How to Update Your Closet for 2019

How to update your closet for the new year

2019 is here. Resolutions for the new year have been made. But did you forget about your closet?? There are so many different ways in order to make this year a brand-new start, and we should be taking our clothes into consideration too. When looking over your wardrobe, ask yourself these seven simple questions and you’ll be able to refresh your threads in no time!

First, let’s start out easy. Ask yourself, “Does this fit?” If not, it’s time for that piece of clothing to move on to another chapter of life that doesn’t involve sitting in your closet. In some cases, we keep clothes that used to fit in order to inspire us to fit into them again in the future. If this sounds like you, don’t worry!  Just find a storage container that will fit every item that is your goal size, and put them away in order to make room for the clothes your current, beautiful self needs to wear today. Be present, and wear what makes you feel great right now. You might wear those clothes again some day, but now is the time to get all of those distractions out of your closet!

Second question: “Have I worn this in the last 12 months?” Take a moment to remember all of your favorite moments from 2018. If you can’t remember wearing that pair of old jeans over the course of the past year, then you probably won’t wear them this year either, or the next, or the next, or the next! It’s time to say goodbye to what you don’t wear so you can say hello to what you will.

Next, ask yourself, “Is it likely that I will ever wear this again?” During your reminiscing time from the last question, you might remember wearing that wool sweater this past fall. But you only wore it for one evening because it was kind of itchy… And what about that dress you wore to your cousin’s themed wedding? Put yourself in your own shoes from tomorrow. Would that person wear that top? Why not? Will they ever…. EVER wear that top again? If not, it’s time for that top to stop, and leave the party.

“Is this currently in style, and/or does this still accurately represent my style?” is next question to ask. Even if you don’t really know what your “look” or “style” is yet, that’s totally fine. Style is ever-changing, and so are you! If you see something in your drawers that doesn’t represent who you want to be, then it’s time to get rid of it and refresh for the present you that you are.

The fifth question to ask is: “If this is damaged in any way, will I actually make the effort to get it repaired?” I know I’m guilty of keeping sweaters with holes, or shirts with missing buttons in hopes of fixing them and rocking them in the future. Take the time today to reassess these items. Revisit whether these clothes are able to be fixed, and whether you love them enough to complete that task and complete the dream look you were waiting on.

Time for question number six: “If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?” Pretend your closet is a pop-up boutique, and that everything is on sale for five dollars a piece. If you’re looking at a pair of shoes in your closet that you wouldn’t even pay five dollars for at a store… WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THEM?? Those items should furthermore be discontinued from your collection because they soooo last year, and now you’ll have room for new faves!

You’ve made it to the last question! All that’s left to ask yourself is, “Do I feel confident when I wear this?” This might feel like a tough question, so you might need some help in order to find your answer. After you’ve worked through your yes and no pile, get some friends together to help you decide on your maybe’s with a fashion show starring YOU! Make sure you pick friends that will be honest about what they think, and you should keep track of how you really feel and how excited you are to show these pieces off to your best friends. If you’re not confident enough to wear them in front of your friends, you probably won’t be wearing that item anywhere else, so it should be moved to the no pile.

Guess what?… You’ve completed a clean-up on aisle CLOSET! Now you’re all set to start out 2019 with space for all the new items you’ll fall in love with this year. Now you won’t be burdened with the bundles of clothes that should stay in the past! If you don’t have a plan for the items you’re not keeping, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are always looking for donations. No matter what size your get-rid-of pile is, donating your old clothes is super easy! Someone in need might LOVE the items that you would never wear again, and you’ll feel great starting off the year by giving back.

Now that you’re done, if you’re already itching for new items to fill in the gaps, check out our newest arrivals on for inspiration. Here’s to starting out 2019 with a new year of new fashion!

How to Update Your Closet for 2019

Halloween Costume Ideas 2018


Halloween is quickly approaching (yet again) so now is the time to get your costume ready! This year, we are rounding up a few of our favorite Halloween looks! The best part is you can shop all of these looks at Glik’s! (online and in store) You’ll be sure to wear all of these pieces in your wardrobe anyways, so why not have a little fun and make a costume out of them?! Keep reading to see five head-to-toe costumes we got ready for you.

1. Angel


For this classic pick of good versus evil on Halloween, we decided to go the Angel route. However, we stepped this classic costume up a notch by making it super trendy!  Pair an extremely comfortable suede skort with this contrast faux fur sweater! Dress it up with a pair of nude heels or go the casual route with flats or sneakers! Finish off the look with a halo, wings, or any other accessories you love, find your Devil, and you’re ready to face whatever the night brings you.

