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Silver Jeans Size Chart, Size Chart for Silver Jeans 

Silver Jeans Size Chart


This Silver Jeans Size Chart can be used to help you determine your waist size in Silver Jeans. For example, if you typically wear a size 1 or 2 in junior's jeans, you should try the size 26 in Silver Jeans. If you are a size 13 or 14, try on the size 32. However, depending on the style of Silver Jeans you are interested in, your size on the Silver Jeans Size Chart could fluctuate.

Suki Silver Jeans are a curvy jean, so everyone may not need as big of a size as the chart directs.

Tuesday Silver Jeans are a straight style so the size directed on the chart may be too small for some. 

Aiko falls somewhere in the middle.

It is not uncommon to have 2 or 3 sizes of Silver Jeans in your closet, depending on the style. So while this Silver Jeans Size Chart can provide a guide as to which size you may need, it can't possibly replace trying them on.