How To: Men’s Fall Fashion


With all of the attention on women’s fashion for fall, we had to be fair and give the men a little love too. Lately at Glik’s, we have been getting so many great new styles for men and we are so excited! Fall fashion is literally so simple for men to pull off, even though it can look like they put in SO much time and effort. (We know you guys get a little excited when this time of the year rolls around too.) These new fall styles scream comfort and versatility, which is what any guy wants in their style.  From street styles and layering, to casual and classy, we are sure to have the looks your man needs.

First of all, basics are the starting piece for any outfit, so fellas need to have staple basic pieces in their wardrobe too (think Active USA basic tees or 1897 Henley shirts). Once you have a few picked out, start thinking about your favorite pair of denim jeans.  No matter the wash or fit, they will be the best investment for cold weather fashion. Let’s face it guys, we know you have about 4 of the same pair of jeans because why fix what’s not broken? In that case, check out the amazing styles 1897 Denim and Axel Denim have to offer, they will be sure to become your new go-to.


Now comes the fun part, layering! To some guys, layering may be a scary thing since they may not know what matches or what styles look good together.  However, don’t fret, fall and winter are the BEST times to experiment with layering and figure out what works best for you! Therefore, we are here to tell you that you can never go wrong with a long sleeve button down woven shirt, like one from Weatherproof Vintage! Then, depending on the temperature, throw on another layer with a cool Patagonia vest or an 1897 Sweater. Complete the look with a versatile pair of Crevo Boots and you’re ready for fall activities!

If you want to go the more casual route, stick with your basic t-shirt or henley top. Next, throw on some comfortable joggers and a classic beanie from CC Beanie or The North Face. Then, bring the look together with a pullover from Free Nature, a lined denim jacket from Brooklyn Cloth, or an ultra-cozy sherpa pullover from True Grit.


Voila! It really is that easy. We hope you have found some inspiration for your (or your hubby’s) looks for fall! You can shop men’s styles online or in your local Glik’s store! Need even more style inspiration? Check out the looks we put together on Glik’s Official Instagram.

Happy shopping!

How To: Men’s Fall Fashion

What to Wear on a Fall Date


Oh the crisp, cool weather has finally arrived. That means it’s finally an appropriate time to bring out all things autumn and start thinking about those fun fall date ideas! Whether you’re going to grab coffee and donuts, go pumpkin picking and get lost in the corn maze, visit a haunted house, or attend a football game, your outfit has got to be ON POINT. So, guys and gals, we are here to give you a lead on what to wear for any of these occasions!

////Let’s start with the ladies…

Fall weather means light (or in some cases heavy) layers and cozy fabrics.  We have been receiving SO many cute and comfortable (and affordable!) sweaters lately, that it is so hard to just choose one or two.  With styles from brands like Wishlist, Lovestitch, Elan, and Miracle, you’ll be sure to find a few that fit what you’re searching for! With sweater trends being so big right now, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. THAT’S NORMAL.

Our favorites right now are buttery soft cardigans and light thermal shirts.  The cardigans are great to wear over leggings and fashion sneakers by pairing with your favorite graphic tee underneath OR dress it up by wearing a bodysuit, your Kancan denim jeans, and heeled booties! Thermal shirts are all the rave right now, so if you don’t already have one you definitely need to purchase yourself one right now! Waffle knit thermal shirts are a great basic that give a little more edge with the textured fabric.  The best part about our button down thermal shirt from Wishlist right now is that you can also wear it as a cardigan, SCORE!

When it comes to shoes and accessories, autumn is when it is time to shine.  The key is to find the most versatile, and comfortable, pair of boots or booties that will look fabulous with all of the sweaters you’re about to buy. 😉 And, you’re in luck because the shoe styles just keep rolling in and we are so in love with everything we have in stock right now! Depending on which type of date (day or night) you’re adventuring on, complete your look with accessories! Don’t be afraid to mix and match bralettes, beanies, scarves, and jewelry!

womens-date-ootd womens-date-ootd1

////And for the fellas…

Guys, we have to apologize to you for a sec. Every girl will tell you that, “guys have it easy when it comes to fashion!” Although that may be partially true, you men have a lot of expectations to live up to, especially when it comes to fall style! We are here to tell you exactly what to wear (so you aren’t panicking about what to wear 10 minutes before you have to pick up your date).

Invest in a few quality, flannel, button down shirts. These will soon be your favorite clothing item (besides that beloved pair of gym shorts you’ve had for years). If it’s chilly outside, layer up with a fashionable vest or sweater! You will receive style points, we promise. A nice, well fitting pair of denim will go a long way.  Check out the many denim jean styles we have for men from 1897 Denim, Silver Jeans, and Axel Jeans! Complete the look with a nice pair of brown boots, a leather belt, and a watch, and you’re ready to enjoy your date with confidence!


Check out how we love to style our    fall fashion on our Instagram!

