Where is the Love? (Lucy Love)

Fashion starts oh-so simply with an idea.

In 1999, that idea was a fashion line geared toward the feminine, as well as, free-spirited twenty-something girl, and it was called Lucy Love. This family owned line found its roots in Newport Beach, California and remains there today. Lucy Love is owned and operated by the Sharp family, who has had their hands in the fashion industry since the early 1980’s. Fashion designer and mother, Holly Sharp took her years of knowledge in the fashion world and teamed up with her daughter, Amber to create a line “by girls, for girls”.

Lucy Love is for that girl who passionately lives her free- spirited lifestyle surrounding the beach, who doesn’t just dress for a day on the sand at the water’s edge.

 “The whole point is to dress the girl for her entire day,” explained by Holly Sharp. “When she buys into a brand, she wants it all. And she doesn’t live in board shorts and T-shirts. She’s much more intelligent than that.”

Lucy Love is a line that is designed to give girls confidence, it’s important to have that in ourselves ladies! What we choose to wear plays a HUGE role in the way we feel about ourselves, more often than not, what and how we wear our clothing conveys our very mood. There are many tools used in fashion. But, the most important tool it possesses is the illusion it gives!

The mother/daughter designer team that makes up Lucy Love recognizes this.  Amber Sharp has admitted that she designs the various pieces that make up a Lucy Love fashion collection to “mirror various moods” for particular days.  Her approach to designing Lucy Love clothing allows for each different fashion piece to “embody and empower” every girl’s mood, cool right?

If you’re feeling light-hearted slip into something like the ultra feminine, flirty striped Gabriel dress from Lucy Love. This SUPER chic dress is as unique as you are!

Embrace the ocean wind as it tickles your skin through the dainty, sheer material and lifts your heart! Let it play with the delicate layers of this stylish loose flowing dress from Lucy Love.  Seize the day in the Gabriel striped dress and a cute pair of strappy sandals.

Let your confidence shine as brightly as the sun and hold tight to your rare style in the Lucy Love Villa mini dress.  Feel your colorful emotions freely and wear them for the world to see in this belted dress.

Each person you meet will taste a different flavor of your colorful personality. Paired with strappy sandals and boho inspired jewelry, the Villa mini dress by Lucy Love, as well as, you are a colorful and daring work of art!

            The Gabriel dress doesn’t just come in Lucy Love’s uniquely striped design. It’s colors range like your style.  Going for a 60’s vintage look? Try the Lucy Love Gabriel dress in white.

You’re a free-spirited soul, born of the wind and wearing your heart where your head should be. Fly with confidence, little lady dove, letting the chiffon layers and billowing 3/4 sleeves of the Gabriel dress be your wings. Have peace in your mind and love in your heart for all who you come in contact with when you wear this ethereal white dress from Lucy Love. Your kind heart will be full of warmth and you will glow in this dress when you pair it with a dainty pair of sandals or espadrille detailed platform wedges and delicate jewelry.

            Let your personality blossom like a spring flower in this elegant Vineyard dress by Lucy Love. You are a vibrant and vivacious flower whose charisma smells as sweet as the dainty roses you are wearing.

Your graceful steps down the beach will turn heads and lift hearts when you pass by wearing the floral print Lucy Love dress. The Vineyard dress’s exaggerated high-low hem ruffles softly around your sun-kissed legs and your elasticized waist with adjustable self-tie creates a lovely blouson silhouette that flows as freely as your soul when the sea breeze licks by you. Pair this exquisite chiffon dress with a cute pair of sandals or spring inspired wedges and let your aura glimmer like dew drops on a flower’s petal in the sunlight.

Lucy Love doesn’t just create feminine, flirty, as well as, classically chic dresses. Their line ranges from undergarments to accessories, touching on every item a girl’s heart could possibly desire.  Here at Glik’s, fashion is our passion and we strive to provide clothing that makes your unique, one of a kind personality shine! For more Lucy Love, as well as, other chic fun fashions, please visit us at gliks.com or any of the Glik’s store locations nearest to you!

Where is the Love? (Lucy Love)