apparel!

We know you probably scrapped and saved enough money to cover your gas, beverage buying and recreational expenses, so here are some hot Spring Break clothes that won’t break your budget or empty you bank account!

Billabong Once Was Body Con Dress

Qupid Athena-427A Aztec Print Flat Sandal

Billabong Nada Mas Beach Bag

Body Con is big right now. So, what’s better than this super cute Billabong Once Was Body Con Dress to throw on over your freshly bronzed beach bod with a pair of strappy sandals like the Qupid Athena-427A Aztec Print Flat Sandal for an evening out. It’s easier to make your beach to street transition with a bag like the Billabong Nada Mas Beach Bag.

Strapless Chiffon Dress

Ceduce 244 Watercolor Print Covered Wedge

Aztec Shield Necklace Set

Highlight your bright style & sun kissed skin with layers of chiffon chicness in this season’s hottest color Tangerine Tango. That’s right you bold fashionista, you’ll be dancing your night away in this super cute strapless chiffon dress. Don’t forget a pair of platform wedges in a fun print and to add vibrant gold accessories.

Not forgetting the guys, one of this summer’s biggest trends is the Hybrid short. What is this you may ask? Well, it’s a short that can double as a casual walk short AND as a fully equipped boardshort.

FOX Hydroblast Hybrid WalkShort

Another trend is high performance, eco-friendly clothing. What’s better than wearing boardshorts & tees from your favorite brands as well as supporting a better environment?

Billabong Life is Better in Boardshorts Tee

  Billabong Vantage Platinum/Recycled Boardshort

Let’s not forget a great pair of flip flips too!

Fox Future 2 Flip Flop in Electric Blue

Spring break is always a blast. So, don’t forget to have fun, wear SPF and to visit us at or any Glik’s store location nearest to you for all your summer needs!

Spring Break Essentials

Style File: Aztec Fever

This year bold prints seem to be inspiring fashionistas and designers everywhere! One of the most popular prints that has been hitting the shelves, racks, & even the red carpet lately…is Aztec.

Hollywood's leading ladies loving the Aztec Print.

We love the fact that anyone can rock this look! Aztec-inspired items can be paired with almost anything to create a unique & innovative look that can be carried out from one season to the next.

Glik’s has TONS of exclusive items available on the web and in store that go along with the Aztec theme. Here are a few of our FAVS. Be sure to visit a Glik’s location near you or for more awesome fashion finds!

Aztec Print Dolman- $24
Double V Dolmann- $20
Skull Tee- $22
BB Dakota Fleece Jacket- $68
Feather Earrings- $12
Halter Dress- $32
Belted Maxi Dress- $42
Mini Skirt- $20
Cross Back Tee- $24
Crop Sleeved Dolman- $20
BB Dakota Sweater- $58
Style File: Aztec Fever