Fall Piko Clothing: Get It Here First

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Piko Clothing, now is definitely your chance! Year round I adore Piko Clothing and I’m so excited to share with you new styles for fall that were early released at Glik’s! The latest craze in fashion, these Piko Tops are effortlessly stylish, comfy and affordable! Piko Clothing’s unique combo that has shoppers eager to buy. Most styles are made out of bamboo, making them feel cool to the touch, irresistibly soft and eco-friendly! Piko Clothing is a staple in every woman’s closet and the brand has diversified themselves by constantly evolving their styles. Once you try their product, you will want every style and color! Piko tops and dresses are great because of their signature loose fitting silhouettes. The silhouettes are loose fitted, yet still flattering on any woman. For the fall, they have transitioned into new fabrics to create a comfortable, stylish line of sweaters. Piko Ponchos, Piko Cardigans, and Piko Sweaters are only some of the new designs for the Fall Piko Clothing line. Their new designs are perfect for office wear or spruced up with a sparkly statement necklace for a girl’s night out!

How to Style Fall Piko Clothing:


piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, red piko top, piko sweater,
Piko V-Neck Tunic Sweater in the color Raspberry
Office Style, piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, grey piko top, piko sweater,
Piko Clothing Scoop Neck Sweater in Heather Grey

When the days become a little more chilly Piko shirts are the perfect companions for blanket scarves. Whether you are spending time picking pumpkins, or cheering on your favorite football team, Fall Piko Clothing is a must have! Piko tops and dresses have tight fitted sleeves, which are flattering, along with a light weight fabric which makes it easy to move around in. Fall colors like burgundy and mustard yellow make it easy to represent your favorite team, while still looking stylish at your tailgates!

Blanket Scarf, Piko, Fall Piko, Black Piko, Piko Tops, New Piko, piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, red piko top, piko sweater,
Piko Sweater Cardigan in the color Black
Game day, Piko, Piko Game Day, New Piko, Fall Piko, Piko Poncho,piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, red piko top, piko sweater, Black Piko, Black Poncho
Piko Poncho in the color Black Marl


Finally, Piko is perfect for the easy going effortless look! Piko can transition from day to night by just adding a few accessories or a Wishlist lace bralette! Piko is perfect for a day out shopping with girlfriends, or when trying to impress a special someone on a first date. Piko has a sweet and feminine charm that everyone can respect.


Shopping, Army Green, Piko, Piko Dresses, Piko Long Sleeve,piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, red piko top, piko sweater,
Piko Clothing Long Sleeve Swing Dress in the color Army Green


Date Night,piko tops, piko Shirts, piko Clothing, Piko Shirt, Piko Top, piko sweaters, red piko top, piko sweater,
Piko Clothing Long Sleeve Swing Dress in Dark Maroon


Be the first to get these styles and much much more at http://www.gliks.com/Default.aspx!

Fall Piko Clothing: Get It Here First

Introducing POL Clothing

WHo is POL?

POL is one of the hottest brands currently and is selling out in all Glik’s stores. Conceptualized in Los Angeles, CA., POL clothing started with humble beginnings from 2009 as a wholesale manufacturer and has blossomed since. POL is versatile, comfortable, and most importantly stylish. Regardless of age or style, POL capitalizes on everything that is trendy. POL has numerous styles ranging from tanks to dresses and cardigans. They are made out of soft fabrics and are dyed with a unique wash. Some of the most popular colors include: black, olive green, red brick, and ivory. Some designs include lace, added pockets and embroidery. POL is great for day to night outfits or just a casual outing. Here is a little outfit inspiration and reasons why we love POL! 🙂


POL Tanks

POL baby-doll tanks are one of their most well-known styles. They are cute, comfy, and are perfect for any woman. With unique colors, styles, and trims; baby-doll tanks are a hit! POL baby-doll tanks pair well with jeans, shorts, and leggings. Also add a long fringe necklace for an added feminine touch.