What to Wear on a Fall Date

1897 Men’s Club Shorts


With the popularity of Southern Prep trends, it is important that every man has what it takes to pull off the preppy look. 1897 Men’s Club Shorts are a must-have for the spring and summer.

Flat Front Shorts Men's Club shorts

1897, our house brand, has designed men’s flat front shorts in a variety of trendy colors, including gray, salmon, and mint.

Flat Front Shorts

The club shorts can be worn to satisfy the preppy look. When paired with button-up shirts, t-shirts, and polos, these 1897 Men’s Club Shorts can complete the Southern Prep look.

Navy Club Shorts Salmon Flat Front Shorts Salmon Club Shorts White club shortsMen's Club ShortsGray Club Shorts

Check out more from our 1897 Men’s House Brand.

1897 Men’s Club Shorts

Glik’s 1897 Jeans for Men | Denim Fit Guide

gliks -1897-denim

Which Men’s 1897 jean is right for you? Glik’s in-house exclusive brand 1897 Denim has a plethora of washes and styles that will fit just about any man. We’ll show you the ins and outs of our three basic 1897 denim fits for this fall.



1897 Original Straight Fit Jeans for Men

With the smallest leg opening and slimmer fit through the torso, the 1897 Men’s Original Straight Fit Jeans are perfect for the more fashion conscious male that appreciates a great fitting denim. It has a lower rise than the other two 1897 Jeans and a slimmer leg all around.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 16.25 16.5 16.75 17 17.25 17.5 18 18.5



1897 Original Bootcut Jeans for Men

With a subtly wider leg and higher front rise, these Men’s bootcut jeans are a bit more relaxed with an inch added to the leg opening and front rise. The 1897 Men’s Original Bootcut Jeans are a middle ground between the Original Straight and Loose Straight Jeans. The bootcut jean will look great whether you’re an everyday tee wearing male or button-down shirt kind of guy.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 17.25 17.5 17.75 18 18.25 18.5 19 19.5



1897 Loose Fit Straight Leg Jeans for Men

The most casual and asked about denim style we have is the 1897 Men’s Loose Fit Straight Jeans. With a fit similar to the Silver Jeans Gordie style, this 1897 jean is our most relaxed style and is very generous to movement. The front rise is longer than the Original Straight and shorter than the Original Bootcut, creating a happy medium between the two. Although this is a straight jean, the leg width of the bottom is slightly wider than the men’s bootcut jean and is roomier through the lap and rear. Perfect for the more active daily denim wearer, the 1897 Men’s Loose Fit Straight Leg Jean is our most universal style.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 18.25 18.5 18.75 19 19.25 19.5 20 20.5



Glik’s 1897 Jeans for Men | Denim Fit Guide

Introducing Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Premium Denim

It is the most coveted item in your wardrobe. You spend an eternity in dressing rooms trying on pair after pair to find The One. You are searching for “the perfect jean.”


No worries fellas, we have them right here at Glik’s!  You may feel out of your element when trying to shop for the perfect denim, especially with the many different fabrication, wash, and treatment terms that are out there. Confusing, right? Luckily, all of these choices guarantee that there is something out there for your body type as well as your style!

Here at Glik’s, we just released our exclusive 1897 Premium Denim Line. We are proud of our quality denim. It feels great, wears uniquely over time, and we offer it to you at an amazing price!


So what makes our denim premium? There are a few fabrication processes that our North American-made denim goes through that make it unique and durable for the customer (That’s you!).  Our 1897 Premium Denim is true premium denim, and here are a few reasons why:

1.  Higher quality denim fabrications are implemented.

  • Long ring-spun denim was originally used to manufacture denim up until the late 70’s when it was replaced with a less expensive process. Although it takes longer to create a ring-spun denim, a greater strength and softness is achieved in the process. Ring spun denim also has unique fabric characteristics that give the denim an uneven, yet authentic vintage appeal.
  • Crosshatch weaves create a grid-like pattern in the denim’s weave which is accomplished by mixing uneven warp and weft yarns (these are the yarns or threads that run up and down vs. left and right). Crosshatch denim is a rare type of denim that will develop a unique crisscrossed look as the denim wears and fades with use.

2.   The 1897 Premium Denim’s wash process is applied industrially and by hand.

  • Hand sanding and blasting are used to soften the fabric and create the “worn-in” look.  Either blasting sand at high pressure or simply brushing sandpaper-like material against the fabric by hand can be used to achieve this effect.
  • Mercerized treatments are applied in fabrication to add extra strength and luster to the fabric.


Our exclusive brand at Glik’s, 1897*, now has an affordable premium denim available in three different styles ensuring a perfect fit for every guy.

* Fun Fact: 1897 was the year Glik’s was born!