2. Military


Combat the night with this camouflage look! This go-to costume is great for a last minute idea since camo clothing is totally in right now. We paired our Kancan Jeans Camouflage Moto pants with a cropped camouflage crew neck sweatshirt! Comfortable, stylish, and you’ll be sure to wear the pieces on repeat. Finish the look with a versatile pair of combat boots! You could seriously play some Halloween pranks on your friends with this look, they won’t even see you coming! 😉

3. Cher from Clueless


Ugh, as if! This makeshift look was created for 90s babies. This plaid wrap skirt is a great excuse to buy that bodysuit you’ve been eyeing! Complete this iconic uniform with a yellow blazer and heels, and don’t forget Cher’s natural sass. Find your Dionne and you can rule the night in true style!

4.  Rainbow Brite


Okay now, this is what dreams are made of! Everyone is crushing on the rainbow trend currently and everyone loves a good throwback. Become the cute and magical Rainbow Brite herself with this multi-striped shredded sweater! We decided to rock a party pony with Teleties and threw in a wand for good measure.  Bonus points if you pair the top with rainbow tights, too!

5. Morton Salt Girl


Just like the Coppertone girl, the Morton Salt Girl will never go out of style. For this look, all you need is a yellow jumpsuit or dress, a pair of Converse, an umbrella, and Morton Salt for extra props! Cute, comfy, and you’ll be able to wear this jumper and tennies year round!

Which look will you be wearing for Halloween this year? Make sure to check out our new arrivals online or in your local Glik’s to find the perfect pieces for your DIY costume this Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

DIY Pom Pom Earrings


Who is ready for another DIY blog?! Today, we are going to be talking Pom Poms! Pom Pom accessories are one of my favorite things at the moment. Not only are they trendy, they are an easy way to make a plain outfit super loud and quirky. There are a couple different ways to do this trend and to make it your very own style.  I am going to show you two ways to make your very own pom pom earrings in less than 5 minutes each!

what you need

What you’ll need:

  • Pom poms (pre-made)
  • Yarn (to make your own poms)
  • Fork (to make your own poms)
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Post Earrings
  • 2” length of small chain
  • Needle
  • Embroidery Floss

Alrighty, now that we have everything we need it is time to get crafty. So since this DIY is so gosh darn simple we are going to be making two different kinds of pom pom earrings. One that is for beginner DIYers and then a slightly more difficult option.

Easy-peasy option: I bought some pre-made ones from a local Dollar Tree that came in a variety of colors so this is a good option if you don’t really want to make your own.


Slightly more effort option:  It is pretty easy to make your own pompoms with some yarn if you’re up for the challenge. I found a pretty simple way to make medium sized pom poms with just a fork. You just wrap the yarn around the fork about 20 times;  next, tie a piece in the center as tight as you can. Finally, cut the two sides and you are done. SIMPLE AS THAT FOLKS!



After you figured out your pom pom situation, take your pom pom, your hoop earring, and add a variety of pom poms. It’s up to you if you want to cover the whole thing in pom poms or just add a couple. Just find the center of your pom and thread it through with the back of the earring. That is all it takes for the hoop-pom pom earring style!  What I find fun about this DIY option is that you can make multiple colored poms and switch them out to match your outfits! Above you can see the easy and more difficult pom-pom options. For the pre-made pom poms, I just put a bunch on my earring hoop. For the homemade pom I went with just one simple pom on the hoop. Both are super cute way to add some color to your regular plain hoop earrings!


For another slightly more difficult option, grab a small 2 inch chain to put on the back of your earring post for a dangly-drop style earring. Thread your embroidery floss to your needle, find the center of your homemade pom and tie it up to the bottom chain. Then take the top of the chain, put it through whatever style of post earrings you want to wear that day and your ready to go! It really is that easy to make your own DIY Pom Pom earrings.

Let us know what other kind of DIY posts you would like to see! For even more cute accessories and all the latest trends, check out and for styling tips and tricks head to Gliks Official on Instagram!


DIY Pom Pom Earrings

DIY Embroidered Tee

DIY Embroidered T-Shirt

It has been a minute since we have done a D.I.Y. blog here at Glik’s, so for today’s post we are going to show you how easy it is to embroider a tshirt! Embroidered denim, shirts, shoes, etc. are such a trend right now, and you can totally make this trend your own personal style! You will be amazed with how easy it is to create a fashionable and unique piece with just about an hour of your time! So let’s get started on your own DIY embroidered tee!