POL tunics, POl tops, POL design, POL, POL dresses, POL clothing wholesale, Womens tunics, tunics
POL baby-doll tank in the color Strawberry

 POL Three QUARTERED sleeve

These shirts are perfect for comfy fall nights. They pair well with blanket scarfs and skinny jeans for a stylish fall look. They have small detailed trim for a feminine touch and have a Bohemian feel to them with their bell sleeves. Our favorite way to pair them is with leather black shorts or joggers.


POL wholesale clothing, POL, POL design, POL dresses, POL tunics, POL, womens tunics, tunics
POL Quarter Sleeve Baby-Doll top in Black

POL Dresses

POL dresses are cute and comfy! They have the same baby-doll shape as the tanks, yet are slightly more feminine. They come in swing dress designs, as well as long maxi dress designs. They also have the same lace trim detail and unique stone wash look to them. Our favorite way to wear them is with a bright colored bralette and gladiator sandals! A great way to get this look would be pairing the MIA Tall Devi Gladiators with the POL dresses.


MIA, Gladiator, Gladiator Sandals, POL Wholesale clothing, POL Design, POL Dresses, POL Tunics, Womens Tunics
MIA Gladiator Sandals
POL Wholesale clothing, POL Dresses, POL Design, POL, Tunics, Womens Tunics
POL Baby-doll dress in the color grey


POL Tunics

POL womens tunics are perfect for the festival goer! They are embroidered with colorful stitching and have an added tassel for an overall boho look. They pair well with shorts or jeans. For a fun way to dress up women’s tunics, add a felt sun hat and gladiator sandals, or for your more classic women’s, tunic look add some colorful denim like these styles from Flying Monkey!


POL wholesale clothing, POL, Womens tunics, POL Design, POL Dresses
POL Tunic in White
Flying Monkey, Flying Monkey Denim, Colored Denim, POL wholesale clothing, POL Design, Tunics, Womens Tunics
Flying Monkey Denim in Pink


POL Cardigans

Finally, one of POL’s most feminine styles is their short sleeve backless cardigan. the cardigan is just a soft and comfortable as the rest of their pieces, but has a sweet backless detail. This little detail brings a big punch when it comes to style. It can turn any daytime outfit into the perfect going out outfit, and make any casual outfit a little bit sweeter! We recommend pairing them with racerback lace bralettes from Wishlist and denim for a cool street-style look.


POL wholesale clothing, POL, POL design, Womens tunics, Olive green
POL backless cardi in olive green

POL clothing, POL dresses, Wishlist, POL design, Womens tunics

wishlist, bralette, pol wholesale clothing, POL design, wishlist lace bralettes
Wishlist Bralette in White

Find all these styles and much more at http://www.gliks.com

Introducing POL Clothing

Fast Fashion: A Style Evolution

“Fast Fashion” is a new term that the fashion industry is using lately. It is changing the way consumers shop and the way retailers stock their shelves. Fast Fashion is more than just a movement, but it is causing an economic shift. However, many do not know what it even means. Retailers are able to quickly react to the popularity of certain items, and are able to hold back on items that do not do so well. Fast Fashion also allows customers to create their own sense of personal style because they are able to test out a large variety of fast fashion items.

fast fashion, fashion forward, faster fashion
Photo credit: TAMTEX

Displaying Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.13.22 AM.pngThe Process of Fast Fashion

Recently, our intern had the opportunity to study abroad in China and do research on the process of fast fashion. While in China, she observed fabric markets, fabric mills, production factories, showrooms, and finally in store layouts. Fast Fashion excels because the production line in short. One factory in China, had a production turn around of less than 30 days. This time period allowed the brand to excel and gain profit quickly, because they reacted to their customers needs quickly.

Fast Fashion
A Production Factory in China
Fast Fashion
The Final Product

The Outcome of Fast Fashion

Due to Fast Fashion stores are able to produce and sell the trendiest outfits. There is now slight competition for who can get the product out first, however, it also allows stores to re-brand themselves constantly. Stores are able to have numerous styles in stock, with different colors, and different patterns. Furthermore, the consumer is able to be any style of shopper she wants.

Check out these fast fashion styles at http://www.gliks.com!