1. 1897 Premium Jeans–Ryan Straight

  • Straight Leg Opening
    • Jean is cut straight from knee to bottom of leg
  • Relaxed Fit
    • Sits below the natural waist
    • Roomy through seat and thigh


2.  1897 Premium Jeans–Weston Bootcut

  • Bootcut Leg Opening
    • Jean is slightly flared from knee to bottom of leg
  • Relaxed Fit
    • Sits below the natural waist
    • Roomy through seat and thigh


3. 1897 Premium Denim–James Straight

  • Straight Leg Opening
    • Jean is cut straight from knee to bottom of leg
  • Relaxed Fit
    • Sits below the natural waist
    • Roomy through seat and thigh


Look for these styles and other 1897 Denim in your local Glik’s store, in addition to

Introducing Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Premium Denim

1897: Denim Direction in 2013

It’s the NEW YEAR, and here at Glik’s we’re excited to be introducing new and improved styles from our exclusive brand, 1897 denim.


So what’s new for 2013?

– According to James Glik, Vice President, we should expect to see more styles made available in the Straight Fit group along with updated washes added to the best-selling Low-rise Bootcut fit option.


Along with the new washes, updated back pocket options will be made available. An improved core with a cleaner, western stitching design with be utilized on the back pockets of the 1897 jeans. This new design already has a name, known as the “Jim Pocket,” because the design is actually James Glik’s favorite stitch.


Why are we just so proud of 1897 Jeans?

 James Glik, Glik’s very own Vice President & Men’s Buyer:

“This brand is ours, and to date our customers really like what we’re doing with denim. We search the market for what we feel are the best manufacturers in each category that we introduce as “1897” exclusive: tees, wovens, denim, twill shorts, and sweaters. Only the best product is selected from every class, and we work with a different vendor for each.”

1897: Denim Direction in 2013

Show Me Your Style with Angela Bruening

Meet Angela.


Not only is she an Area Manager, Angela is also our resident “interior decorator” a.k.a. Visual Merchandiser for Glik’s. Her eye for fashion is equally rivaled (in talent) by her creative mind when it comes to help keeping our stores visually stimulating.

I sat down with this classy lady during the Holiday Regional meetings for a little Q & A and had a nice little chit-chat.

Me: So Angela, how would you describe your personal style?

Angela: I like to keep my style trendy, but age appropriate.

Me: What would you say is one thing that you can absolutely not live without this fall/winter season?

Angela:  My collection of UGG boots and Patagonia Better Sweater (so WARM). I love to be comfy.

Me: There are so many fun trends for this Holiday season. What is your favorite trend so far?

Angela: I love anything with a chevron print– such a classic pattern.

Me: Lastly, would you share with us what your top 3 picks are for this Holiday season?

Angela: Sure. I, of course, love high waist denim right now. It’s such a classic look and a higher waist gives the illusion of longer legs. I am also a HUGE fan of riding boots; pair them with skinny denim, a basic top and a scarf for a classic look that is so versatile. For the guys I would definitely have to suggest the 1897 Denim.

Show Me Your Style with Angela Bruening

1897 Shorts

Do you want to know what 1897 stands for? Here, let me tell you. 1897 stands for 114 years of quality customer service and premium merchandise provided by yours truly, Glik’s.

A proud family owned and operated mid-western company; Glik’s has been providing exceptional apparel for quite a few years. So, with all this experience in fashion it was a logical choice to create a brand that provided nothing but tailored fits at an affordable price.

Thus, 1897 was born in 2010 and has producing such great men’s apparel as denim jeans, superior cotton tees, and always a summer favorite, shorts.

Let’s start out with this oh-so fresh so clean Flat Front Twill short from 1897, available in washes like putty as well as tobacco. This durable, yet comfortable men’s canvas short with flat front and fun preppy belt is a favorite among guys and this style is a Glik’s best seller! The 1897 Flat Front Twill short is perfect for that guy that likes a simple, yet classic style short for his everyday activities, as golf match, or to even wear out and about on a warm summer evening.

1897 also provides the always popular Solid Canvas Cargo short. This canvas short with cargo pockets on each leg is a man’s best friend. The multi functional pockets provide actual storage space for anything a man’s heart desires during the summer. The 1897 canvas cargo shorts are the closest thing that you’ll get to a man’s purse. Nothing for him to hold in his hands—no problem!

So, you’re also a fan of plaid? That’s great! 1897 has you covered in that short department as well!

1897 Plaid Flat Front Short

1897 Plaid Cargo Short

Put a little prep into your step when you wear the 1897 Plaid short available in both flat front and cargo styles! Pair these plaid shorts with your favorite polo for a golf scramble with the guys or a premium cotton tee for an everyday casual comfort like the 1897 tee that is available in both crew and V-necklines as well as in different colors.

1897 Basic V-Neck Tee

1897 Basic Crew T-shirt

After over 114 years of bringing you big city fashion, with small town service, I think you can be assured that Glik’s knows what they’re doing. Don’t forget that you can find 1897 available at any of your local Glik’s stores or online at

1897 Shorts