How to Embroider a TSHIRT

What You’ll Need:

  • Plain t-shirt
  • Colorful thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Chalk/Pencil
  • An embroidery hoop (optional)
  • A design 

DIY Embroidered Shirt

To start off get whatever shirt in whatever color you like best! The thread and needle you can buy at any supermarket or craft store. Try to find embroidery thread, normal sewing thread will be too thin to really show up well on the shirt. I recommend breaking the thread up to two to three strands.

Embroidered DIY Shirt

Next, sketch out your design, pattern, icon etc. that you want to put on the shirt with some chalk. This will easily come out of the shirt when your are finished stitching.

DIY Embroidered Shirt

After you sketch out your design, get to stitching! An embroidery hoop is optional, but it will make this whole process easier, especially if you are new to sewing. Go over the lines as many times as you want to create the desired thickness for your design. The shirt we made here isn’t totally perfect, so to dazzle it up we added some colorful lines! 

Embroidered DIY Tee

DIY Embroidered Tee

TA DA! That’s all it takes to make a plain tee a cute and trendy tee that reflects your personal style! Hopefully, it is clear to see how easy it is to make whatever design you can dream up come to life with just a couple minutes of your time. Be sure to check out the Glik’s Official Instagram for styling tips and outfit inspiration!

DIY Embroidered Tee

How to Make a DIY Gold Sequin Hanger

New Year. New Closet.

As a typical New Year’s Resolution, I always promise to clean out my closet. I am a grade A clothes hoarder, no lie. I have a hard time parting with things because I can justify keeping almost anything and panic at the thought of missing an old item of clothing. Throw away floral palazzo pants that I’ve only worn once? But what if I get invited to brunch and want to wear them! Part with a sweater I haven’t worn in 2 years? But what if I change my mind! Cleaning my closet this season is a looming, but necessary evil that I must face. To cheer myself up, I’ve decided to find a way to celebrate the clothing I am letting myself keep. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found an inexpensive way to do this and have decided to make DIY Gold Sequin Hangers to hang my favorite pieces. I feel like displaying my clothing in a glam way will not only make my closet prettier, but also make my clothes feel a little more valuable. That and gold sequin covered anything makes me happy.

With that said, here is a super easy (and cheap) DIY Gold Sequin Hanger tutorial.


  • Materials
    • Wooden hanger
    • 3-6 yards of sequin ribbon
    • Tacky glue
    • Scissors
    • 1 Q-tip

I purchased all of materials at Walmart, but I’m sure you could find them at any other local craft store or big-box store.


  1. Dot several inches of tacky glue on the back side of one end of the ribbon. Wait a few seconds so the glue can become tacky before applying to the hanger.
  1. Starting at one end of the wooden hanger, firmly press the ribbon onto the wooden part and wrap going in an inward direction.

sequin hanger

*Helpful hint: Use the q-tip to wipe off any excess glue as you’re wrapping. You don’t want the glue to ooze through the ribbon and show on the outside.

  1. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the hanger while slightly overlapping the ribbon.

diy gold sequin hanger

*Helpful hint: Keep the sequin ribbon pulled taut while you wrap.

  1. If desired, cut small piece of the sequin ribbon and glue to each end of the hanger. This will cover any exposed wood.
  1. TADA! That’s literally it. Let the glue dry completely before showcasing your top or dress on your new sequin hanger!

diy glitter hanger

I hope that you and your closet find as much joy in the DIY Gold Sequin Hanger as I do!

How to Make a DIY Gold Sequin Hanger

Easy Dessert Recipe: No Bake Hot Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

no bake desserts

If you’re anything like me, the second you get invited to yet another holiday get-together, you start pondering what food you’re going to have to bring. The thought of having to actually cook/bake/make something that someone other than my husband will eat sends me into a minor panic. I’m the girl that forgot to add cheese to Buffalo Cheese Dip. The girl that didn’t realize you should drain the grease from hamburger meat before adding it to chili. When I say I can’t cook, I’m not just being modest. Even an easy dessert recipe can intimidate me.

I really have no idea

However, I’m also constantly pinning recipes to my Pinterest boards with the belief that I’ll, one day, change my undomesticated ways. When a potluck for work popped up this week, I decided that attempting a no bake dessert should be simple enough even I could handle it. If it turned out horribly, I could always run to the grocery store and fool my coworkers with something from the bakery.