Fast Fashion, pol, boho
POL Baby-Doll Tank in Black
Everly Clothing Floral Print Dress
Everly Clothing Floral Print Dress
Vanilla Bay Kaleidoscope Skirt
Vanilla Bay Kaleidoscope Skirt
WIshlist Bralette
WIshlist Bralette
Fast Fashion: A Style Evolution

Glik’s Freshman Survival Guide: Tips for Your First Year of College

Photo c/o SIUE Alumni Association Facebook Page

College can be the most exciting and terrifying experience of your life, especially your freshman year! It’s the first time in your life that you almost have complete and total freedom and your only real responsibility is to make good grades. There is no avoiding the bumps in the road that lay ahead of you in your first year of college but here are some tips for your first year of college to make the transition smoother:

Photo c/o Pinterest

Five Tips for Surviving your Freshman Year of College:

  1. Get to Know Your Professors: It’s important to establish relationships with your professors early on so you have time to build and make those relationships throughout college. These professors can provide recommendations and advice and help you form connections around your campus and community.
  2. Don’t party too hard: It’s easy to get too crazy your first year of college. You’re independent and free from your parents. But remember why you’re paying for college. If you party on the weekends, make sure you have time for yourself, your academics, and other campus activities.
  3. Leave your dorm room: Though it is tempting to spend hours on end watching Netflix in your dorm, there comes a time when you need to leave your room. Mingle with your fellow classmates and attend campus events with people, even if it’s not up your alley. It gives you an excuse to be exposed to the campus culture and a lot more people you may not have met otherwise.
  4. Explore the Town Around You: There’s tons to do wherever your college is located and each place offers its own charms and quirks – don’t wait until your senior year to find out what your area has to offer because by that time it could be too late.
  5. Get involved: College clubs are like a buffet; you can try a bit of everything before you select the main event. This is your time to explore without judgment. Who knows? You may just fall in love with something you never dreamed of–like the rowing team.

Not only do you need to be mentally prepared for college but your closet may need some as well to keep you prepared whether it rains, snows, or shines!

Must Have Clothing for College:

A Go-To Short

Every girl needs a good pair of shorts, especially at the beginning of the school year and sometimes into the fall. You never know if the air will work in your dorm or when the weather will fluctuate at the drop of a hat.


Dress it Up

A cute white dress is crucial to your closet for casual weekend attire. And if you plan to rush for a sorority on your campus, white dresses are an initiation must have. Pick one up now because after the summer is over they are nearly impossible to find!


A Universal Jacket

How warm is your winter coat? On most college campuses you’ll need more that a jacket. Make sure you have a well-insulated jacket with a hood to stay warm on your long treks across the quad in chilly weather.


Comfortable Boots

Have you found your go-to boots? A nice pair of warm boots is a must-have for keeping warm during the long winter season. Look for a pair with good traction to keep you on your feet during icy weather.


Heels for Going Out

No matter the weather a great pair of heels is always a girl’s best friend, especially when you rush home from the library from a long study session for a night out on the town!


Oversized Tee

Finally, grab a cute and comfy shirt for those days where it is nearly impossible to drag yourself out of bed in time for class. A great relaxed t-shirt can really save your morning.



Guest Blogger: Beth Frazier


Glik’s Freshman Survival Guide: Tips for Your First Year of College

Glik’s Stylist Pick: High Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are trending this season and these aren’t your momma’s high-waisted shorts. These are fast-trending, eye-popping, waist-hugging shorts in just about every fabric and print.


 There’s nothing hotter than a pair of shorts that look like they have been man-handled by Edward Scissorhands and Freddy Krueger. Destructed denim is one of the hottest looks you can have in your closet.


1.    Love You to ShredsIMG_8280

I have a number of favorite styles, but my personal favorite is the destructed denim short. Also check out the Vibrant high-waisted bleached denim shorts. I paired my shorts with a simple white tank but another trendy way to highlight your high rise shorts is to pair them with a crop top.

 2 You Look “Studding” TodayIMG_8285 (2)

IMG_8327Studs can change the look of the average denim short to something completely stunning. These ultra-girly high rise shorts have amazing fraying at the hem and a fold over pocket with gold studs on the back. These Vibrant brand bottoms look great with a classic style women’s T-shirt and don’t forget to accessorize.


