Under Armour: Active Wear for the Entire Family Part 2

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Activewear for the Active Male! Whether you’re coaching a little league team, running to the grocery store or headed out for an early morning jog, Under Armour has comfortable and practical activewear pieces you will love. Keeping yourself fashionably current … Continue reading 

Street Chic: Men’s Jogger Pants

Men's Jogger s

Men’s fashion joggers hit the runways in many 2013 Spring Collections and are now mainstream ready-to-wear pants. These popular pants  worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber, and Chris Brown come in an assortment of styles. Glik’s offers this comfy trend … Continue reading 

{Neon} Blinded By The Bright.

If there was one predominant trend saturating the runway during Fashion Week in New York, it had to be NEON. Vibrant colors in general are huge for Spring 2012, but the hues most designers fell in love with were bright and bold NEON’S. Although neon is often used as an accent color, this season you will find neon tops, neon dresses, neon skirts, neon shoes, and neon accessories.

So say hello to the 80’s because they are officially back! Okay, so you haven’t sported neon in over 20 years? Worried about looking as though you stepped out of a Boy George video? All you need to do is work these colors in your outfits properly, so it looks interesting and not too flamboyant. We have you covered!

Neon Fashion Tip #1: Start Off Small

If you are a little uneasy as to how to work these bright colors in your closet, why not start off small? Work a bright pink neon tank into your casual Friday look, or wear neon colored jewelry to your trustworthy black attire. For example, wearing a sexy little black dress tonight? Skip the basic black pumps and work in neon blue pumps. Wearing neon colored accessories will add a hint of color and personality to any outfit. For even a smaller start, paint on some summer color on your nails instead of the normal pales and pastels.

Neon Fashion Tip #2: Shy Away From Accessories

When you are wearing a brightly colored fluorescent top, it is typically protocol to keep the accessories minimal. Bright clothing with overly bright accessories will look too chaotic. Another good tip is to avoid matching the same accessory color with the same color in your outfit. Stay away from neon orange jewelry, shoes or purses when you’re already wearing a neon orange dress. Simple!

Neon Fashion Tip #3: Bring in the Neutral Colors

When wearing a bright colored shirt or a bright colored skirt, it is best to try to pair the item with a neutral color. Don’t try to work a neon top with a neon bottom. Instead wear neon bottoms with a white blouse. Black also looks super fab with vibrant hues. When you’re wearing a neon pink dress, work in your favorite black pumps or sandals instead of wearing pink on your tootsies. The neutral colors will help balance out your look.

Depending on your body shape, neon can be less attention grabbing on either the bottom or the top. Experts recommend trying out several different styles and colors before deciding on what works best on you!

Remember: Don’t be afraid of color embrace it! Color can be very flirty and fun, so start shopping! There are many ways to work neon into your closet; check out a Glik’s store nearest you or www.gliks.com for the hottest new styles of neon.

{Jeggings} Ways to Wear Them.

After knowing what jeggings are, and making the vow to find them in every color, you might need some tips on how to style them! There are several different looks that you can create with jeggings by pairing them with different styles of tops, footwear and accessories.

To Look Cool…
If you want to sport a cool, casual look, wear jeggings with a loose, long top. Wear a beaded necklace, a pair of ballet flats and carry an over-sized hobo bag. You can wear this look on the daily no matter if you heading to class or on your next trip to the market!

To Look Hot…
If you are blessed with a good figure, wear your jeggings with sky-high platform pumps, an statement clutch and a silk dolman top tucked in. If you are on the heavier side, wear an empire style top with your jeggings as it will give out the illusion of a thin waist!

To Look Trendy…
If you want to follow Hollywood, pair up your jeggings with knee-high boots, or if you are brave, thigh-high boots. Wear a long comfy v-neck tee and finish it off with a tailored blazer. This three layered look along with the super sexy boots will definitely make many heads turn in your direction!

To Look Sporty…
For those of you who want a casual, sporty look, pairing the jeggings with sneakers and a loose, long t-shirt or a cute sweatshirt is a good idea. Of course, you can always enhance this particular look by adding sneaks or tops in crazy colors or those displaying bold and comical quotes.

Kick off your weekend right and go grab a pair today!  Give yourself a complete fashion makeover, after all, who doesn’t love shopping? Visit a Glik’s store nearest you or shop online at www.gliks.com.

Jeggings: Where Leggings & Jeans Meet


Pick up almost any mag and you are sure to spot your favorite celebs showing off their sexy style in a pair of Jeggings. Ladies it’s time to rid your closet of anything remotely similar to JNCO’s (yes, I said … Continue reading 

New Arrivals: Dakota Collective!

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Be The Buyer 5- Day 3!

Day 3 is here! Remember, Tell us what YOU want to wear by voting “Hot or Not” on each of the samples posted this week.

Be sure to tell us your honest opinion! The winners of BTB 5 will be available on our online store at www.gliks.com when the voting is over!

Happy Voting! Winners will be announced at the beginning of next week! :)

Freeloader Feather Print Dolman Top in Khaki

Paper Doll Classic Peacoat in Camel

Tea n Rose Striped Cowl-neck Sweater Dress in Brown

Tea n Rose Striped Cowl-neck Rugby Dress in Jade

Tea n Rose Cowl-neck Tunic in Orange

Tea n Rose Sleeveless Dressy Knit in Royal

Be The Buyer 5- Day 2!

Remember, Tell us what YOU want to wear by voting “Hot or Not” on each of the samples posted this week.

Be sure to tell us your honest opinion! The winners of BTB 5 will be available on our online store at www.gliks.com when the voting is over!

Happy Voting! Winners will be announced at the beginning of next week! :)

Cocolove Fairisle Belted Sweater Dress in Red

YA Cowl-neck Sweater in Gray

Ellison Aztec Sweater in Mocha

Ellison Striped Military Cardian in Taupe

Sweet Claire Surplus V-neck Aztec Print Top in Red