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Athleisure, activewear, what-have-you.  All we know is that the trend is in AND it is comfortable.  It’s a win-win situation that will have you adding to your collection on the reg.  However, if you are unsure of how to pull off this style, we are here to show you where to start!  Keep reading to check out some of our activewear styles from Mono B Clothing.

The greatest thing about active wear clothing is that you can go from brunch, to class, to running errands, and to the gym all in one outfit! Or if you’re like us, trick people into thinking you are headed to the gym when in fact you are headed home from class to watch 8 hours of Netflix…  You are totally capable of looking put together in leggings and a pullover without looking like a bum.


First things first: leggings. You can NEVER have too many pairs.  Anyone who tells you otherwise, well, they’re just plain wrong. We have recently gotten in so many cute and trendy pairs of leggings and you definitely need one of each pair! These leggings are made with a comfortable stretch fabric that is perfect for lounging or cardio. With different designs, lengths, and colors, you will easily be able to mix and match with your wardrobe day to day.


If you want to be SUPER trendy and put-together, buy an active-wear set! These sports bra crop tops are perfect for the warmer months coming up.  They come in cute matching prints as some of the leggings we carry and feature a comfortable, padded construction. Not comfortable with wearing only the crop top and leggings? Throw on a basic tee or tank over the sports bra and you’re all set.  For chilly or windy days, invest in a neutral windbreaker or athleisure pullover.  With muted tones and a simple design, your look will go from bleak to chic in no time.



Last, but certainly not least, you will need to invest in a neutral, comfy, and dependable pair of tennis shoes to complete your look! These shoes will be able to take you through the day in style from your morning coffee runs to your gym workouts at night.  Also, try Boho Bandeaus or Teleties to pull your hair back in a messy bun when you decided to hit snooze for the fifth time before class that day.


Shop these styles, and more, at! Or, check out Glik’s Official Instagram account for styling ideas for any occasion!

Trending: Athleisure Style

Krass & Co: Our Current Obsession

Since beginning in 2010, Krass & Co. has taken the preppy world by storm. Founded by two friends, Pierson Krass and Will Lovallo, the brand is the perfect balance between classic New England prep style and comfy performance apparel. According to Krass & Co., their mission is “to make clothing that you put on in the morning and don’t take off. Clothes that don’t force you to choose between looking good or being comfortable.” In our opinion, they’ve achieved that mission and then some. We are currently obsessed with their fun, colorful apparel and can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Krass & Co. Shorts: Get Them at Glik’s!

We currently have 3 styles of Krass and Co. shorts available on our website. Whether you’re spending your day at the beach with friends or going to class, all three of these shorts are a must-have.

Krass & Co. Sam's USA Shorts available at


Krass and Co. Shorts in Sam’s USA

Krass & Co. shorts available at


Krass and Co. Shorts in Tea Time

Krass & Co. at


Krass and Co. Shorts in Weekender Tribal

Want a free outfit?

Get in on our new current obsession by visiting our Instagram @gliksofficial. Krass and Co. has graciously supplied us with four (yes, FOUR) outfits that we are giving away in just a few days! There is still time to enter and be one of four lucky winners.

Krass & Co. Instagram Giveaway

Krass & Co: Our Current Obsession

Athletic Wear to Street Wear

As we saw last summer, it is no longer unheard of to try to pass athletic wear for fashion. Fashion is creatively trying to reinvent itself by turning its back on the constant posh style and leaning towards a more relaxed, laid-back look. This spring, more than ever, we are going to be seeing the gym-inspired attire making its way onto the streets and into everyday wear.

Under Armour for Women

Everly Cardigan

With the rising of the “green movement”, people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment, making fitness and working out a priority in their schedule. This is why having a quick transition from activewear to daily wear has become so popular.

Under Armour for Women

Under Armour for Women

Now you can look cute after hitting the gym since over-sized tops, yoga pants, joggers, shorts, and sneakers are completely in style. When they are combined with fashionable pieces, they can create fashion forward ensembles. For example, an Under Armour Half-Zip can be paired with a fashionable vest so you are ready to hit the streets.

Under Armour for Women

Under Armour for Women

You can even dress up your athletic wear!

Joggers for Women

Active Wear to Street Wear

Shop more at

Athletic Wear to Street Wear

Under Armour: Activewear for Entire Family Part 1

Under armour for women

Women’s Under Armour

womens under armour

Integration of Activewear into Everyday Wear

Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, a career mom, or a busy college student, many women are turning to activewear to simplify their fast-paced lives. When dashing from the office or class to the gym afterwards, many women are looking for wardrobe pieces that can serve both purposes. More and more, we are seeing different styles of yoga pants paired with your everyday shoes, sandals, and even heels. Activewear has become a comfortable option for everyone’s daily apparel.

womens under armour

If it’s Cute, Wear it!

Under Armour has incorporated bright and fun colors as well as stylish animal prints into their activewear. And if it looks good, why should it just be limited to the gym? Activewear has become increasingly more fashion forward as well as functional. And who wouldn’t love to wear Under Armour’s flat front elastic style pants that smooth the tummy and combat the dreaded “muffin top” all day everyday? It is a win-win in our book.

under armour for women


IMG_8861 IMG_8862

Girls 7-16

under armour for girls 7-16

Keep Cool While Being Active

Under Armour’s Moisture-Wicking Technology used in their men’s and women’s collections is also available in kid’s sizes. Heat Gear fabric is perfect not only for your personal sweat sessions but also for the highly active children in your life. From sports to everyday wear, there is something for every little girl.

under armour for kids

Bye-Bye Stinky Gym Bag

Attention parents! How would you like to say goodbye to the smelly gym-bag that your youngsters are so good at supplying? Not only does Under Armour have great fabrics with moisture-wicking ability, they have several styles with antimicrobial technology. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and your anxiety about finding the gym shorts that have been forgotten in your child’s bag.

under armour for kids



Under Armour is a brand for the entire family. You can find it in select Glik’s locations and online at

…Stay tuned for Men’s and Boy’s 8-20 Under Armour




Under Armour: Activewear for Entire Family Part 1