Dress For Your Body Type

No girl is perfect, but every girl is beautiful.  Confidence is key and the sexiest thing a girl can wear.  There are so many different body types out there, and it’s all about learning how to dress for your body to bring out the best parts.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you out.

One key for all body types?  A woman’s smallest area is usually right below her bust.  To emphasize your bust and hide any stomach you might not feel so confident showing off, tops and dresses with a small band in this area and material that flows out from the stomach are the way to go.  Be careful though, too much material will make it look like a maternity outfit.  Also, A-line dresses and skirts look great on any body shape!


Apples are fairly proportionate but tend to carry most of their weight around their middle.  Many times, apples have fantastic busts and/or legs.  The key is to dress to show off the favorite parts of your body.

Empire line shirts and longer tops help hide that belly and semi-low tops that help draw the eye upward.  Look for empire line and bias cut as well as flared maxi dresses.  Bootcut or flared semi-low rise jeans look best on your figure.

Stay away from cropped tops, round neck t-shirts, short, boxy jackets and pleated or tiered skirts.  Dresses with bows, belts and other waistline details will only emphasize your waist.  Be careful of clingy fabrics such as jersey material.  Avoid skinny jeans, even if you have slender legs, as they will only draw attention to your bigger waist.

Quick accessory tip: Awesome shoes draw attention down.  Big necklaces and dangly earrings look great on your body.


The majority of women are pears, and are beautifully bottom-heavy with bigger hips, bottom and thighs.  Work that womanly figure girl!

Bold tops with help draw attention away from your bottom half.  Tops with large collars and sleeves also draw attention toward your smaller upper half.  Puff, kimono and bell sleeves work best.  Mid rise jeans look best on your figure.

Stay away from tube and pencil skirts, specifically tight-fitting ones, because they will only emphasize your hips and butt.  Don’t hide your waist in baggy tops!  You should also avoid skinny jeans, if you can’t, pair them with a longer tunic top.

Quick accessory tip: Knee-high boots draw attention to your lower legs.  Bold earrings and a necklace will help you make a statement!


Strawberries are bigger on top than they are on bottom with wider shoulders and/or a bigger bust.  Broad shoulders and slender hips can make a girl look athletic or boyish, but that’s easy to stay away from.

Full skirts and pants with wider legs draw more attention towards your lower half.  Try a bright color pant or skirt if you dare!  For dresses, fitted bodices with a full skirt help show off your chest, as well as one strap dresses and tops.

Stay away from shoulder pads (even though those aren’t exactly in right now), puff sleeves and halter necks.  Also, very fitted skirts will make you seem more top-heavy.  Leggings don’t always look best on your shape.

Quick accessory tip: Slouch boots look great with a full skirt!  Chunky bracelets and rings will draw the eye down.  Look for handbags that sit right at the hip.


Hourglass girls have been said to have the “perfect” shape.  I prefer to think that every girl is sexy.  These girls need to stick to the middle, nothing too baggy to drown out that gorgeous frame, but, at the same time, nothing too sexy or clingy.

Wrap dresses and waist-cinching dresses bring out your shape without going over the top.  Halternecks, square, scoop, v-neck and sweetheart necklines are best for you.  Bootcut, flared or wide-leg jeans look great as well.

Stay away from shapeless clothing, such as baggy jumpers and straight tunics, that will hide your fantastic waist.  Unless, of course, you add a belt!  Avoid frills and bows along the bust line if you are extra busty.  Stay away from skinny jeans if your thighs are bigger.

Quick accessory tip: Rounded toe shoes fit your shape.  Again, BELTS!


Many girls envy the rectangle body shape because it is pretty much straight up and down, not necessarily meaning rectangles don’t have a bust.  However, many of you rectangles may want to create some curves, which isn’t too hard.

Halter necks and slash necks look great on you.  Lucky you, you can wear any skirt style and still look stunning.  Pencil and a-line skirts will give you added curves.  Try a structured coat that cinches in with a belt.  If you do have a smaller chest, you can get away with high-necked tops. Skinny jeans were made for you!

Stay away from low-rise jeans and sheath dresses.  Dropped waists on dresses will make you look more athletic.  Big puffy skirts will drown your figure completely.  Avoid crop tops, they only make your already long torso longer.

Quick accessory tip: Both stilettos and ballerina flats look great on you.  You can also add belts to get curves.


Remember, no matter what your body type is, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



We got this information from http://www.bodyshapefashionadvice.com, check out the website for even more ideas on how to dress for your body type!

Dress For Your Body Type

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