 3. Live Laugh Love and Lace


Lace and crochet insets are lovable styles. Their sweet and intricate detailing makes them a sweet style to have for spring. You can pair these shorts with a simple shirt and a Fedora style hat for a bit of extra fun.



4. Sailing the High-Rise Tide


IMG_8326Sailor styles are taking the spring season by storm. Get blown away with these high-waisted printed shorts. When wearing printed bottoms you want to make them your focal point by pairing the shorts with a simple top. You can also style your nautical-inspired shorts with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and a maritime style scarf.


 5. Festive Flower-patterns



Look a little vintage with Woodstock style frocks.  These high rise shorts from Machine are perfect for your inner hipster. I paired these boho friendly shorts with a spring fringe cardigan and a yellow tank.  Gliks.com also has many other styles like the coral high waisted shorts.



These are all of my personal favorites and how I would style them. Now, I want to see which high waisted shorts are your favorite? Take a selfie in your favorite style and tag Gliks on Instagram and Facebook. Not up for taking a selfie? Feel free to post your styling tips in the comments of this blog.







Glik’s Stylist Pick: High Waisted Shorts

How to Pack for Spring Break

The most highly anticipated season of major fun and partying is upon us. Spring break! Packing for play time is no game. Guys, you may think you have it easy when it comes to packing. But just because you may not need the hair tools, makeup bags, and emergency manicure kit, there are still some spring break necessities you must pack. I’m going to give you the ultimate Spring Break Checklist to keep you stylish and ready for swimming, partying, ice-cold drinks, and having the time of your life.

One of the most important items on your checklist: swim attire. What’s the point of going to a spring break destination and not dipping into the water?

1. Boardshorts:

You must pack a couple pair of swim trunks that are fashionable and versatile. Having two pair gives you the option to alternate between styles and always have a clean pair on hand. When packing for spring break not just any old boardshort will do; you have to look stylish and have the right fit.

IMG_8034The Hurley Phantom boardshort is the boardshort of the year. The construction of this men’s swimming short has been patented so only Hurley can offer such a unique and high performing style of water short. From its laser cut design and bonded seams, you will find that these shorts are more like a second skin. The innovative creation of this boardshort makes it comfortable and lightweight. Life is better in Hurley Phantom boardshorts, so check out the variety of colors and prints available at your local Glik’s.

Did you know?: The Hurley boardshort is made from recycled material. It takes twelve bottles to make one boardshort. Who doesn’t love a product that is eco-friendly and stylish?

The other trendy and high quality men’s boardshort you should pack for your swimming pleasure is one of the styles offered by Fox Racing.IMG_8084The Foxhead Company Overhead Boardshorts will have the beach babes head over heels. With their sublimated graphics, superior craftsmanship, and slim fits you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. No wonder professional wake athletes Dieter Humpsch and Reed Hanson love performing in their Fox Racing boardshorts.


Your lodging amenities will probably include a surplus of towels but nothing is better than having your own. This Pabst Blue Ribbon Beach Towel will look great with these PBR boardshorts and tees.


Check out the other brands and styles of boardshorts we have available at Gliks.com and your local Glik’s.

2.   Shirts:

Having a variety of shirts is essential.  Men’s classic style V-neck tees are great to have because of their versatility. 1897 tee shirts come in a variety of prints and are made with soft and comfortable fabrics. When you’re hanging poolside or barbequing on the deck, pair your tee with boardshorts for a casual and cool look.


Wear a stylish men’s 1897 tank with khaki shorts and your ready for a day by the water.

3.     Shoes:

Before adventuring out on spring break make sure you pack comfortable shoes. For comfort while strolling on the boardwalk pack a pair of Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals for men. Don’t forget your Sperry Top Sider shoes for those nights out.


Fun Fact: Sanuk Sandals are made from yoga mats. No wonder they have unmatched comfort.

4.     Sunscreen

Don’t be a bum when you’re lying in the sun. Lay on the Sun Bum.

photo 1 (3)

Don’t Forget: There is nothing more important than protecting your skin.

