{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

After knowing what jeggings are, and making the vow to find them in every color, you might need some tips on how to style them! There are several different looks that you can create with jeggings by pairing them with different styles of tops, footwear and accessories.

To Look Cool…
If you want to sport a cool, casual look, wear jeggings with a loose, long top. Wear a beaded necklace, a pair of ballet flats and carry an over-sized hobo bag. You can wear this look on the daily no matter if you heading to class or on your next trip to the market!

To Look Hot…
If you are blessed with a good figure, wear your jeggings with sky-high platform pumps, an statement clutch and a silk dolman top tucked in. If you are on the heavier side, wear an empire style top with your jeggings as it will give out the illusion of a thin waist!

To Look Trendy…
If you want to follow Hollywood, pair up your jeggings with knee-high boots, or if you are brave, thigh-high boots. Wear a long comfy v-neck tee and finish it off with a tailored blazer. This three layered look along with the super sexy boots will definitely make many heads turn in your direction!

To Look Sporty…
For those of you who want a casual, sporty look, pairing the jeggings with sneakers and a loose, long t-shirt or a cute sweatshirt is a good idea. Of course, you can always enhance this particular look by adding sneaks or tops in crazy colors or those displaying bold and comical quotes.

Kick off your weekend right and go grab a pair today!  Give yourself a complete fashion makeover, after all, who doesn’t love shopping? Visit a Glik’s store nearest you or shop online at www.gliks.com.

{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

{Just In} Grace in L.A. Denim

GRACE in L.A. Jeans is based in the heart of the fashion industry in Los Angeles, CA. Best known for their fabulous fashionable pocket detailing & intricate washes, every GRACE in L.A. collection is focused on delivering trendy & feminine styles.

GRACE in L.A.’s product development team is devoted to creating comfortable fitting jeans which contours to a woman’s body. They are also dedicated to utilizing the latest wash techniques, pocket treatments & specialty embellishments.

GRACE in L.A. Jeans are the perfect fit for the fashion-savvy woman who loves to express her individual style! Now available at Glik’s & www.gliks.com! Prices starting at $49.99!

Grace in L.A. Flower Flap Boot: http://bit.ly/v0hkPu
Grace in L.A. Thick Stitch Trouser: http://bit.ly/smWNdM
Grace in L.A. Wing Boot: http://bit.ly/tIKSDY
Grace in L.A. Star Loop Boot: http://bit.ly/vMzBzY
Grace in L.A. Scroll Pocket Boot: http://bit.ly/vk9sTk
Grace in L.A. Tribal Pocket Boot: http://bit.ly/t3NrRs
Grace in L.A. Wing Pocket Boot: http://bit.ly/rUvzd8
Grace in L.A. White Wing Pocket Boot: http://bit.ly/pp58Po




{Just In} Grace in L.A. Denim

Style Watch: Trapper Hats!

The Trapper Hat, once reserved for and hunters & nature lovers, is becoming a staple in the fashion world. Considered one of the hottest items in this season, they have been spotted on celebs all across the globe.

Ashley Tisdale
Cheryl Cole
Kim & Khloe Kardashian
Prince Harry
Mollie King
Jared Leto

Save the Elmer Fudd teasers for another day because the Trapper Hat is an accessory that is a sure fire way to stay trendy and cozy this winter. Another great part about the Trapper Hat? They are for everyone! Men, women, and children of all ages can wear these swank skimmers!

The Trapper Hat is both functual and fashionable,  a well rounded element to protect you against the elements! A great gift idea! Shop for the hottest styles, NOW AVAILABLE at a Glik’s near you!

Style Watch: Trapper Hats!

Gilk’s “Pick of the Day”: 1-9

One week ago marked the first official day of Fall, and as the weather keeps getting better so does our inventory of gorgeous new merchandise! Here are some looks we LOVE. Be sure to “Like” our Glik’s fan page on Facebook for future Glik’s Picks posted daily!


Glik’s “Pick Of The Day” 1-9:

Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/oDYHOS


Buy them Here: http://bit.ly/ncNr7F


Buy them Here: http://bit.ly/oEpNEl


Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/pf0MUe


Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/olrPgM


Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/n9nQJo


Buy them Here: http://bit.ly/p1DJeF


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Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/r4VQsS


Happy Shopping! Stay Tuned for more HOT new arrivals from Glik’s!

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Gilk’s “Pick of the Day”: 1-9

Style File: Aztec Fever

This year bold prints seem to be inspiring fashionistas and designers everywhere! One of the most popular prints that has been hitting the shelves, racks, & even the red carpet lately…is Aztec.

Hollywood's leading ladies loving the Aztec Print.

We love the fact that anyone can rock this look! Aztec-inspired items can be paired with almost anything to create a unique & innovative look that can be carried out from one season to the next.

Glik’s has TONS of exclusive items available on the web and in store that go along with the Aztec theme. Here are a few of our FAVS. Be sure to visit a Glik’s location near you or www.gliks.com for more awesome fashion finds!

Aztec Print Dolman- $24
Double V Dolmann- $20
Skull Tee- $22
BB Dakota Fleece Jacket- $68
Feather Earrings- $12
Halter Dress- $32
Belted Maxi Dress- $42
Mini Skirt- $20
Cross Back Tee- $24
Crop Sleeved Dolman- $20
BB Dakota Sweater- $58
Style File: Aztec Fever

Style File: VMA Fashion!