The easy recipe I found is for a No Bake Hot Chocolate Cheesecake Dip. This simple dessert only calls for 6 ingredients and doesn’t require a lot of time.

hot chocolate cheesecake dip


  • One 8 oz. package cream cheese
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • ½ cup marshmallow fluff
  • 1 cup powdered hot chocolate mix
  • ¾ cup Cool Whip
  • 2-3 candy canes (crushed)

You’ll also need these:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Mixer
  • Spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Serving bowl and plate

Here’s all you do:

  1. Beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the Greek yogurt, marshmallow fluff, and hot chocolate mix. Beat again until fully mixed and fluffy.
  2. Fold in ½ cup of Cool Whip until fully mixed.
  3. Here, I transferred the dip from my mixing bowl to a nicer bowl for serving.
  4. Top with remaining Cool Whip and sprinkle with crushed candy canes.
  5. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

easy dessert recipe

Voilà! This easy dessert recipe makes about 2 cups and can be served with graham crackers, vanilla wafers, mini cookies, pretzels, or practically any other sweet treat.

Easy Dessert Recipe: No Bake Hot Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

How to Make a Gift Bag out of Wrapping Paper

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a crafty person. Personalized stockings? Don’t expect to get one from me. A wreath made entirely out of ornaments? No way, Jose. A homemade sugar scrub? Definitely not, but I will grab one for you at Sephora. Needless to say, I typically avoid the D.I.Y. category on Pinterest but when I saw a tutorial on how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper, I figured it was so easy even I could pull it off. Well, that and I could post it to if it turned out to be a total flop.

Not only is this D.I.Y. bag extremely easy to make, but it is also an easy way to save a few bucks around the holidays. Let’s face it, the prettiest bags are the most expensive and have such a high potential of being immediately thrown away that they sort of feel like a waste of $5. Wrapping paper is so much cheaper and you can get more bang for your buck if you make multiple gift bags from the same roll.

materials for diy gift bag

You’ll only need a few materials for this project including: scotch tape, scissors, ribbon, and your choice of wrapping paper.

Step 1.

You’ll need to decide how big you need your gift bag to be, depending on what you’re going to put in it. It’s better to overestimate than to have a bag that is too small. After you’ve rolled it out and decided how much to use, cut the wrapping paper to size.

*Helpful hint: when you roll the paper out, the shorter sides should be on the right and left. The longer sides should be at the top and bottom.

Step 2.

Place your wrapping paper face down (or pretty size down) on the table. Fold both sides until they meet in the middle. Pull them to slightly overlap each other and then tape the seam.

diy gift bag from wrapping paper

gift bag out of wrapping paper

Step 3.

Fold the bottom end of the wrapping paper up. If you want your bag to be a little taller, then keep the fold small. If you’d like a shorter bag then I recommend folding the bottom end to the center.

make your own gift bag

Step 4.

Separate the two sides of your newly created fold and flatten out the corners, creating a diamond. Fold in each side to the middle of the diamond and secure the seam with tape.

diy bag

make your own gift bag

gift bag out of wrapping paper

Step 5.

Stand up your bag and open it up! Cut ½” slits on the side creases and fold each side inward. Smooth the fold. Using a hole punch, punch holes for your ribbon handles.

diy holiday bag

easy diy crafts

bag out of wrapping paper

*Helpful hint: To make sure that your holes are even, punch holes on both sides of the paper. Carefully pull your ribbon through the holes.

diy christmas projects

simple diy crafts

Step 6.

Place your gift inside the bag and bam! Look at you go, you crafty rockstar you.

Need something more to put in that bag? Shop one size fits all giftables for guys and gals here!


How to Make a Gift Bag out of Wrapping Paper

Fashion Friday: DIY Fashion Emergency Kit

Happy Friday ladies! The weekend is here and if some of you are going out, you might have a fashion emergency on your hands. Disaster strikes when you least expect it, so we have a DIY Fashion Emergency Kit that you can put together yourself just in case. Here are some items to put in your fashion first aid kit!

1.) Nylon Stockingsnylon-stockings-590

Getting rid of deodorant lines and minor makeup stains is a breeze. Just take a pair of nylon panty hose and rub it off gently. You can recycle your old stockings or if you want to save space, you can keep the disposable nylon socks you use when trying on shoes in a store.

2.) Small Needle Nose Pliers2647S Close Up_mediumjpg

With the influx of jewelry we are accumulating, there is bound to be statement necklace or arm party mishap. Pinch that baby back shut and save your look for the day.

3.) Dryer Sheets1373904549_dryer-sheets-web

These are wonderful when trying to get rid of static in your hair or clothes. Gently rub yourself and get rid of clingy clothes and erratic hair.

4.) Wet Naps348461

Perfect for a quick shoe cleaning or makeup spot removal.

5.) Clear Nail PolishCC02ClearNail

Stop runs in your hosiery with clear nail polish. Dap it at the source and stop the run in its tracks.