5.     Forget Me Not Items i.e. Accessories:

Let’s not forget the small items that every guy needs, not just on spring break, but practically every day. Look chic and mysterious or hide your tired eyes with some sunglasses.


Keep the sun off your head by sporting a stylish cap.

Get your vibe going with your favorite playlist.


The ultimate spring break checklist must include the most essential item to help keep your beverages cold. The Burton Beeracuda Throwback is an over the shoulder beer holder with an insulated sleeve. Whether you pick a one sleeve holder or a double sleeve, you will want to double-check that you have one with you.

IMG_8109 (1)

De facto fashion tip: It’s the small things in life that matter, so accessorize.

How to Pack for Spring Break

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken: Unique Style Blog

There truly is nothing better than being you. You are a smart, funny, and beautiful individual with a style that is uniquely your own. And when you spend hours picking out an outfit that makes you look your best, there is sometimes nothing worse than walking into a room only to experience a “She Stole My Look” moment. Instead of dashing away for a wardrobe change (as we all sometimes wish we could do) you could instead add some distinctive touches to make the outfit your own.

Be Yourself with Our BB Dakota Coat

To demonstrate how to do this, I challenged two ladies who I work with at Gliks.com to wear the same outfit as me. I chose an item that everyone needs, loves, and is a season perennial: the undisputed jacket! It is the best outerwear to throw on in any season or for any event, not just for fashion but to wear if you’re heading to the movies or out in the rain. The Caitlin Jacket by BB Dakota is my new favorite jacket because of its military detailing and because it can be paired with several different looks.

Let’s check out how Kim, Jenna & I styled the BB Dakota Caitlin Jacket 3 different ways:

  • The Classy Classic:

kim 1

Kim’s classic look is simple and appealing. She wore this military jacket with the sleeves of her shirt rolled up over the jacket sleeves. Her jeggings are tucked into her fashion riding boots and she accessorized with a long necklace and some cute bangles.

  •  Livin’ on the Edge: 


Jenna’s look is chic rocker girl. If you’re heading to a concert and want to make heads turn, pair your BB Dakota Caitlin coat, with liquid leggings, a crop top, and fashion combat boots like Jenna wore. You’ll be signing autographs like a rock star in this trendy motif.

  • Prim & Polished

veronica mirror

I (Veronica) went for the prim & polished look which is great for ladies who love accessories. While I wore the same jacket as Kim and Jenna, I accessorized it with a scarf and scrunched up the sleeves. Just by throwing on a handful of bangles and a pair of preppy oxford shoes, I was able to achieve a look that was my personality, yet looked completely different from what Kim and Jenna wore.

So the next time we all show up in the same outfit, which happens more than you’d think in our office, we can be confident that each of our looks is unique enough to stand on its own. No more “Oh, look We’re Twinkies today!” around here.


Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken: Unique Style Blog

Glik’s @ the Keep A Breast Tent – Warped Tour 2011

Glik’s was able to attend the St. Louis stop on the Vans Warped Tour again this year!  I was able to volunteer my time at the Keep A Breast Tent along with Tierney and Heather.  This cause means a lot to all of us, so we were very excited to donate our time.

Tierney, me and Heather in the KAB tent.

For those of you who don’t know what Keep A Breast is, they are the foundation that sells the I Love Boobies bracelets, tees and lanyards that we have at Glik’s.  Keep A Breast’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer by informing young people across the nation about prevention, early detection and support.  They are an awesome group filled with tons of great people that we had the pleasure to work with. 

Throughout the day, we were able to spread awareness through education and selling KAB products, all of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.  Tierney and I helped with the “Imagine If..” campaign, a campaign through KAB where we challenged people to imagine a world without cancer.  People were able to finish the sentence “Imagine if there was no cancer..” on a white board and then have their photo taken for the KAB Facebook page, which you can check out here.

Also in the KAB tent, called the Girls Garage, was the Non Toxic Revolution, which raises awareness about toxins and how they relate to cancer, and how to eliminate them in our world.  We are Warped was also there selling jewelry and t-shirts.