Even if you don’t watch MTV on the regular, chances are you may have found yourself enjoying the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards last night. Sure maybe you were forced, or maybe there wasn’t anything else to watch (hopefully you Recorded True Blood), but it was a production that as always, is filled with surprises and shockers!

The VMA’s included an interesting and ongoing performance by Lady Gaga (or shall we call her Jo Calderone), a tribute to Britney Spears who received The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, and a pregnancy announcement from the one and only Beyonce. Exciting headlines aside, one thing viewers can’t and won’t stop talking about is the fashion that almost automatically predicts new trends, must-haves, and also leaves some with the question “what were they thinking?”

Here are some of the most talked about celebs straight from the Black Carpet at last night’s event. As for who would take home a Moon Man for “best” dressed and “worst” dressed, you’ll have to vote on that one all by your lonesome!

Can’t wait to see how MTV and all the artists will top themselves in 2012!


Britney Spears


Miley Cyrus


Nicki Minaj


Lady Gaga


Kim Kardashian


Selena Gomez








Katy Perry


Be sure to scope out footage, winners, headlines & more at www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2011/.



Style File: VMA Fashion!

“So You Think You Can Dance?” Star Has Style

Last week was the Top 12 performances of “So You Think You Can Dance?” on Fox.  Clarice and Jess blew us away with their show stopping performance to “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

Clarice can’t just dance, she has great style as well.  Check out the tribal top she is wearing layered over a fab red tank for a pop of color.  Don’t you love it?  We carry it!  It is the Freeloader Tribal Fringe Side Top and is available in select Glik’s stores as well as here at gliks.com.


Freeloader Tribal Fringe Side Top
“So You Think You Can Dance?” Star Has Style

etnies Celebrates 25 Years with Art Exhibits

etnies is celebrating its 25th anniversary today in Paris, the city where it all began, by conceptualizing what skateboarding will be like in the next 25 years.  It will definitely change a lot!  etnies is the first skateboarder-owned footwear and apparel brand and was created by skateboarders for the lifestyle of skateboarders who travel in small tribes and create their very own subcultures.

Pierre-André Senizergues, owner of etnies and former pro skateboarder, picked three people from the brand’s history to create concepts about what the future will be like.  Gil Le Bon Delapointe, Mike Manzoori and Yogi Proctor each created a piece that will be on display in the Public Domaine – skateboard culture exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique today through August 7th.

You might not be able to hop on the next flight to Paris, but you can still experience these awesome exhibits.  Check out the pictures below and head to etnies.com for more information and pictures, as well as more info on the etnies “Next 25” celebration over the coming weeks.

The PAS House:

The PAS House, original idea and vision created by Pierre-André Senizergues, designed by artist, Gil Le Bon Delapointe and supervised by Francois Perrin, was created with the idea that, in 25 years, everything will be centered around skateboarding.  This full-scale model shows what the next 25 years might look like if we combine skateboarding with a home.


Mike Monzoori’s Aimless was created with the idea that the next 25 years is truly unpredictable because skateboarding is evolving and progressing every day.  This film captures the feeling of exploration and change from a skateboarder’s perspective.

Thinking – The Baguette Board, Cannon and Rip:


Skateboarders see the world in a different way.  They create new ways to get around the obstacles the world presents them.  From this viewpoint, the next 25 years promises to be an era of intriguing interactions with the world of art and progressive thinking through skateboarding.  Yogi Proctor created three pieces for the exhibit – Canon, Rip and The Baguette Board to show this viewpoint.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For more information on this exhibit and etnies itself, go to www.etnies.com.




etnies Celebrates 25 Years with Art Exhibits

Footwear now on Gliks.com!

Gliks.com has had a lot of editions in the past month and is now selling footwear! All the fabulous shoes you see in stores are now being sold online. Heels, wedges, flats and sandals, we have it all! Glik’s now has a shoe online to fit every occasion, style, and outfit! Click on the photo above to view our selection of fashionable kicks!

Footwear now on Gliks.com!

Spring ’11: Whats Hot in Accessories!

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, accessories can make or break an outfit. With this coming year there are many new and exciting ways to add on to your outfit.

My favorite trend for Spring 2011 is straw fedoras. Sometimes an outfit is missing something, and during spring/summer it’s hard to add on because you can’t really layer with the heat. Luckily, straw fedoras and even cow boy hats can keep you in the shade and more fashion forward.

I have a bit of a purse problem. If I see a cute purse, I go for it…. Always. It looks like this spring my issue is going to grow worse because there are so many chic styles coming to Glik’s. Purses with studs, zippers, and most of them are a larger hobo style (my favorite, I have so much stuff I need to put in there!).

Whether your belt is serving a purpose (accentuating your waist, keeping your pants up) or is just for show, Glik’s has belts for spring 2011 that will completely make your outfit. Animal prints, grommets, military style and studs… what more could a girl ask for?? Whether you’re buying a thick belt, or a thin one to wrap around a few times, these trendy belts will totally set your outfit off.

As for jewelry, most trends from 2010 are carrying over to 2011, and I couldn’t be more psyched! Chains, animal print, heavy beading… we have it all. My favorite piece from the jewelry we are getting in is finger armor. This ring covers your whole finger and has a hinge in the middle for mobility. Totally chic!!

Looks like it’s going to be a fabulous season!!!!!!

Spring ’11: Whats Hot in Accessories!