6.) Black Permanent Markerurl

Hide nicks and scuffs on your heels and shoes with a permanent marker.

7.) Double Sided Tape51jkkqeZ+yL._SY300_

Double-sided tape is a great item to carry with you. Not only will it fix your hem or keep your neckline in place, double-sided tape is a great lint remover.

8.) Super Gluesuperglues1

Super glue dries fairly fast and can be used to fix your heel, reapply beading/sequins, and repair fashion jewelry.

9.) Small Sewing KitSewing-Kit-for-Christmas-Island

Buttons fall off. Straps break. Seams split. A sewing kit is a MUST HAVE for all fashion emergency kits.

10.) Stain Remover Pentide-to-go-stain-pen_071308

Need I say more?

What would you put in your Fashion First Aid Kit?

Fashion Friday: DIY Fashion Emergency Kit

How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem

how to hem your jeans using the original hem

Have you ever found that one pair of jeans that you want more than chocolate cake, only to discover in the dressing room that the legs are too long? With denim companies like Grace in LA, Miss Me, Cello, and Rock Revival sticking to a standard 34-inch inseam on denim styles, us shorties sometimes have a rough time when shopping for jeans.

Fear not my vertically challenged friends! Here’s a quick 8-step tutorial on How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem. It’s SUPER easy and fast.

Hemming Your Jeans DIY Tutorial

Step 1: Measure and determine your inseam length (This is the seam on the inside of your leg and is the second number listed on the size you buy). If you already know what length you currently buy, use that measurement. My inseam measurement was 31.5-inches.


Step 2: Fold the fabric in on itself at the inside seam until it measures the length you want. Think of it as if you are making a pleat on the inside of the jean. You will line up the fold on the outside directly next to the thick stitching at the hem. NOTE: The original hem will be included into your inseam

Step 3: Use sewing pins to pin your new hem in place. Don’t be shy! You want it to stay in place. Start at the inside seam, and pin it in place as you go around the bottom.hemming-your-jeans-with-and-keep-the-bottom

This is what the inside will look like

Step 4: Repeat on the other leg.hemming-jeans

Step 5: Line the legs of your pinned jeans up and make sure they are even. It they aren’t–adjust them and

Step 6: Pick out a thread that will blend in with your denim jeans. Start sewing a basic basting stitch at the inside seams, removing pins as you go. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

sewing-and hemming-bootcut-jeans
Start here
Remove the pins before sewing over them

Step 7: You will have a flap inside of the jean. If you want, you can remove it by cutting the extra fabric along the seam, leaving a ½-inch seam allowance. If you want a less permanent fix, you can press the seam with an iron and hand stitch each side in place. This way, you can always remove the hem and return the jean to its original length. Or you can just leave it alone! (That’s what I did)

You can’t even tell!

easy-tutorial-to-hemming-your-jeansStep 8: Enjoy your new DIY hemmed jeans! Check out our before and after!


How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem

4 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf: Look By M Tartan Plaid Scarf

4-ways-to-wear-a-blanket-scarfWhen buying a scarf that isn’t of the infinity variety, don’t be intimidated by its size or styling options. There are plenty of easy ways to style an oversized scarf that will compliment your outfit perfectly. Whether you are wearing it for warmth with your favorite coat or pairing it with a specific outfit, we’ll show you our favorite ways to wear a blanket scarf this season.

The Lazy Day Single Wrapways-to-wear-plaid-tartan-scarf

Who said that you have to be fancy? Traditional is key with this look and you will be out of the door in seconds with a single loop around your neck. Perfect with your favorite coat or cardigan, this simple style can be worn by everyone. Add some variety by half tying the ends for a new look.

The Chic Kerchief

kercheif-ways-to-wear-plaid-tartan-scarfStart by folding your tartan plaid blanket scarf in half. After grabbing the opposite corners, half tie the ends at the back of your neck. Finish the kerchief style by tucking the loose ends and adjusting the scarf as desired.

The Classic Infinity Scarf

infinity-plaid-tartan-scarfWe all love the simplicity that the infinity scarf brings to our lives, so styling your plaid tartan scarf this way is an easy and cute way to wear a blanket scarf. Spice up your look by adding layers and different prints with your plaid tartan scarf.

The Belted Shawlways-to-wear-a-blanket-scarf

Pair this scarf with your favorite solid tunic or sheath dress for the ultimate accessory. Simply fold the scarf long ways and lay the scarf over your shoulders. Play around with different belts for a fresh look.

4 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf: Look By M Tartan Plaid Scarf