Throughout the day we met some amazing people who had inspiring stories to tell.  I talked to a few people who had experienced cancer through friends, family and a few of them who had been through it themselves.  They were eager to share their stories about hope, loss and victory.  One of the main messages they were sending out was the message that, no matter what is going wrong in your life, you are not alone. 

We were also able to hear some great bands.  Our tent was right next to one of the stages.  A few of our favorites included Veara and Dance Party, along with the Brothers of Brazil, who performed an acoustic set right in the Girls Garage! 

It was a long, hot day, but we all had a great time.  It was an awesome experience to hear so many inspiring stories and meet so many fantastic people.  


Didn’t make it to Warped Tour but want to support the KAB cause and purchase some I Love Boobies gear?  We carry the merch in select stores, as well as online at www.gliks.com.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Glik’s @ the Keep A Breast Tent – Warped Tour 2011

Check out my Toms! – Summer Intern Kara

My family and I went to the Toms Style Your Sole event at the Glik’s location in Edwardsville this past Saturday to check it out.  SYS was a HUGE success.  Each customer who bought a pair of Toms was given the chance to get them customized by one of six local artists.  This event was awesome because, not only were customers helping out a child in need, they got a sweet pair of custom shoes as well.

Toms is a One for One company.  For every pair of shoes purchased, Toms donates a pair of shoes to someone in need.  Did you know that 40 out of 100 people around the world don’t have shoes?  This is a startling statistic and the very reason Toms is such a great company.

My mom, my sister and I decided to get a pair.  Picking out our shoes was fairly easy.  I wanted canvas, mainly because I liked the idea of the artist having a blank canvas to work with.  My sister got black and my mom got navy blue.  The hard part was deciding how to style our shoes.

The artists were fantastic, and it was really difficult to decide what to put on our shoes because they were all so talented and could do just about anything you wanted (realistically speaking).

In the end, what we each decided on depicted our styles and our personalities perfectly.

My mom went with a simple flower design.  Her style is pretty yet simple, and she wanted something that was fun but would go with most of her clothes.

My sister absolutely loves zebra print.  If you can buy something in zebra print, she probably has it.  She also loves bright, neon colors, specifically neon green.  Her style is more funky and modern and full of bright colors.  These shoes are perfect for her.


My style changes every day, but if you look through my closet you would know that summer is just about my favorite thing.  I live for summer and the easy style that comes with it.  Most of my clothes are light and airy with a variety of colors.  I always find ways to sneak my summer tops into winter outfits by layering them.  So, it makes sense that the design I was drawn to was a large summer flower in purple with pink and yellow highlights.  While my sister is obsessed with all things zebra print, I am the same way with the color purple.  I love my shoes so much I don’t know if I will ever take them off.

Want to come get a pair of customized Toms?  We are having two more Style Your Sole events at two of our other Glik’s locations!  The next one will be in Traverse City, Michigan on July 2nd.  Our final SYS will be in Charlevoix, MI on July 16th.

How would YOU style your Toms?

Check out my Toms! – Summer Intern Kara

Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model Update!

We have extended the deadline for the Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model search!  The deadline was tomorrow, but because of the popularity of the contest we have extended it another TWO WEEKS!  The new deadline is Friday, August 13th.

For those of you who didn’t read my last post about the contest, let me catch you up. 

Glik’s is hosting a contest on our Facebook page searching for the best Glik’s outfit.  All you have to do is pick out your favorite outfit from Glik’s, model it and snap a quick picture.  Then upload it onto the event  page along with your name, where you’re from, and a list of the products you are wearing.

Also, we have decided to let YOU help us choose the winner.  Vote for your favorite outfit by “liking” their picture on the event page.  Let your voice be heard!

Have some fun with this!  Invite friends over for a photo shoot.  Have a clothes swap and put together outfits for each other, then vote for each other on FB.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what you are fighting for.  You’re prize will be a $25 gift card to Glik’s and your photo will be the profile picture for the Glik’s FB page for a week.  Can’t wait to see all of your awesome outfits!

Glik’s Next Top Facebook Model Update!