Show a Little Leg: Silver Jeans Denim Shorts and Capris

Shorts; you know them, you love them, the word may conjure thoughts of warm weather, shaved legs, and sun-kissed skin, but for some of us, slight panic attacks might bubble up.  While any ‘model-skinny’ girl can throw on a pair of denim shorts without a second thought (lucky), the rest of us ‘normal’ girls can be a little insecure about baring so much skin. Don’t worry! There is another word that we are all familiar with, capris! You wore their denim jeans in winter. Now, you can enjoy all the various wash values, unique embroidery, and great fits that Silver Jeans Co. has to offer in denim shorts or denim capris for this Spring/Summer.

So, whatever your desired length, with warm weather on its way, denim shorts & capris are beginning to make public appearances more frequently. So besides working out, which is always a healthy hobby to have, here are some ideas that may prove helpful.

Still need a tan? Don’t harm your skin by fake-baking it. The higher powers have granted your sun seeking skin it’s wish!  They’re called, denim capris and Silver Jeans has an angel named Suki sent to your aid. She is the most popular fit, featuring a mid-rise, curvy fit that’s relaxed through the hip and thighs. The Suki capri is a perfect answer to you leg’s prayers when paired with the powers of tinted lotion. Let just a pop of skin out to play when you wear your denim capris with fun fashion flats and your choice of trendy tops.

A classic blazer can do wonders: Love them, dress them up with a quirky chiffon blouse or dress them down with a casual top. A trendy blazer will add so many more possibilities to a pair of women’s denim shorts. Try the Suki denim short from Silver Jeans, it’s super comfy feel, varied wash values and mid-rise, relaxed fit assures that you can spend more time worrying what to wear with that blazer than tugging at your bottom hem. Guess what, just in case you prefer a longer length, Silver Jeans also makes a Suki denim capri.

Step into a trendy pair of heels or wedges: Don’t’ worry about calling Harry Potter to ask if you can barrow his wand. Once you’ve slipped into your favorite pair of Silver Jeans Co denim shorts or denim capris, just go to your closet and pick out your favorite pair of cute heels or spring inspired wedges. Any height will do the trick. Voila! This works, because it creates the illusion of longer legs.

Tights: Love them! Tights are awesome! They come in varying colors, patterns and can be so versatile. Wear them with boots, heels, socks, a high waist hem, raw edge cut-offs or rolled cuffs and match them with dressy, casual and quirky tops, you name it, tights can do it.  An always-classic way to approach wearing them is by picking a chic black pair and rocking them under a pair of denim shorts. The styling options are endless.

What makes fashion so much fun is how adaptable it is.  So, don’t be afraid to have fun with it, chic shorts/capris are a wonderful complement to feminine tops and fab shoes! Feel oh-so-comfortable and love yourself in a pair denim shorts or capris from Silver Jeans Co. Come check out the latest Spring 2012 styles of Silver Jeans denim at or come visit us at any Glik’s store location nearest to you.

Show a Little Leg: Silver Jeans Denim Shorts and Capris

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